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It is in the memorey of our friend Molly we make this page using another of her beautiful paintings. May God bless JR and the rest of the family.

No Tears

As the angels play up there in Heaven
I know she is looking down from above
To a family she spent many years with
A lifetime that was filled with much love

Looking at two small angels in the garden
She see a likeness of Buffy her little dog
So much beauty fills her time these days
Where there is sunshine without any fog

While no one is ever perfect in all ways
Her heart always felt love for her Savior
To meet Him was always her great hope
She now walks with Him daily up there

No tears does she shed as she sees us
Knowing one day she will be united again
By the ones she so cared for on this Earth
For in Heaven we will never more feel pain

The Bells Of Heaven

Sitting alone under the old Maple tree
With eyes closed in his old lawn chair
Thinking of the past is all he does now
He knows he wont be going anywhere

Time passed him by many years ago
Memories are all he has left to get by
Some sorrow that his eyes have seen
Causes him to think and wonder why

No one seems to visit him these days
Thinking they have other things to do
But still he wishes they would stop by
If it was to stay for just an hour or two

Thinking of her still brings him comfort
Love had started those many years ago
He smiles when he thinks of her beauty
How a life of happiness did then grow

Knowing she's in Heaven waiting for him
Makes life a little bit easier for him to bear
As he dozes off into a deep sleep today
It is the bells up in Heaven he does hear

A Sunny Sunday Morning

On this bright sunny Sunday morning
We see Mother Nature has come alive
With the many miracles of Springtime
A whole new world we now see arrive

Rising out of the ruins of destruction
Emerges flowers of so much beauty
Seed carried from afar by the winds
To germinate and grow for us to see

As a gentle breeze fills the air today
We hear songbirds that are singing
Over the ridge and down in the town
We hear those church bells ringing

This picture perfect morning we have
Brings joy from these things we see
Look for those beautiful things in life
God made them for both you and me

That Heavenly Gate

Looking across the expanse of your life
Are you happy with the things you see
Do you wish things were much different
Has your life become much of a mystery

Would you hold out a hand to greet Him
Or would you abruptly turn and walk away
Ashamed of your sinful life you have led
Wishing you listened to what He had to say

My friend wont you let Him into your heart
For it is with unlimited love He has for you
He will wash away the sins from your soul
Believe in Him for His words are ever true

Today is not too early for you to talk to Him
If you wait until tomorrow it may be too late
Let Him know what you have in your heart
He will guide you up to that Heavenly gate

Coat Of Colors

Kissed by the warm Spring Sun
Nutured by a soft gentle April rain
Beauty of the plants and flowers
Have returned to life once again

After their wintertime of sleeping
Springtime energizes their seed
Bringing this coat of many colors
As the beauty is once again freed

As the aroma fills the Spring air
We marvel at the site that we see
So many species dot the hillside
Spring has brought to you and me

Each year the colors seem brighter
Spring rains make them look clean
Beauty we see here on this Earth
As Winters Brown grass turns green

Magical Garden

She called it her magical garden
Situated down by the little brook
Her and grandpa would go there
He would read from a poetry book

She loved those warm afternoons
When they would sit under a tree
At times grandpa made her laugh
Talking about his creaky old knee

Her grandpa is no longer with her
His memory is with her every day
Those times down at that garden
Had made her life happy and gay

She still goes down to that garden
Where much happiness she found
But now it doesn't seem the same
She wishes grandpa was still around

Mother Nature's Rebirth

Beauty is in a fresh Spring dawn
As early flowers are coming alive
Dandelions are growing fast now
A sure sign that Spring did arrive

Soft Spring rains are now falling
Bringing life after a Winters fast
Giving to us pretty flowers again
Showing the cold weather is past

Spring is a delightful time to see
Warm days are a welcome sight
After the drudgery of Wintertime
Everything seems airy and light

Spring is the time that we all love
We disembark from Winter's hold
To enjoy Mother Natures rebirth
To see her colors bright and bold

This Season Of Beauty

In this season of unbelievable beauty
There are many wonders that we see
How a seed turns into a lovely flower
Later to provide nectar to a honeybee

A tulip bulb reaches for the sunlight
To show off its classy brilliant bloom
Two Robins are building a large nest
For the little ones there must be room

Pink blossums set on the Peach tree
To then become a tasty piece of fruit
Baby Breath planted by the sidewalk
Makes our lawn show clean and cute

Spring is this wonderful time we see
When everything seems to be alive
We are glad the cold weather is over
Everyone's happy to see Spring arrive

A Lovely Spring Dawn

As the hills come alive in Southern Ohio
Their true beauty is rapidly coming alive
Warm days and rainy nights were needed
To show us that Spring did indeed arrive

Redbud and the White Dogwood bloom
Lawns are green with the grass growing
Winter is now passed into a cold memory
While Springtime has her beauty showing

As I looked out in my rose garden today
Growth has started from dormant canes
Fed by the sunlight that we see this day
They will flourish from a warm Spring rain

There will be work to do in the Springtime
Tending the garden and mowing the lawn
This work I will so gladly accept to take on
Just as long as I see a lovely Spring dawn

April Rain

As the Sun begins to spread its warmth
On this delightful Easter Sunday morn
Seeing the dazzling kaleidoscope of color
We now know that Spring has been born

So much beauty we see in the flowers
White blooms are on the Dogwood Tree
With the hills showing Purple Violets
It is such a beautiful scene we can see

White blossum sets on the Apple Tree
As a Cherry Tree show its Pink bloom
An old Pear Tree thats grows out back
Is so loaded that there is no more room

With the sweet scent of the morning air
There is a feeling of being reborn again
Emerging from Winters long hibernation
Brought to life by the gentle April Rain

copyright © 2006 By Acie

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