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Platted as an alley on an official document the local township trustees attorney refuses to acknowledge it is an alley.

Although it truly is a creek, by platting it as an alley, it belongs to the township.

This mess was caused by a tree blocking the flow of the water

This Infamous Alley

At times it rumbles through Eden Park
This infamous alley called Munns Run
Lashing its hungery tongue at the bank
Eroding property as if it is having fun

Is it an alley like it shows on the plat
Or can some attorney say its not true
If the plat is not an official document
What in Heaven's name are we to do

A twenty foot wide worthless property
Extending the full length of Eden Park
Denied being an alley by Huddleston
He tries to keep everyone in the dark

If it is not owned by Clay Township
Neither is a street where Blevins lives
How can trustees disobey our laws
Violating rights our Constitution gives

Wake up my friend we live in the USA
Not in some obscure third class country
If we must endure without representation
How much longer will this Country be free

Our Time Of The Year

With the sound of the running engines
Aroma of newly mown grass fills the air
April rains have brought to life the lawn
Spring is now bursting out everywhere

Excitement now runs rampant with us
A rebirth of the landscape we can see
A fresh and relaxing feeling can be felt
This is the way that Spring should be

You can feel the Suns radiant warmth
Almost see the trees and flowers grow
Isn't it funny how all the plants respond
As Springtime comes they seem to know

Most people love this time of the year
Seeing the dormant things coming alive
Beauty is in the mountains and valleys
As a cold Wintertime they did surrvive

God's Angel

She was a small lady cherished by many
Sent to this Earth by our God from above
Her life spent in the world was sixty years
She so filled everyone she met with love

Precious she was to those who knew her
A great joy to have her with us every day
Smiles she could bring to a total stranger
Heart felt things they would hear her say

I sit and think about some things she did
A pang of loneliness I do feel in my heart
A very special lady we all knew she was
She so graciously always played that part

She is one of Gods angels up in Heaven
On Earth she seemed as an angel to me
Some day I know we will be with her again
Knowing what a beautiful time that will be

Where I Met Him

It was a quiet place with a cool breeze
Moss covered the rocks where we met
It was this place where I first saw Him
It was a day which I could never forget

Soft was His voice as He spoke to me
Not seeing Him had startled me at first
I soon found Him to be a friend I needed
Many things He said whetted my thirst

He spoke of the mansions he prepared
For those who believe in His every word
Carefully I listened with greatest respect
His words were the sweetest ever heard

This place He described facinated me
I am sure I will meet Him there one day
Each day as I try to do a little bit better
I pray He will wash all of my sins away

Sunday Picnics

Just a quiet little village where we lived
Everyone knew you by your first name
Sunday was the best day of the week
All other days seemed much the same

Sunday was the day we all worshiped
After service was a picnic at the brook
Cakes and pies they set on the table
With all of the food the ladies did cook

Fried chicken was everyone's favorite
Potato Salad and a hot dog on a bun
A cool glass of lemonade tasted good
A part of what made our Sundays fun

Those days are long gone and past now
I can still remember how they had been
If I could only return back to my childhood
I could enjoy those Sunday picnics again

This Beautiful Site

Wildflowers can be seen in the Springtime
Growing along the fast moving little brook
Each year I come back to enjoy the fishing
Usually I catch nothing but still wet a hook

I see beauty in this quiet country setting
Silence broken only by the old black Crow
He sits in a tree over in the unplowed field
Where today only weeds and brush grow

So relaxing is this wonderful scenic sight
I could stay here for many blissful hours
Breathing the pure air that is found here
Looking at all the sweet smelling flowers

Every year I shall return to this lovely site
I hope it stays as untouched as it is today
Through the years may it remain beautiful
Love of this site in my heart will ever stay

The Greatest Story

Believe in Him and it shall be true
Our prayers of faith He will answer
Know All good things are with Him
For with Him there can be no rancor

Miracles He does preform each day
We open our eyes and know its true
He made a blind man to see again
He can cure all of those ills for you

With faith there is a promise for us
Although we face death we will live
Eternally up in that Heavenly place
It is a wonderful home He will give

Mansions He builds for the faithful
Streets He shall pave with pure gold
Let Him in your heart and Love Him
For His is the greatest story ever told

These Days Of May

As lady Spring dons all her finery
We have a beautiful site to behold
Showing off all those brillant colors
After enduring the past Winter's cold

Brilliant bloom of the Rhodenderon
Some are Purple others are of Red
Multi-colors of the dainty Tea Rose
Hightlight all the flowers in the bed

Warm are these days we find in May
Trees now have their full leafy dress
Soft are the lips of the beautiful Rose
Kissed by a raindrops gentle caress

These are the days so filled with love
A boy and a girl meet and then soon
They want a lifetime together as one
It wont be long until their honeymoon

Alone On The Sea

Refreshing was the cool wind on his face
His sailboat moved quietly on to the West
Sea spray he could feel on his bare back
Solitude of the sea is what he loves best

For it is here he finds real truth in his life
Away from all the troubles he has known
His fondness of the sea began years ago
As time goes it has flourished and grown

Only the sounds of the water he can hear
As the bow cuts through the foamy waves
While he sails alone in this beautiful world
It is memories like these he always saves

Tomorrow it is back to his work he will go
Competing there in the world's daily grind
Although there is good money to be made
These days on the sea will be on his mind

At The Fair

As he sits and watches the world go by
His mind goes back into time long past
As a young man he was just a little shy
Searching for a romance that would last

He saw her at the county fair that day
As he was strolling down the midway
Smiling so sweetly as their eyes met
He knew she had won his heart away

For fifty years they attended that fair
Her smile always remained the same
Before that second year had passed
She was happy to change her name

Soon he will meet with her in Heaven
There to attend that fair up in the sky
He will see her beautiful smile again
Together there to never say goodbye

copyright © 2006 By Acie

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