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Millions of snowflakes are falling down
All different but looking much the same
Soon the ground will be covered white
Where children can play snow games

Fox and Geese is one of the favorites
Snowball fights will always break out
Wrestling in the snow they always do
Everyone will have great fun no doubt

Hot chocolate will be waiting for them
When they go back to the warm inside
There to dry their cold and wet clothes
Caused as a sled upset on the hillside

Excitement seen by the the snow falling
Is not shared by everyone the same way
As we grow older we call it nasty weather
As we look forward to that first warm day

Down Memory Lane

On this beautiful warm Spring day
I once more walk down the old lane
Dogwood trees are starting to bloom
Air smells good after last nights rain

Memories this old lane does bring
Back to times that seem long ago
When everything was neatly kept
Lovely shrubs and flowers did grow

This fine home is now only a shack
With blue clapboard fading and worn
Nearby stands part of the old garage
I shake my head as I stare in scorn

This old lane will ever be a part of me
For I was born in this house of Blue
Shutting my eyes I still see the inside
Of our house back when it was new

A Snowy Sunday

Bare limbs template eerie patterns
As snow covers trees up on the hill
White is seen on this Sunday morn
Everything now seems to be so still

Without noise the flakes are falling
Piling up to cover the bare ground
Spreading across the rolling terrain
None of the walkways can be found

Rosemount Road was closed earlier
Most cars couldn't make it up the hill
Snow will still be coming this afternoon
Stay in the house, yes you know I will

This is a great day to do some writting
Or I might watch basketball on the TV
One thing that is for sure and for certain
My hands on that shovel you wont see

My Valentine

As each year comes rolling around
I think of our life as a sweet dream
So beautiful are all these thoughts
I am so happy we fit in lifes scheme

Beauty I saw the first time we met
Time has not diminished one thing
My happiness came in abundance
When on your finger I placed a ring

Today I see that sparkle is still there
One that has so captivated my heart
With these feelings of genuine love
From this heart they will never part

There is much happiness in our union
Knowing you are a lady that is so fine
These years have all been great ones
Janet will ever be my lovely valentine

How Many Mistakes

Many mistakes have we made in our lifetime
Each one has been written down on that page
How bad have they been sometimes we wonder
But it is only for God up in Heaven to gauge

Sometimes we stumble without even thinking
Perhaps a little white lie is told along the way
When that big book is opened there in Heaven
Will there be anything that we will have to say

Ask forgiveness, He will show you compassion
For He was the only Perfection God has made
Here on this old Earth we make so many errors
So many pitfalls in our world the Devil has laid

Follow all the words that He will give to you
Strive to be your best with a prayer every day
We do know that He will hear your every word
As you kneel by you bedside tonight and pray

Justin's Forcast

As I lift my eyes to the cloud laden sky
A vapor trail from an airplane I can see
Birds swiftly flying in this early cold air
Darting up and down as they fly so free

These clouds we can see as a dark gray
Predictions from the Justin are for snow
You know I think he well may be right
These old bones soon will let me know

Our winter that has been milder this year
Very little snow has been on the ground
Lower gas and electric bills this winter
It is almost like money we have found

With February nearly half way gone now
Perhaps Justin's forcasts will be better
He will tell us that spring is coming soon
Then I will thank him with an email letter

One Step

Heaven is just one step away
Will that step be taken by you
Or will you fail in your efforts
Allow your words to be untrue

We know the devil has a step
That he tries to entice you on
Pay heed his step will destroy
A step to Heaven will be gone

Listen, hear His spoken word
Heed the words He has to tell
Turn your back on our Savior
Then the devil shows you hell

Only He can show you that step
That leads on to the eternal way
Talk to Him for He will ever listen
Anytime of the night or of the day

Wintertime Blues

Dreading the cold days of Wintertime
We long to see the Crocus first bloom
With snow covering the ground today
I will spend time in my computer room

When young I enjoyed Winters snow
Back at that time I didn't get as cold
Our blood doesn't circulate as it did
I guess it's because I am getting old

When Springtime finally does arrive
I know I will spend more time outside
Across mine and the neighbors lawn
On my Green Bolens tractor I will ride

But until that time does roll around
It is in this nice warm house I will stay
Way things are looking at the present
I may not go outside again until May

Love In Spring

In the cool air of a late Spring evening
A kiss is stolen in that old porch swing
Two hearts are beating so much faster
Love to this couple Spring does bring

Happy are these two hearts this night
So laden with love they might fly away
She sees in him her Prince Charming
His eyes from this lady can never stray

One day they will plan a big wedding
All their friends will congratulate them
For he will place on her lovely finger
A ring mounted with a diamond gem

To be young and in love is so perfect
Isn't this it the way God meant it to be
Soon this couple will be man and wife
Later a baby will make a family of three

We Love Spring

Spring comes but once a year
Enjoy all of it the best you can
Soon the air will be warming up
When we can all get a nice tan

Spring is a lovely time of year
We see flowers of many hues
Bright are all the sunny days
Skies are then a perfect blue

Birds are busy building nests
Bees soon will swarm the hive
There is a bounce in your step
It feels great that you are alive

It's an intoxicating time of year
Aroma of flowers will fill the air
Much beauty Spring does bring
As life springs up everywhere

copyright © 2006 By Acie

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