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Acies Poem Page Number 17

World Famous Lovers

Will we become world famous lovers
Will our names go down in history
Will we be like Anthony and Cleo
Our names for all the world to see

We could be like Romeo and Juliet
With a love that is deep and true
Or maybe like Camilla and Charles
That shows what true love wiil do

Edward fell for Mrs Wallis Simpson
Honey just the way I have for you
And then there was Burton and Liz
They swore their love would be true

If we took the best of all of them
Tried to compare their love to us
Our love would be so much sweeter
There simply is no more to discuss

Two Hearts in Love

My love I give to you
May you always be there
To bring me so much joy
You know how much I care

May our hearts be as one
To love as we do this day
You will always be my lady
In love we will ever stay

Pride you bring to my heart
When I talk about you dear
My love I will give to you
Throughtout the coming year

Yes the coming year and more
My heart will belong to you
To the lovliest lady I know
My love will ever be true

Your Smiling Face

Just to see your smiling face
Brought so much joy to my heart
Our love has grown much greater
But we know its only the start

I was sitting there just dreaming
Thinking of the love we now share
When I saw you made your entrance
Your smile shows me that you care

Your voice was so sweet and true
As you said how much you love me
My heart aches to be ever with you
In love I know we will forever be

We will always look for tomorrow
For we know what joy it will bring
With you in my arms my sweet darling
You make me feel as if I am a king

Happiness With You

The love we share is so sweet
Our hearts are so filled today
The feelings of being together
Are like heaven in every way

My heart knows so much happiness
Since that day I first saw you
Your love has captured my heart
Please give your heart to me too

I want to put my arms around you
To hold your body close to mine
It will make our love much closer
My love it will be simply devine

Happiness will be our endeavor
With you I know it ever will be
Make our lives be as one my lady
Forever in love just you and me


You make me feel so happy
As i see your smiling face
The love that it shows me
No one can take your place

The joy of being near you
My heart beats ever so fast
All the love we now share
My dear will forever last

Our love has been a blessing
The future will be great too
My life will be so awesome
Our love will always be true

I have so much love for you
This I will tell you every day
Ever in my mind and in my heart
Our love is here ever to stay

With You

I want to hold you forever
Circle your waist so tight
Pull your body close to me
Your love I need this night

This night and so many more
My love I will pledge to you
With you in my heart darling
Open up your heart to me too

Our love will bring happiness
The days with you will be sweet
Show me the keys to your heart
Let me sweep you off your feet

To spend my life in your world
Sweetheart is my greatest desire
To share all the joys in our life
Your love has set my heart on fire

My Flower

Soft as the petals of a rose
She sits in all her luster
The beauty of my lovely lady
I will give my heart to her

She is as pretty as a flower
Blooming in its beautiful hue
The love I will give to her
Will now and forever be true

The grace in her lovely face
Makes my heart beat so fast
I will pledge my love to her
I know it will forever last

She will always be my flower
As beautiful as she can be
She will own my heart forever
Will she give her heart to me

Forever In My Mind

With ever kiss you give me
There is a wonderful dream
They show how much I love you
Together we make quite a team

The love we share is exquisite
With our hearts beating as one
Anything you ask for sweetheart
I know I will see it gets done

Ever you will be in my heart
Forever you will be in my mind
I will always love you darling
God only made one of your kind

I will try to show you my love
In everything I can do for you
Come join me in our world today
We will be so happy just us two

To Touch To Kiss To Carress

Your gentle touch upon my face
So soft the feel of your hand
It sends the warmth of your love
Most wonderful lady in the land

A longing kiss from your lips
Is my greatest desire this day
The sweetest lips in the world
The loveliest lady in every way

A sweet caress it heaven devine
From the beautiful lady so fine
The years ahead will be so great
To win your heart and make it mine

My darling these things and more
Make me want to be by you today
May our lives be together forever
You know I love you in every way

My Emotions

That lovely vision I have of her
Still lingers deep in my heart
The hours seem so endless now
Since that lady and I are apart

It seems like forever til Sunday
Each day seems like a week long
When I get to see that lady again
I know my heart will sing a song

She is an extra special sweet lady
One who will forever own my heart
The affection I have for that lady
Darling you have seen just the start

The passions of love I have for you
Will grow as time goes passing by
My heart and soul will be for you
You send my emotions up to the sky

Forever And More

With happiness in my heart
I saw that sweet lady today
Her beauty shines brighter
Than sun on a cloudless day

I know my heart belongs to her
I want her heart for mine too
Together we will know happiness
Always together just me and you

The world will be our playground
Where only happiness we will know
Every day will be so kind to us
Love for you I will always show

With you in my heart and my mind
I face each day with a big smile
I know I will forever love you
Until the day I walk my last mile

copyright © 1998 By Acie

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