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My Dentist

Nothing is uncomfortable as ill fitting dentures
They seem to bounce all around as you chew
Hurting your gums and they bite your tongue
Making your mouth sore all the way through

Eat a slice of tomato on a sesame seed bun
One of the seed gets underneath your plate
You know that it feels much like a big bolder
Go see Dr Murray before it becomes too late

He will make your dentures to fit your mouth
No wobbling even eating the corn off the cob
With his great expertise in all dental problems
We all know he will do us a professional job

His friendly staff will make you feel so at ease
No worries as you sit down in that dental chair
I am so glad I called and got my appointment
Because I know that he and his staff really care

Winter's Coming

With Old Man Winter on his way
Defoliated trees stand on the hill
Spending the time of hibernation
Til Spring then unfreezes the rill

With most all of the colors faded
Our landscape is drab and bare
Leaves are scattered everywhere
Like Mother Nature does not care

Groundhogs are asleep in the den
Not showing up until spring arrives
Many birds have long disappeared
Bees will spend Winter in the hives

Changes we see at this time of year
It is what Old Man Winter does bring
We will spend this time of stagnation
Until the brightness of our next spring

Indian Summers End

Black clouds we see on the horizon
We wonder what is in store for today
Colder weather will be coming soon
Indian Summer will then slide away

So fortunate we have been this year
With weather that has been so nice
Some would say when Winter comes
They bet that we will pay a big price

But to take this weather yes we will
Wanting it to last the rest of this year
We know it is not possible to do that
Still we hate to wear the Winter gear

I can't fall in love with this weather
It wont last too much longer I know
There will be some cold days ahead
When we will be looking at snow

A Hot Summer Day

At night he walks these streets so lonely
In the darkness he stumbles on his way
He thinks about the reckless life he lived
Now for this cheating time he must pay

Thinking he was no different than most
He thinks back to that hot Summer day
Down at the bar he ordered a cold beer
That was the day he was first led astray

As he looked down the bar he saw her
Honey Blonde with a smile on her face
Then he ask if he could buy her a drink
After a few beers they left for her place

He knew he wasn't in love with this lady
He had a wonderful wife and three kids
But temptation somehow had got to him
His life he found was soon on the skids

He prays to God to forgive his stupidity
In making the biggest mistake of his life
If not for that fateful hot day in Summer
He would still be with his kids and wife

Ever Wonder Why

Today I saw a little chipmonk
I wondered what is its worth
It doesn't seem to do much
But still God put it on Earth

A wooly worm crawls along
I don't guess he says a thing
I heard he predicts weather
By the darkness of his ring

We may see a day that is wet
Or we could see one thats dry
It could either be hot or cold
Have you ever wondered why

Filling our world in six days
All things had their reasons
Then to suit all His people
He created us four seasons

Our Morning

As I feel the cold this misty morning
My heart has a feeling of being alive
Soon I will get in my old pickup truck
Down to Shawnee State I shall arrive

I see those early birds in the pool
They get up too early for me to beat
Its funny how we all want to know
Are they going to turn up the heat

Harold and Betty are just talking
They haven't begun swimming yet
I approach the steps with caution
But soon I know I will be all wet

Soon we will see Al, Paul and Bob
We all watch as Howard comes in
He will sign in and talk at the table
Then get his drink of water again

Santa's Showcase

Soon the holiday season will be here
Bells will be ringing, kettles will be out
Little children's eyes will then brighten
When ho ho ho Santa begins to shout

Christmas music we will hear playing
When we go over to the shopping mall
Excitement can be felt by all the people
As they walk through the crowded hall

Stores we all know are just a showcase
We look for what we want Santa to bring
We know of the fun we have going there
We love those Christmas songs they sing

Santa and his Elves have been so busy
Working many hours to make all the toys
When that special night finally gets here
Gifts he will leave for both girls and boys

Holiday Season

As we start the Holiday season
Remember why we celebrate it
In the darkness of that manger
With only straw on which to sit

Mary gave birth to a baby boy
Jesus Christ became his name
With the birth of this Holy child
This world wouldn't be the same

He gave his life to save all of us
From the fate that came to Him
Without knowing His compassion
Our world would be so very dim

So stop for a minute and think
Why we celebrate this season
To give thanks to Almighty God
We will not find a better reason

A New Beginning

It is now the time of his new beginning
Time wasted he would never get back
He had long hated the job he worked
For there they would cut him no slack

He dreamed of the wide open spaces
A new place he long had sought to live
Where he could find complete freedom
He knew that new energies it would give

Finding that place up in the mountains
Years ago he had spotted this nice place
He had set about building himself a cabin
On a hundred acres of wilderness space

So beautiful is his home in the mountain
Days he spends visiting his favorites haunts
Night time will find him writting his poetry
Finally he has the time to do as he wants

Your Space

Live in your world but please don't you forget
That there are other people living in there too
Take your space and then share all the rest
Remember others will share space with you

Don't be one who would take from the others
They have worked hard for what they earned
For those who would take others possessions
Their dubious nature very soon will be learned

To keep in harmony with all of your neighbors
Should be kept in your mind each living day
Work with and not against your fellow humans
To better our fundamental society in every way

Think not of those that have shown you abuse
Bring attention to those that have shown love
One day when the final judgement has arrived
It is peace and contentment we find up above

copyright © 2005 By Acie

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