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Acies Poems Page 16

The Bells

The bells of love are ringing
I can hear them loud and clear
So beautiful is their meaning
They say I adore you my dear

May these bells forever ring
For our love will eternally be
Our world must be so special
A haven of joy for you and me

May the bells touch your heart
Unite and tie your heart to mine
Such wonderful love we will share
Improving with age like fine wine

Yes my lovely lady the bells say
To make our hearts beat as one
Go live your life to its fullest
Together we can have so much fun

How High Our Love

Wont you come to me sweet lady
Will you open your heart to me
I will take you to the zenith
With love as high as it can be

We will soar through the heavens
Our hearts will be beating as one
With the stars glowing above us
Our love will be hot as the sun

I know our love will be like heaven
We know it couldn't be any other way
Our love will soar on and go higher
My darling I love you more every day

How much higher is there for us to go
Through all the galaxies and far above
We will be to the apex of the universe
Two lovely people always and ever in love

Love Can Be

He held her so tightly yesterday
Their love is ever growing strong
Tonight they will meet again
Their sweet love can't be wrong

He will hold her in his arms again
As she whispers softly in his ear
You are so sweet to me my love
I adore and always want you near

Two lovely people in love is great
Two hearts that will meld into one
Just look into their world today
You will see how a heart was won

So nice to see how love can be
And know it can work for us all
My darling being in love with you
I feel like I am 10 feet tall

Our Dream World

To walk with you in our world
Would be my hopes and dreams
Ours would be the perfect one
I know that is how it seems

Perfection is your attribute
In all endeavors you excell
You have won my heart forever
It was for your love I fell

With the elegance of a lady
Your heart you gave to me
Life will be so wonderful
We know it will forever be

Our future is a grand one
Much happiness we will know
With all the love we have
We know it can only grow

Kisses And Wishes

If our kisses were all wishes
We would have treasures untold
With all our flaming passion
Our kisses would be like gold

The kisses that I will give you
Comes from deep within my heart
Our sweet love will last eternally
I know we have only seen the start

With the love and kisses we share
To always spend our lives together
Happiness will always surround us
Causing our love to last forever

Our kisses are worth more than wishes
For they let our hearts know whats true
How our only wish we want in this world
Is a life of love for just you and me

A Treasure
By S. L.

Little silver pieces
Falling from our lips
Pearls of love and happiness
Held in our finger tips

Drawn from deep within
I taste your lips so sweet
With rich sweet tenderness
Jewels laid at my feet

As our lives are happy now
Treasures rich in our dear souls
We may not see such joy again
Hold me close never let me go

Forever and a day
This sparkling treasure abounds
To keep and hold you close to me
The fortune we have found

My Smiling Heart

You left a smile in my heart
Your tender kiss I did feel
With the love that you give
My head will start to reel

A mark you have made on my life
It will always be imbedded there
Of how you have won my heart
Please treat it with loving care

How my love is so sweet to you
I know that only time will tell
My heart and soul you now have
You must know how hard I fell

Our future will be ever so bright
My darling I love no one but you
Down throughout the comming years
Please give me your heart too

My Feelings Of Love

To be in love is so wonderful
The dawning of each day emerges
With such feelings of the heart
That brings on the natural urges

Love brings dreams of the heart
That must be made to please you
My hopes and dreams will ever be
For total happiness for us two

Forget about the past and look ahead
For that is where our dreams must be
Think my dear of what life you want
Can we let it begin with you and me

The love I want to share with you
Is nestled in this heart of mine
To give to you forever my love
The truest heart you could find

That Wonderful Day

With a sadness in my heart
I said goodbye to you today
Soon I will see you again
everything then will be okey

The love that we both share
Will stand the test of time
Always in each others hearts
Our love will always be prime

You will be in all of my dreams
My darling its you I do adore
Every night I will see you again
To hold you in my arms once more

My heart will always beat for you
With all the love that I can give
My darling I want to see that day
What a wonderful life we will live

My Lady's Love

The love we share is so outstanding
Always in my heart you will ever be
To spend a lifetime with you my lady
Would make my life so perfect you see

Every day when you come to meet me
My heart seems to miss a beat or two
As I see the beautiful lady appear
I realize she loves me so much too

Tomorrow I hope I get to see her
If I don't I will say this to you
My thoughts and all of my dreans
Will be with the lady I love so true

I am so happy to have met this lady
Her heart I will ever strive to win
The pleasure of just being with her
Shows how all my happiness does begin

copyright © 1998 By Acie

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