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Joy Of Christmas

May the joy of this Christmas season
Bring comfort and happiness to you
All the good things that you wish for
Be the kind that will help others too

As you scan over your shopping list
Save some for the Salvation Army pot
You know it doesn't hurt to give them
Some of your money, it will help a lot

A special kind of feeling comes to us
As we celebrate this time of the year
You can sense it in the shopping mall
People are filled with Christmas cheer

So put on that best smile on your face
Say a big hello to everyone you meet
You know that jolly old man is coming
Be nice and he will bring you a treat

Little Elf

Santa had just employed another elf
He was much smaller than any other
When Santa introducted the little elf
They all treated him like their brother

Work that was to heavy for him to do
They would pitch in and help him out
Sometimes they if would do too much
He would sit over in a corner and pout

Then one night as Christmas was near
Most all of the toys had now been made
Santa was rushing through the workshop
Looking for that gift list he had mislaid

As the older elves were looking up high
Little elf was looking down low on the floor
Today is a hero, it was in Santas boot top
He will not be called the little elf anymore

Winter's Coming

With Old Man Winter on his way
Defoliated trees stand on the hill
Spending the time of hibernation
Til Spring then unfreezes the rill

With most all of the colors faded
Our landscape is drab and bare
Leaves are scattered everywhere
Like Mother Nature does not care

Groundhogs are asleep in the den
Not showing up until spring arrives
Many birds have long disappeared
Bees will spend Winter in the hives

Changes we see at this time of year
It is what Old Man Winter does bring
We will spend this time of stagnation
Until the brightness of our next spring

This Holiday Season

I can feel the numbness on my face
As a cold North wind blows my way
Black clouds I do see on the horizon
This cold and blustery December day

Winter is coming to bring some snow
Where children can play all day long
At night they will build a large bonfire
Sit around and sing a Christmas song

Over at the mall we hear bells ringing
Kettles await your heart felt generosity
Dig in and come up with your change
We all can make a difference you'll see

Knowing it is the right time of the year
To get in mood of the coming season
Let joy of the holiday be in your heart
If you search you can find the reason

Old Time Christmas

I am dreaming of an old time Christmas
When snow would be up to your knees
Being poor, not much money to spend
Our family was so very easy to please

Fruit and nuts would fill up our basket
Given by the church that we did attend
It was with our heart felt thanks to them
Our big smiles to them we would send

Hard candy we would find in the basket
Peppermints I always did like the best
The others let me take them for myself
I then would let them have all the rest

Yes our old time Christmas was reality
Of knowing what that day really meant
It wasn't a day to see who got the most
It was a day with our family well spent

Snow Fun

We can feel a chill in the air
Snow will be coming our way
Happy will be all the children
Who love to go out and play

Fox and geese they will play
When snow is on the ground
Over at the glen build a bonfire
For everyone to gather around

Down the hill come their sleds
Gleeful sounds fill the night air
Snowflakes as big as quarters
We can see flying everywhere

Tomorrow will be a snow day
No school for them to attend
Mothers will be busy this day
Torn clothes she has to mend

Giving And Caring

Do you see the dark clouds gathering
A snow storm could well be on its way
Perhaps it will instill a feeling of giving
For Christmas soon will be on its way

This is the time of year for the children
Most of them enjoy playing in the snow
With mufflers hiding their cold red faces
Not caring how that old wind would blow

To build a big bonfire over by the lake
Flames licking out to warm up our hand
Some kids will skate along so skillfully
I was so clumsy I couldn't even stand

We all have gone through these times
Enjoying the fun that wintertime brings
With this season of us caring and giving
We can almost hear our heart as it sings

Precious Time

How we wish we could turn back time
But we can't even a minute or second
It is gone forever never to return to us
That Father Time will not be reckoned

Time is such a precious part of our life
Waste not for recovery can't be sought
Gone are the past times we have lived
That time with wealth can never bought

Although sadness might be in that time
How we wish some of it could be again
But wishes will only give us false hope
Time that is past we can never regain

Hold on to the sweet memories of time
File them away and never let them go
With our many thoughts of loved ones
They will stay in our heart that we know

My Store Bought Teeth

I onest heered that thar Dr Murray
Wuz a purty good old feller to see
He had gone up thar to Ohio State
He dun got hisself a dental degree

I went to see that good old feller
I knowed I had to git some relief
So I axed him if he cud make me
A par of them store bought teeth

He wuz so rightly kind about hit
Hissen staff they wuz good two
Said way my mouth wuz lookin
Gonna be a chore to fix up you

When I sat down in that cheer
He axed me to open my mouth
Hit wuz when he heered my talk
He axed if I wuz frum the South

He had sum of that moldin stuff
Said he wuz takin a deperesion
Makin me them store bought teeth
Haint gonna be any immitation

Gonna have a good Christmas
Them teeth will be pearly white
I know that thar dentist is good
Them store bought teeth fit jest right

An Old Tree

Looking at the hills I see the leafless trees
Gnarled are the limbs this bareness shows
Stripped of all the energy summer requires
Winter will bring rest when nothing grows

Beauty that we saw not many weeks ago
Now lies brown there on the forest floor
No usefullness do these leaves now have
But to be reclaimed by the soil once more

With no dress to cover her skinny limbs
She stands without defense to the wind
Which now blows through empty spaces
That had caused her leafed limbs to bend

Snow will blow on this dormant old tree
Rain and bitter cold will come to her too
But like all of the other years shes seen
Spring will bring back those skies of blue

copyright © 2005 By Acie

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