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Christmas Without Mary

Christmas time will be lonely this year
Knowing you are in Heaven helps tho
When God called you to be His angel
Our hearts cried the day you had to go

Many wonderful years we had with you
You were such a joy just to be around
An angel you were and we loved you
A sweeter lady could never be found

We would be remiss not to thank Him
For letting us keep Mary for so long
When God came to take her from us
We knew up in Heaven she did belong

Soon I know we will see you up there
A grand reunion we shall see that day
All of the grieving we have had for you
Will vanish as rejoicing washes it away

A Candle

Light up a candle to show her
Just how much we really care
Brighten the sky thats above
Put that glow out everywhere

Let not the flame ever flicker
Let it burn steady and bright
Forever let that candle burn
Both in daylight and in night

Let the candle warm a heart
Of everyone that she knew
They were friends of course
Friendships tried and true

A simple candle will be fine
That is what she would love
You know she will see them
From her mansion up above

Rudolph's Spare

With the cold North wind blowing hard
A heavy snow was covering the ground
Soon the darkness would be settling in
Not one marker below could be found

Santa and all the reindeer were upset
Rudolph nose had burned out its light
It was going to be an awful frightful trip
But they must deliver the gifts this night

Santa don't worry about it said Rudolph
I have found a spare here in my pocket
Rudolph screwed in that bright red bulb
Then Santa's sled took off like a rocket

After they delivered the gifts that night
They hurried back up to the North Pole
Santa gave Rudolph a bonus this year
A spare bulb helped him meet his goal

Our Anniversary

These years have passed by so swiftly
Ten years have passed as if it was one
We have heard it said so many times
Time speeds by as you are having fun

That cold snowy night I first met you
Something good happened in my life
I knew then we had a future together
Later you became my wonderful wife

It was on that Saturday it happened
Pride then swelled deep in my heart
I remember that December day well
Vows were said we would never part

Twenty seven years are passed now
Each day my love for you still grows
You are as beautiful as when we met
Words from her husband who knows

This Time Of The Year

There is this great feeling in the air
A season of celebration and giving
Joyous songs we hear being sung
This is in a great time we are living

Malls are now packed with shoppers
Who must find that one perfect gift
You can see the people going home
With bags that seem too heavy to lift

Grocery stores are filled with goodies
A turkey and a ham seems to be right
Dressing to put in that nice Butterball
Makes it so delectable with each bite

Don't forget about that old gent in red
Give him cookies and some milk to drink
On that night he comes into your home
He will leave you something nice I think

Snow And The Hills

As the light of day slowly fades away
Snow starts to cover the bare ground
Eagerly children look out the window
Hoping that they will be snowbound

With school closed for the big snow
Their favorite place will be on the hill
A toboggon ride down that long run
Will certainly give them all a big thrill

Somehow the air doesn't feel as cold
As it does waiting for the school bus
Today they will wear their old clothes
Knowing they wont make a big muss

Coming back home, hungry and tired
A warm fire that takes away their chills
They will eat a bite and stay for a while
Then head back to snow and the hills

God Knows

When the last breath of life has left our body
Time has come to decide what is our worth
We will then close our eyes to this old world
Then be laid in the busom of Mother Earth

Back to dust will then go our Earthly body
Soon we will begin that Heavenly trip above
There to meet many people who knew us
Once again to be with our family we love

We will walk on those streets paved with gold
Where every day the sun will shine in the sky
It will be no mystery how we got up to Heaven
We listened to God and never once asked why

Time and how we could never predetermine
Only God could know and He wont tell you
Be prepared for it may happen any moment
Remember God knows everything you do

The lady that made many of the paintings I have used on some
of these pages has passed on. These three poems I have written
in her memorey


She has been admired by so many people
Long to be remembered as my true friend
Molly was always there to help all others
Her friendship would never waiver or bend

Many wonderful pages she made for me
She had a knack of making them so bright
When she would send a pretty painting
She would say my words fit it just right

Susie Q, Molly, and Acie worked together
To put those lovely pages on the internet
Everyone marveled at the work put in them
Never knowing all the pleasure we did get

Molly is gone but her memorey will remain
By all the beautiful work she left behind
That day when we meet Molly in Heaven
Her painting will put a poem in our mind

Our Friend Molly

She now walks up there with her Jesus
This gentle caring lady that we all love
Passed from the evils of this old world
To be with her Heavenly Father above

Sharing her great talents to the world
Putting thoughts there on the internet
Well versed on the times of the world
She was a friend to everyone she met

We are all saddened with her passing
Still there is one thing that we all know
Today as she walks in the halls of Glory
She realizes that everyone loved her so

We will go on with the rest of our lives
But reflect back on the time thats past
She created a friendship with so many
These thoughts of Molly will forever last


We shared both joy and laughter
As we also have shed some tears
Knowing you has made us better
Tho it was just a few short years

Years that have passed too swiftly
Can you tell me where did they go
I guess time really isn't so revelant
As all of our friendships did grow

Many things you did accomplish
But others are now left undone
Now you will have time to finish
Where there is no sinking sun

When He came to call for you
You left such a void in our heart
Know as you are up in Heaven
Soon this Earth we will depart

copyright © 2005 By Acie

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