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My Island Home

White clouds we see in a crystal blue sky
As the sailboat rides on the gentle waves
Beauty of this lush pure Island is fantastic
From its lovely flowers to its hidden caves

A luau we will plan for an evenings feast
With the succulent food we all like to eat
Topped of with the sweet tasting mango
This is a meal that would be hard to beat

This night on the beach we will all enjoy
As the ukulele players strum their song
Hulu dancers gracefully do their moves
It is a sight I could watch all night long

This island will always be my home now
No hustle and bustle of city life I will see
A lovely piece of paradise I see in this isle
Maybe a preview of Heaven this could be

Mirror Images

Mirror Images of that mountain top
Show clearly on the surface of the lake
So much beauty this mountain shows
Anytime I see it my breath it does take

Down here by the lakeside I can see
Snow high up on the mountains peak
I feel free and at ease down at the lake
This the perfect sancuary that I do seek

To build our home on the lakes shore
Would fulfill my dream of many a year
It is here I can live in complete security
For there is not one thing here I fear

So peaceful is this beautiful scenic site
As it is rises so majestically into the sky
Could this be the stairway up to Heaven
Where we meet God up there on high

Is It Spring

As Mother Nature frees herself from Winter
Brighter days we know she soon will bring
From the dreariness of the cold Wintertime
To the gentleness we will expect of Spring

From the emergence of the Yellow Jonquil
As it awakes from a long cold Winters sleep
We then will see hundreds of pretty Tulips
With assorted colors tinted bright and deep

Then will come the flowers of the Dogwood
Some to be of Pink but others will be White
Mushrooms will be popping from the ground
Pick only good ones and soak then overnight

We hear the lawn tractors and power mowers
When long dormant lawn grass begins to grow
Bringing back these memories of last Summer
Causing us to wonder where did Wintertime go

Dreaming Of Spring

Looking out the window on this sunny day
I see signs Spring is soon coming our way
Daffidils are peeking from the cold ground
To show its yellow bloom some future day

I see two Turtle Doves sitting side by side
Cooing as they sit on the roof of my shed
A Cardinal is seen flying off to the tree top
Flashing his feathered coat of brilliant Red

To shake the doldrums of the cold Winter
It is time to take myself a nice brisk walk
Should I happen to see someone I know
I will stop for a while and have a little talk

Today make me anxious to see Springtime
No more to see a cold gloomy Winters day
My favorite season of all the year is Spring
So now let me dream of a warm day in May

Dream Through Time

Do you dream about the way things were
Wish you could go back to way it was then
Think about youth and how good you felt
Wonder if you want to go through it again

Or do you look forward to that eternal life
When up into His Heaven you do ascend
Never to worry about growing old up there
For you will have a life that will never end

Days we have seen will never come again
They are long gone and a part of our past
For what once was can never be repeated
Time is a fleeting thing that will never last

Today we think of what we really do want
Times we have seen and how things did go
If we look to the future and believe in God
A beautiful life up in Heaven we will know

Golden Maple Leaves

I remember all those beautiful old Maples
How in Autumn time their beauty did show
When I was a child they were but saplings
It is so hard to believe how they did grow

In Summer we had picnics in their shade
Spreading a tablecloth on the bare ground
Children would always have such great fun
Whooping and yelling as they played around

We loved to see those golden yellow leaves
As they would wave high in the Autumn air
It seemed so relaxing to sit and watch them
They gave you a feeling of not having a care

Too soon Autumn would change its season
A warm jacket we then would need to wear
We would see all the leaves fall and scatter
Leaving those Maples to be naked and bare

Life Center

As Sun splashes on a steam covered window
Small rays penterate through some of the haze
Casting a light on the pools crystal clear water
Causing eerie shadows on the wall where I gaze

Tiny drops from the ceiling that is high up above
Fall and hit the surface of this now empty pool
Condensation from the pools warm water rises
Where it settles on a surface above that is cool

Seeing this empty pool on a Saturday morning
I now know I will swim by myself for a little while
With the warm water on my stiff replaced knees
This relief I get will bring to my face a nice smile

It is so great we have these fine facilties to use
SOMC Life Center we all would like to thank you
Having provided us with a place to better health
We must now do the work to make it come true

His Scenic Site

As I stand in the dandelion covered field
There is snow on the mountain high above
A cool gentle wind waves through the field
It is a day like this that I have grown to love

So quiet it is here on this perfect clear day
It is so much pure beauty this day I do see
As I look toward those far distant mountains
I can feel this flood of comfort come over me

Over on the rolling hill deer and elk play
Frolicing as they romp and play a game
So free and without worry they are today
For this beautiful land is theirs to claim

As I see all of this wonder in front of me
How everything has been perfectly made
I know that it was He made this scenic site
This vision from my mind will never fade

March Storm

March winds come on very fast
Blowing so fierce and so strong
Bringing the storms along with it
Leaving havoc as it moves along

Broken lives it will leave behind
Most of the homes it sets adrift
Hitting them with a terrible fury
Leaving only its trash strewn rift

Some lose everything they own
Others will escape with their life
Storms shear off broken tree limbs
Like they had been cut with a knife

An eerie quietness follows the wind
As if it had never been seen there
But after all the storm clouds fade
There are piles of litter everywhere

copyright © 2006 By Acie

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