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My Walk In The Valley

As I walk down through the lush valley
Everything appears so fresh and green
Colors that we see in the beautiful flowers
Are the most fantastic shades ever seen

Soft are the grasses felt under our feet
It is here I feel so much comfort inside
As I hear the birds sing in restful notes
I can feel His presence here by my side

As we walk down the winding pathway
Contentment envelopes my very being
I listen to all the things He talks about
Is this a preview of Heaven I am seeing

Smiling as He hears my words to Him
He says things you never saw before
Will you see in the Heavenly Kingdom
Where there is beauty and much more

A New Year Wish

On this cold and frosty morning
A crispness is felt in the clear air
With Christmas now a memorey
We look forward to the New Year

Many events happened in 2005
Some were good some were bad
Hurricanes raked the Gulf Coast
It was the worst season they had

Both of my knees were replaced
All of the PT is done and through
Although they are still a little stiff
I guess it must be they are new

A tragedy beset us in this year
My little buddy was called away
It is with reverence I think of her
She spends time with God today

May your year have been good
Even better in the coming Year
With all your hopes and wishes
For the future all come to bear

A Big Oak

Sprouting from a small acorn
She stands tall up in the sky
This big Oak is reaching out
As the birds up to her do fly

In Autumn she gives refuge
To squirrels and the grouse
With her leaf covered limbs
She has become their house

How long will this Oak grow
Only God in Heaven knows
She might become lumber
Then from the hill she goes

She might be a ballroom
Her beauty seen as a floor
Her view from the hillside
She will see never more

To grace a large mansion
Could be her best dream
Or to become a log cabin
Along a sparkling stream

Whatever she becomes
She will yearn to be free
Standing tall on a hillside
Wanting still to be a tree

A Big Buck

She got up Wednesday morning
Like she had so many days before
She had been filled with much joy
Her daughter visited the day before

She was smiling as she dressed
Not realizing what was in store
Then she put on her pretty jacket
Calmly she walked out the door

Her beige van was in the drivway
She unlocked the door and got in
Going to swimming that morning
On the highway trouble did begin

Betty didn't see the deer in time
It was dark much like it was night
It jumped out in front of her van
Hitting the hood and a headlight

That deer had a rack that was big
It had to be at least three foot wide
If it had been killed by our friend
It would have filled him with pride

So Paul next time you go hunting
Think about taking Betty with you
She will show you that trophy deer
One to make your dream come true

At The Springs

There were creaks and groans in his old bones
As he walked down the pathway to the springs
He noticed it was a day so filled with brightness
Surprislingly he could heard a Robin as it sings

At the spring he disrobed and started to walk in
When he saw a shadow in the water down below
Surprised that he had not seen anyone around
He was embaressed that his nakedness did show

A voice came to him in a tone so gentle and low
Water will cleanse your soul all the way through
All of your aches and pains are to soon go away
This is a spring I have made for no one but you

Walking back up the pathway he felt so different
Weariness had left his body and he was strong
A smile then lit up on his face because he knew
Whenever we need God he will soon come along

A United States Marine

Long gone are his days of childhood
On his collar he now wears silver bars
This fighting Marine has spent his time
Back from Iraq he still shows the scars

Riding in a Humvee on that hot dry day
A homemade bomb was then detonated
From a Humvee he was roughly ejected
For these injuries he was then decorated

Today he walks on a pair of artificial legs
On his face he shows the hurt and pain
A football hero when he was in college
A Pro career he hoped would be his gain

No more dreams of running the football
His time on the gridiron will never be seen
As he reflects back to the choice he made
He is proud to be a United States Marine

A Brown Bean

Some call it the nectar of the Gods
It is a brown bean growing in Brazil
When ground and brewed properly
Almost everyone will drink their fill

Some like it with two lumps of sugar
Others prefer to drink it with cream
Then some people like it with both
Weak or strong maybe in between

They drink it to calm frazzled nerves
Sometimes to keep them from sleep
There are people that have a big cup
All the way to the bottom is very deep

I used to drink three cups for breakfast
Along with cigarettes numbering four
Those filthy cigarettes I have now quit
A half of a cup a day does me anymore

Mary And The Animals

No fear of Mary would the birds ever show
She would feed them with such happy glee
Going outside with a piece of bread in hand
She would yell hey Birdie, Birdie come to me

Hearing her happy chuckle as she fed them
Would always bring amazement for us to see
Birds would come right up to her without fear
If we went out with Mary the birds would flee

It seemed to be much the same with rabbits
I saw the Easter bunny she was heard to say
I guess they seemed to know she loved them
If we went in the yard they would scurry away

Perhaps they knew Mary was a sweet Angel
Knowing harm with her they would never find
It was so beautiful to see the animals reaction
Adoring this lady who to them was ever kind

The Ridge

High on the ridge grows the wildflowers
A quiet and beautiful place I often go to
Early mornings are the best time to visit
When flowers are still covered with dew

We see Buttercups soft yellow in color
Intermingled with the May-Apple bloom
All the colors blending so well together
Dwarf Gensing will take very little room

Harbinger of Spring has a Red center
Beautiful with a delicate shade of pink
Dwarf Crested Iris a pale purple shade
Ill-Scented Trillum's aroma does stink

With Painted Trillum now endangered
We all must be so careful what we do
We cannot destroy all of these flowers
Or it will be only a bare ridge we view

End Of A Perfect Day

It is the sleepy shadows of evening
This beautiful day is coming to end
Sun had shined so brightly this day
Making the colors of our Earth blend

It is so tranquil this time of the day
Soon the Sun will sink into the West
Only the singing of the birds do I hear
This is the time of day I love the best

Cool breezes waft up from the valley
Taking much of the heat of day away
I sit and look into the darkening skies
Then try to find stars of the Milky Way

Nightime brings peace into my world
No past troubles will my mind now fret
I will close my eyes into restful slumber
Knowing this is a day I will never forget

copyright © 2006 By Acie

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