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His Hands

As I am standing here in the darkness of night
I see millions of stars up in the Heavens above
How small I feel compared to this vast universe
One that our Lord and Savior has filled with love

So much peace and comfort we see this night
It is so quiet standing here in the cool night air
It feels like I could fly high among all the stars
But with my feet to ground I wont go anywhere

We look out on this world that He has created
See the wonders that were made by His hands
From the mountains down to the deepest valley
To the seas and beaches with fine grain sands

Each thing took His exacting precision to make
No shoddy or sloppy work from Him will you see
It had to be nothing short of His pure prefection
We now think just how Beautiful Heaven will be

That Golden Road

I see that golden road just ahead
It is waiting there for you and me
With flowers planted on each side
So much beauty for us all to see

It winds upward into the clouds
Bright shinny and so very clean
With open skies we look onward
Searching for a Heavenly scene

This road leads to His Kingdom
A place He has made for us all
Know for sure He will be there
When that final trumpet will call

He has told us that it is up there
Believe in Him and it will be true
Walk on that road and meet Him
Heaven awaits both me and you

God's Creatures

A beautiful Cardinal came to my door today
He looked like he was bringing Spring to me
As he sat there I could hear his lovely song
Then he flapped his wings and flew to a tree

I stood in awesome wonder of that Red Bird
To see him spread his wings and go into flight
Seemingly it was easy for him to get airborne
He soon left the tree and flew out of my sight

I know he is one of God's wonderful creatures
So many He has put on the Earth for us to see
If we would stop for a while and think about it
He did a tremendous job making you and me

All of God's creatures are here for a purpose
All of them want to live just like you and I do
So protect all of the life that we see each day
Who knows some day they might protect you

Spring Is Near

I have this wonderful feeling
That Spring is not too far away
Brighter days I can see ahead
It is going to be warmer today

As doldrums of Winter go away
Our world is now turning Green
Crocus are popping out all over
Spring flowers soon will be seen

Buds are starting on the trees
Yellow pollen falls out in the air
Grass is starting to grow now
Greening lawns that were bare

We see Robins out in the yard
Soon they will build their nest
Our Spring will soon be here
It is the season that I like best

In The Darkness

Will all the shadows still dance unabated
On the pool walls in the darkness of night
Or do they then rest in a peaceful slumber
Completely hidden from any humans sight

Are the waters still crystal clear and silent
When total darkness envelopes this place
Not showing any movement what so ever
Or will the waves move at a very slow pace

Will the dark water still beckon you forward
Inviting you to come in for a relaxing swim
With the waters warmth against your body
Would it fill your world with vigor and vim

Will the only sound be of the pumps motor
As the water is circulated through the night
Or do the gremlins splash and swim with joy
Only to be gone when they turn on the light

A Warm Spring Day

There is an aroma filling the Spring air
Lilacs are showing their Purple bloom
Warm days see bees swarm to a hive
Covering it until there is no more room

As a Mother Robin flies up to her nest
We can see she has a worm in her beak
She is feeding her new born Robin birds
We are tempted to have ourself a peek

A little bunny scampers across the lawn
He might be looking for a patch of clover
Across the street a boy plays with his dog
He throws a stick and yells fetch it Rover

Sights we can see on a warm Spring day
Brings back memories of youth to the old
Of children playing and having their fun
Forgetting that not long ago it was cold

Springtime Is Here

With Spring rains the creek starts flowing
Slowly at first then faster as the ice melts
Up higher in the snow covered mountains
Fog is settting in as the frozen rain pelts

Down in the valley flowers welcome rain
Soon all their beauty will begin to unfold
Emerging from the darkness of a Winter
As ground begins to warm from the cold

A farmer surveys the fields he will plow
When they are dry enough for him to till
He soon will plant the corn and soy beans
There is his crib and a silo he needs to fill

Spring is such a special time of the year
It is when everything begins coming alive
Looking back to drabness of Wintertime
I am so happy beautiful Spring did arrive

Spring Has Sprung

A Robin woke me up this morning
She was sitting on my window sill
As I pulled the curtains back open
I saw she was sitting up there still

I hear sounds of Spring in the air
What a wonderful time of the year
As we work out grooving the lawn
Many different songbirds we hear

Green buds are opening on trees
Soon blooms will be on Dogwood
Azeales will look so lovely in Pink
Rhodendron blooms look so good

Spring is when we see new growth
It seems like everything comes alive
After the boring time of a cold Winter
We all are happy to see Spring arrive

A Perfect Delight

Bright sunshine follows a stormy night
Bringing green to the lawns and trees
Springtime is showing beautiful colors
Our new landscape is bound to please

Most trees are now bursting their buds
Soon they will be filled with green leaves
Hiding the bareness Winter had brought
There to sway in the warm Spring breeze

There seems to be a freshness in the air
Washed clean by that late night deluge
With the heavy pelting rains of the night
All night animals had to look for a refuge

Spring brings a newness to our way of life
Shedding the coat of a long Winters blight
With the sweet aroma that fill the Spring air
This is the season that is a perfect delight

A Rainbow

Chase not that rainbow we see
At its end there will be no gold
Enjoy all the beauty it shows
Colors that are bright and bold

We can see them after the rain
Some near others are far away
They are formed as a color arc
Made when the Sun's rays play

At times we see a double image
One is brighter that we can see
Mirror like images standing apart
Soon to be fading no longer to be

Rainbows are a part of His work
When He made this Earth you see
Something special after the rains
To enlighten both you and me

copyright © 2006 By Acie

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