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Our Fallen

As we walk this great land with freedom
We think of those who have gone away
To strange lands to fight for our country
It is for all these heros we have this day

With rows of the White crosses standing
Each cross bears these brave ones name
They fought with valor and with courage
Back in a flag draped coffin they came

Lives have been altered by these wars
We wonder about what might have been
Had our soldier survived that last action
They would be back home with us again

Our country today gives so much graditude
For those who have died in any gastly war
We have provided them a final resting place
But to these fallen we owe so much more

We Honor Them

Our sorrow is still lingering there
Among those stones and flowers
We attempt to honor all of them
Sometimes we will stay for hours

We know they are up in Heaven
Still our hearts will remain so sad
We miss and love them so much
We realize the life they once had

Some day I know I will join them
Leaving this old Earth far behind
To a land of eternal life we seek
Where things are good and kind

Until that day I will think of them
A vision I can still see every day
For this life we are living on Earth
Is a temporary stop along the way

A Smile

A smile starts within our heart
Beautiful are the images seen
Real are the feelings we have
There can't be an in-between

A smile gets a smile returned
With a warm meaning we get
Look in the eyes of the smiler
It is something you wont forget

A smile makes your day happy
With a lightness in your heart
Find a graciousness in giving
You see it right from the start

A smile brings you happiness
It makes your world come alive
As the corners of your mouth lifts
You know that a smile did arrive

These Old Houseshoes

These old houseshoes are comfortable
Athough they are threadbare and worn
I still look at them as an old pal of mine
While other may look at them with scorn

Although I have bought two other pair
This pair fit my feet perfect in every way
These feel so lightweight upon my feet
I can't see myself throwing them away

I have worn these shoes some ten years
They have almost become a part of me
Ugly is what some of the people may say
They don't know what in them I can see

Throw them out with the garbage you say
All I need now is a needle and some thread
When I sew them back together once again
There will be many more miles I can tread

Broken Dreams

There stands that old broken down backstop
Where the kids once played a baseball game
Rusted wires and broken pipes we can see
This weed infested lot doesn't look the same

Back those many years ago it looked great
Neatly trimmed grass back then was a must
Before a game the infield was watered down
In the fifth inning again to keep down the dust

No longer the cheers ring as they once had
Silence comes from the warped wooden seats
A boarded up concession stand is still there
Where the fans flocked to get some cool treats

I guess a lack of interest slowly came about
When the factory was moved down in Mexico
We have no idea who we should put to blame
We all wish we go back to that time long ago

Our Birthdays

Yes another year has rolled around
As we celebrate our birthdays again
Mine on the fifth, yours on the sixth
Never to tell how many it has been

These years together we have spent
Are the most joyous years of my life
All of these years now seem so short
Since you became my beautiful wife

May we celebrate the years to come
As we reflect back on our lovely past
Many thoughts of admiration I have
As the love we share continues to last

Born under sign of Gemini we were
Twins of both heart and twins of love
When life is over here on this Earth
We will celebrate birthdays up above

It Was A Hot Day

With the temperature hitting ninety
It was begining to feel warm inside
I could hear the air conditioner run
But something is wrong I did decide

With sweat rolling down my cheek
I picked up my city telephone book
Then I called up Air Concepts office
Ask them if they could take a look

My problem happened on a Sunday
I knew we were in some deep trouble
It couldn't gone bad during the week
So all of the charges will be double

He said I am sorry its the compresser
It has locked up tight as you can see
I suppose we can get you a new one
This one is two weeks out of warranty

Today the weather is in the seventies
Our new airconditioner works real nice
I guess that is the way things work out
If you want it you must pay the price

Down The Road

Beautiful is this cool June Sunday
Sunshine has greeted us this day
Rain of yesterday has now faded
Dark clouds have all drifted away

A feeling of happiness is with us
To Him we will always give praise
If our spirits have hit rock bottom
A talk with Him makes them raise

Hear the words that He tells us
Obey and you have peace of mind
With a voice thats ever so soothing
You will find Him gentle and kind

Go to the church down the road
Sunday school is soon to begin
You will always be welcome there
Just open that door and walk on in

In This World

With precision he spins his trap
Criss crossing from side to side
Soon he will finish and then hide
In his sticky net a bug will collide

His dinner bell will start ringing
He will prepare to have his meal
In the land of spiders and bugs
It happens every day and is real

Sometimes we begin to wonder
Isn't our world much the same
In our life's span we can well see
This is not some kind of a game

If you seek and find truth with Him
Know His word will guide your day
Any problems we have here on Earth
In Heaven they will all be gone away


Soft as a baby in her mother's arms
Are the petals on my lovely Red rose
This beautiful rose will soon die away
While a little baby matures and grows

Life cycles can vary from days to years
Never to be sure when they could end
But we do know our time is numbered
So you should never forget it my friend

Prepare for tomorrow by doing it today
Procrastination wont get anything done
Doing work during the day time hours
Allows one to rest after the setting Sun

If tomorrow should never come to you
Can you say you have done your best
Will you find that Eternal City of love
When your final Sun sets in the West

copyright © 2006 By Acie

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