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Haunted House

We would walk by that big house
It sat up on the top of a steep hill
Sounds we could hear walking by
Screams that were loud and shrill

One dark night as we passed by
We decided to go up to the house
When we were sneaking up that hill
We tried to be as quiet as a mouse

We were getting near the old house
Something went wizzing by my head
Seeing it was a mean looking gray bat
I was so scared I thought I was dead

That night we lost all of our bravery
Never again did we go up that hill
All our curiosty had been satisfied
That haunted house gave us a thrill

An October Night

As a heavy fog settles on the river
It is an eerie feeling we can sense
A swarm of bats are flying near us
Black cats sit on the splitrail fence

A jack-o'-lantern shows his grin
Within his head a candle flickers
A hag of a witch stirs her caldron
We can hear her weird snickers

A snow white sheet floats by me
It is flipping so lightly in the wind
Wails we hear from the banshee
Chills up my spine they do send

Each year in the last of October
These sights will always be seen
Everything scarey will come out
On the night we call Halloween

Spooky Night

Little hands reach for the goodies
That we give on a halloween night
Costumes of goblins and witches
Will give everyone a terrible fright

We see the shortest little goblin
Dragging along her plastic bag
One is wearing a sloppy old hat
She is dressed like a mean hag

A little boy is dressed like Elvis
His costume really looks sweet
It was made just like the orignal
We think that he looks so neat

Who enjoys this night the most
Would it be the parent or the kid
After they get home that evening
Little ones eat the candy they hid

Autumn Harvest

Overcast skies greet the morning
As Autumn is getting in full swing
I see flocks of birds headed South
Too cool so they have taken to wing

Something is special about Autumn
It is the time we harvest our crops
We gather fruit from the apple tree
Let the kids gather corn that pops

Time to store things for the Winter
In the cellar we keep canned food
Hang the meat in the smokehouse
Storing anything that fits our mood

All set for the long and cold winter
In the sky we see the harvest moon
We relax and enjoy this time of rest
Knowing Springtime is coming soon

This Vast World

Although my eyes can very clearly see
I cannot realize the enormity of this land
For the many miles it stretches outward
Past the blue Pacific with its white sand

High on top of the Himalaya Mountains
To the low altitude of the Death Valley
From wide expanse of the Gobi Desert
Find beauty in the Mediterranean Sea

Spectacular are the great Niagara Falls
Rocks in the Painted Desert colors show
Wide and muddy is the Mississippi River
Ohio is where many colorful trees grow

There is the big wheat fields of Kansas
Alps in Europe is a great place to ski
Beautiful are all the Hawaiian Islands
This vast world He made for us to see

Hard Working Farmer

As the early evening shadows lenghten
A red sky is painted by the setting sun
From the hay field goes the tired farmer
For his long and hard day is finally done

He sits down and eats a hearty dinner
For all his energy has long ago expired
He will soon find his comfortable chair
His back aches and he is so very tired

Falling asleep with the television playing
He misses all of the early evening news
Guess it will make no difference to him
Sometime they don't agree with his views

To bed he stumbles around half past ten
Knowing what is in store for the next day
This is the life of one hard working farmer
He wouldn't want to have it any other way


I dream not of what might have been
Happiness in my heart I have this day
Love of my lovely wife who is with me
Makes my life wonderful in every way

Although some days are cloud filled
Sunshine soon will clear up the sky
Happy then will become our feelings
As the drearyness of the day goes by

We know days have highs and lows
Most every day for us it is on a high
Thankful for the love we have found
For the bonds of marriage we did tie

Tomorrow will be another day of joy
Knowing we will here be side by side
Every time I look at my beautiful wife
It fills my heart with very much pride

Village Of Otway

I will always love that village of Otway
It was where I spent my youthful days
In dreams my mind goes back in time
I can even remember our class plays

John Simon had an old flour mill there
He would grind some corn for meal too
His clothing would be covered with flour
White was his coat that once was blue

There was a tie yard in middle of town
They were used by the N&W Railway
Extra gangs would live in the rail cars
There five days a week they did stay

One time there was a red light there
Was a long time ago they shut it down
After the old High School moved away
They had no need for a red light in town

Most of all the people I knew back then
Have moved and now are scattered away
You know we all are still thinking about it
Deep in our hearts is that town of Otway

Thinking Ahead

With rain falling on an early October morning
An eerie fog shrouds these wooded hillsides
A chill we feel as a light wind blows our way
Away on this chilly wind summer now rides

Although the summer was very hot and dry
I dread to see cold weather thats on its way
When the leaves start falling from the trees
We know that snow will not be too far away

Wintertime will become the time of inactivity
Neither plants or trees will we then see grow
Held hostage by the force of old man winter
Those long frigid days will pass ever so slow

We will then think ahead to those future days
As the Spring sun begins to warm the ground
We know life will renew those plants and trees
Beautiful wild flowers at that time will abound

Dream World

It is so great what our memories can do
Bringing to mind time so happily spent
Smiles these thoughts put on our face
As these sweet dreams to us are sent

Yesterdays bring us memories we love
Of youth and all of those happy days
We cared not what our future might be
Enjoying life with all our youthful ways

We think back to our old High School
Sneaking in class a few minutes late
Seeing the pretty girl across the room
Wanting, but never asking for a date

We all have our own sweet dream world
Where we drown the troubles of the day
When we think back to that happier time
For just a minute our problems go away

copyright © 2005 By Acie

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