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That Wonderful Land

When we walk that spiraling stairway
That leads on past that very last star
We see those wonders He has made
Things that we can't see back this far

A beautiful garden you will find there
With flowers of the most beautiful tint
Trees we will find growing everywhere
So heavy with fruit the limbs are bent

A mansion resplendent in every way
Awaits everyone who does enter there
Filled with lavish furnishings of comfort
This sanctuary provides our every care

If tomorrow that journey should begin
Will He be there to offer you His hand
That will guide you up to His kingdom
For eternal life in that Wonderful Land

Take Me To That Land

Let Him lead me to that highest rock
Point my eyes up into the distant sky
Hear all of the wonders He has to tell
Let me be worthy of Heaven on high

With a life that is short here on Earth
He has prepared a kingdom up above
Where we will see no suffering or pain
A sanctury He has filled with his love

May I pour my heart into all my prayers
Mean every word my tongue does bring
Tell Him of my thankfullness I now have
See all the beautiful angels as they sing

Beauty are the thoughts I see of Heaven
Filled with so much peace and happiness
Love so fills my heart with special dreams
Of a land that is so filled with gracefulness

A Path To Heaven

If there is no tomorrow on your horizon
Should it all come to end this very night
Are you now happy with your behavior
Know everything you have done is right

Can you face a final day of reckoning
Know in your heart and in your mind
He has forgiven you of short comings
Will a kingdom in Heaven you then find

Have you fooled yourself through time
Thinking that you will be good enough
Ever taking the easy way of doing things
Thinking that His way is much too tough

We know if we want to join Him up there
There are so many things that we must do
Talk to Him and He will show you that way
It is on a path to Heaven He leads you to

I Talk With Him

Wont you lift me over that peaceful divide
Show me where the greener pastures lie
Sooth this soul in that restful time of day
Tell me what to do and you know I will try

Talk to me and my ears will eagerly listen
Let the lush grasses be gentle on my feet
Show me where I can find a shaded tree
Keep me cool even in the afternoon heat

Guide me and I will heed your every word
Light the way whenever darkness arrives
Tell me when I conduct myself unwisely
For Your asking I will make great strides

Every day may I hear your voice calling
I will listen as You show me the right way
Let me walk those golden stairs with You
Take me to Heaven on the judgement day

Merit The Worth

If in your lifetime you seek only wealth
Letting everything else be meaningless
You will spend a lifetime of total misery
For when you die you will be pennyless

Not one cent do you need up in Heaven
He will provide us everything we will need
Numbered days He has given to us here
Listen to all the things He says, take heed

With a road that at times is hard to walk
Let us stay on a straight and narrow way
Look not to the evils of a sinful way of life
Be faithful when you talk to Him each day

When we lie down in that eternal slumber
Our soul will desend from this place Earth
Make that journey up to His land in Heaven
All our work done here will merit the worth

With His Hands

With His hands he was a carpenter
It was nearly two thousand years ago
He was born as the only son of God
Preaching Christianity He saw it grow

Many men despised His way of living
Others thought of Him as a big threat
Some were so afraid of things He said
Others were so happy when they met

He could cure the lame and the sick
Open eyes of those who couldn't see
Still He was the envy of many men
Who didn't want Him to remain free

They nailed Him to a cross on Calvary
Gambled on the clothes that He wore
Hanging on that cross He said again
Our place in Heaven He could assure

That Day

Does it excite you to think about it
That day you see them once more
When you pass over the great divide
You can let all your happiness pour

There will be smiles and such joy
As once again you see your friends
No tears will you ever see up there
In this place where all sorrow ends

To walk and smell clean fresh air
No pollution to choke on up there
Can't you feel that great exultation
Breathing that clean and pure air

Yes let the excitement fill your heart
When that day does come around
This old body will then be useless
But the soul will be Heaven bound

Heavens Door

Let my eyes see across that fertile valley
Look at the beauty He has created there
Let me smell the fragance of the flowers
He has put into this unpolluted clear air

See the birds as the fly up into the sky
Hear all the happy songs they do sing
Watch angels dancing in the meadows
A smile to our face they will then bring

Walk there along with my dear Savior
Down near that babbling little creek
Know that I no longer have a burden
Feel cool air as it blows on my cheek

Unimagniable scenes will be up there
With colors we have never seen before
Happiness will then fill my heart forever
As I there enter through Heavens door

The Other Shore

Life will go on here without us
As we cross to the other shore
Sadness will be left behind us
No crying will we see any more

When we leave this cruel world
Our thoughts will be left behind
We enter in the kingdom of God
With only kindness on our mind

Happiness will flourish up there
Every day will be ever so grand
Listen to the Angels as they sing
Walking upon the Golden Strand

Days of Joy we will see up there
With our friends from everywhere
Spending our time in exultation
Under God's never ending care

That Victorious Race

It's a green colossal valley that I see
With beauty from the mountain high
A clear sky shines so brightly today
Giving me a glimpse of what is nigh

For it is that eternal land that I seek
Where it is all peace and tranquility
No thoughts of a hostile nature exists
We will all be friends as it should be

Perfection He has shown many times
His touch assures us that will ever be
He made a place for us down on Earth
But it His Kingdom that I want to see

Dreams we can only have down here
But I know Heaven is a fantastic place
I smile as I think of where we will go
After we have run that victorious race

copyright © 2006 By Acie

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