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Country Mailbox

I can see the glitter of snow on the pines
As the sun has come up starting the day
Invigorating winds blows cold on my face
As I walk the lane to the state highway

So white and dazzling is this big snow
Frozen in time are characters I can see
Shaped by the bushes under the snow
Like a fairyland this place seems to be

Down at the highway I open the mailbox
Inside I find nothing but a bunch of bills
I walked all the way in the cold weather
Now it will cause me aches and chills

With an azure blue sky high over head
Vapor trails from a plane can be seen
As I walk back across this crusty ice field
I think of springtime and when it is green

Walk By The River

As we are walking by the river this bright day
We hear the splashing of the water on rocks
Croaking of a bullfrog from around the bend
See an old beatup rowboat tied to the docks

There are feelings of happiness in my heart
As I see a flock of ducks fly from the shore
Seeing they have freedom high up in flight
Not to worry about those hunters anymore

Whistling a happy tune while I walk along
A smile comes so easy to my face today
I know this part of His world is so serene
He has followed my footsteps all the way

Knowing He does walk with me every day
In this sanctuary of beauty He has made
All of His words He gives to me this day
Will be in my mind forever, never to fade

Mountain Setting

On this cold late November morning
I see fog lingering on the lake below
When the Sun slowly rises in the East
If like magic I see the fog begin to go

With only small wisps still remaining
Reflections off the lake lights the sky
What a majestic setting I can see here
In my cabin on this mountain up high

Happiness I can feel on my mountain
It is as if my heart has been set free
Wanting only what nature has to give
My mountain gives everything to me

I see only an occasional plane flying
Off on the horizon far away from me
It is as close to civilization that I want
Home on my mountain will forever be

My Cottage

I can remember all that sheer beauty
That surrounded their home back then
Quaint little cottage with pickett fence
Situated near that sparkling little glen

A house that I would love to live in
It was a palace to young man like me
I often would play there by the glen
Hoping that little blonde I might see

One day she saw me looking her way
I think back now, I wasn't her kind
When she raised her eyebrows to me
All my feelings for her left my mind

Now I live in that quaint little cottage
I still walk by the sparkling little glen
As I look up to my beautiful cottage
It looks exactly like it did back then

Believe In Him

When our lifes work is over
Its the time that we must go
Up there to meet our Master
Worth to Him we must show

All we have done on Earth
Will be added up on a page
If to live up there eternally
Your life He will then gauge

We all know of His promise
Believe in Him and be saved
There to live for an eternity
Walk golden streets He paved

So always do your very best
Know when your time is up
You can spend time with Him
Drinking nectar from a cup

My Precious Memories

I have precious memories of my family
My mother and father I love so dearly
Two sweet sisters and my only brother
I can still remember them very clearly

Poor, we were but with so much love
Always had a shelter over our head
With enough heat in the winter time
At times we had a scarcity of bread

Evenings would find us all together
Checkers, a game we loved to play
Was played on a homemade board
A real one, we had no money to pay

All but me are playing up in Heaven
I know their checkerboard is of gold
Gonna have to sharpen up my skills
When I get there I haven't been told

He Is The Reason

With Thanksgiving past and gone
We look to the Christmas season
We should keep Him in our minds
Always remember He is the reason

It is His birthday that we celebrate
He brought changes to this Earth
Giving a promise of a life eternal
To all of those that meet His worth

With His life of humble beginning
This baby born as God's only son
For there in the manger that night
His right to an eternal life was won

So celebrate with those fancy lights
Hung high on that green pine tree
But always keep this in your mind
He gave His life to save you and me

I Wonder Why

What can you say to a friend that is ill
Can your words sooth his aching soul
Or do you mumble with all your words
Knowing words can't make him whole

For many years we have known him
Taking for granted he had good health
We know cancer will destroy ones life
Even if he has amassed much wealth

Sadness comes to us when we hear
Its terminal and they can do no more
Hearing this about ones good friend
Will hurt you all the way to the core

Today I still think about my old friend
There are times I have wondered why
We can't find a cure for that disease
That has caused a good friend to die

Silver Threads

Looking much like strands of silver thread
As they hang from towers high in the sky
Cables strong enough to carry the weight
Of cars and trucks we see passing it by

For so many years we have waited for it
Promises they made have not been met
They have always come up with excuses
River was up or it was too hot or too wet

We wonder who approved the fat contract
That has allowed this project to lag so long
It certainly doesn't take a college professer
To realize there must be something wrong

If we go over to the great state of Kentucky
Then search out and find the highest ridge
We can see those silver threads hanging
Where one day we may have a new bridge

Exploded Dreams

So many dreams he had for the future
He knew a lady who would be his wife
Happiness showed in this Marines face
Knowing things were good with his life

Everything seemed to be bright for him
Sergeant stripes he wore on his sleeve
Knowing he was doing his patriotic duty I
t was in his great country he did believe

He fought to keep his family's freedom
They sent him to a country called Iraq
Engaged while he was home on leave
Then to be married when he came back

Today as she stands beside her Marine
Her clothing she wears this day is black
His dreams exploded on that fateful day
Riding in a Humvee somewhere in Iraq

copyright © 2005 By Acie

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