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Bottom-Land Farmer

With a cooling breeze before the rain
Lightning can be seen far to our West
Light raindrops begin to fall on the roof
Its time for all the workers to take a rest

As soothing rain falls from far up above
Sleep will come so easy to us this night
Hard work has made us all so very tired
Tomorrow we will be up early and bright

Again to work the rich bottom-land soil
This John Deere I will drive all day long
With headphones drowning the noise
I can hear Zeke playing a country song

We grow the crops that feed the world
So proud of this job we work every day
Some how we wish we could grow more
Hunger on this Earth could then go away

Our Great Country

Our great country needs to return to its roots
Not to stand idly by and see it run by a few
Think of why our forefathers came to America
To start this land of the red, white, and blue

Freedom to worship God was their mission
Taxation without representation had to go
Hard working people who wanted freedom
On these ideas this country began to grow

Great men and women worked hard for it
Going to war if this must be the only way
Wanting to see all people safe and secure
Having a church where anyone might pray

Some of their greatest dreams have faded
In public they have tried to ban God's name
Now the ten comandments must not be seen
Was this why our forefathers here first came

Think my fellow Americans, you will realize
With God's help we became a great country
Should we throw it all away to apease some
If in God we trust, we can still keep her free

Root Of Evil

Dream not of what you cannot attain
Think of the things within your control
Bring your mind to this and focus on
Things that are up to your protocal

Wealth is not the answer you know
Gold can buy only material things
It is with faith in your eternal being
You will know as that final bell rings

We all need money to live modestly
Know what can happen with greed
It turns a some men into monsters
Taking much more than they need

Money is the root of all evil we know
Lust of it makes good men to be bad
But in that final gasp of their breath
It is trust in Him they wish they had

Unlock The Answer

Take time to enjoy your happiness
Find the real beauty in everything
Look down deep within your heart
Know what pure joy that can bring

Feel brightness found in a smile
Look out and find a cloudless sky
Listen to all the good things said
If you don't understand, ask why

See fantastic things around you
Realize the perfection that we find
To look and to focus these images
Then store them within your mind

He made these things for us all
Everything to brighten a dull day
Think, you will unlock the answer
Why He made our world this way

When He Calls

We must always live life one day at a time
Never knowing when the final bell will ring
For only He can determine the time we go
To love ones no heartache should it bring

We should remember of where we will go
Without fear of what is waiting up ahead
He has told us of a most wonderful place
Believe His words, He leaves us no dread

He will call when He wants us near Him
Not one minute earlier will you go away
He has our name written in His big book
There is a date that shows Him the day

That day He cradles us within His arms
Will bring joy that has never been seen
When our time comes to meet Him there
We will know what His words then mean

My Memories

As we search out memories of a yesterday
Many happy moments come back to mind
We think of our youth and how it was then
How we hated to leave that world hehind

Happy go lucky I know we were back then
Some days we spent pitching horse shoes
Or playing baseball with a home made bat
Spending all the days as we would choose

Summers we would spend at Brush Creek
We always had our favorite swimming hole
Some days it was too cool to go swimming
So we would go fishing with our cane pole

It is so good we still have these memories
We can think of all those friends we knew
So many we have no idea where they are
While some we have pictures we can view

Share A Smile

Share a smile with a stranger
Have a long chat with a friend
Have love for your fellow man
Feel all the good things blend

Give a heart full of happiness
Chase all of the sadness away
Have a day filled with sunshine
Save a little time in which to play

Listen and hear beautiful music
Sing the words to a lovely song
Instill hope to those without hope
Rid your mind of everthing wrong

To make yourself a better person
This you should strive for each day
Ask Him for forgivness of your sins
Each night when you kneel to pray

My Shaddered Heart

You shaddered my heart like a wine jug
That day you said you no longer cared
Hit plumb got me between the eyeballs
I'd telled you I loved you iffin I had dared

Jest give me another fifth of muscatel
I'll take a half a gallon of white port too
I am jest gonna get drunk as a skunk
Maybe then I can git my mind offen you

Heck fire woman I know you are purty
I knows though you git purtier at night
Reckon hit's after a half a gallon of wine
You know you said I aint too awful bright

Gimmie back my heart sweet honey baby
Fer I kant go courtin iffin I haint got a heart
Iffen I bring over some of that wacky backer
Reckon then we cud make us a new start

Dern Hit Sara Jane

You have done raddled my cage onst to offin
Woman air ya tryin to make a monkey of me
Cause I comed home late the last to nights
I'm think that you better let well enough be

My head splits and you keep up your yellin
All our youngins bin havin themselves a fit
Dang hit woman I kant sleep fer yur noise
Iffen I kant rest my sawmill job I'll jest quit

You done spent all of my sawmill dollars
Primpin and making yurself all purty too
I done seed you smilin at the karryout boy
Iffen ya think I am a fool I guess hits true

Dern hit Sara Jane you know I love ya well
Haint no other one gonna come in to my life
With our fourteen youngins all still at home
I reckon I will be yur man and you be my wife


Another sad night for the Reds bullpen
As the pitchers gave another one away
Fifteen cent pitchers that make millions
Are turning old Jerry Narron's hair gray

Junior and Dunn can hit the big bombs
Only to see the other team get ahead
Bring on another arm from the bullpen
We can see this one has become dead

Gonna cry in my beer and I don't drink
I have no idea what Krivsky's gonna do
His racehorses have turned into ponies
What they doing, he doesn't have a clue

I still love them for some unknown reason
At times they still can give us a great thrill
But doggone it they still are so irritating
When another rag arm is sent to the hill

copyright © 2006 By Acie

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