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My Autumn Walk

It is so much fun to take a nice long walk
When the day is brisk from a frosty morn
Dry leaves will crunch beneath our feet
Brown are the stalks that once held corn

A rabbit jumps from his warm cozy nest
Startled from all the noise I have made
I can see three impressions in the grass
Where a mother deer and two fawns laid

Squirrels have left a big pile of cuttings
Underneath the limbs of a hickory tree
Guess I will have to get out here earlier
If I want to get some of the nuts for me

I see a bevy of quails in the tall weeds
Mother quail is watching over her brood
I try hard to keep from disturbing them
Keeping all the quails in a good mood

This time of the year is so invigorating
I try to make this walk about every day
Sometime if you decide to go walking
We might meet along this old pathway

The Different Seasons

As Autumn comes to the Ohio Valley
Cooler nights will be coming our way
Ending a hot and a very dry summer
It was in the nineties most every day

Fall flowers will brighten our garden
As a big pumpkin continues to grow
Leaves are turning to different colors
As Autumn begins her annual show

Autumn is always such a pretty time
But many people prefer to see Spring
Saying that is when things come alive
Much beauty to the Earth it does bring

No matter what season you like best
You can find happiness in each one
From the time of ice skating in Winter
To Summertime when a cookout is fun

His Poetry

With a shaking hand he holds the pen
Ink that flowed smoothly now smears
He sits straining to think of the words
So sad, now his eyes are full of tears

For years it had came to him so easy
It seemed as if it came from up above
Each word would enlighten his heart
Filling it with sweet never ending love

If the day was dreary when he wrote
Words brought sunshine into his day
He was happy to put words together
Compliments would be his best pay

There was a book made of his poetry
They had given it to him the other day
His face seemed to light up reading it
I could write like this we heard him say

Reflections Of The Past

Along the small clear creek I walk today
Reflections of the past comes to mind
I can see the old house up in the hollow
My birthplace I guess was one of a kind

It was those childhood days I remember
Walking the mile to catch our schoolbus
My mother was off to work an hour before
So getting ready was left entirely up to us

Those days somehow were the happiest
I guess we just didn't know we were poor
Most other kids were much like we were
A change of clothes and not much more

Somehow we made it through that time
Perhaps those old days made us realize
We didn't need wealth to bring happiness
Truth of that was seen through our eyes

Late September

This cool late September morning
Shows Autumn to be well on its way
As a soft breeze rustles the leaves
A light jacket feels good on this day

As temperatures drop to the forties
Leaves soon will change their tint
With more warm weather predicted
We wonder is Summer really spent

As the nights are now getting longer
Shorter has become the light of day
More time will be spent in the house
With less time for the children to play

With the large pumpkins fully grown
It is off to the marketplace they will go
Jack-o'-lanterns many of them will be
But the biggest will be kept for show

My Heavenly Home

I dream of a beautiful home with marble stairs
Not a thing can compare with it here on Earth
No airconditioners are needed to cool a room
There will be no dollar signs to show its worth

For it will be given to me free of any charge
He has said if I follow His words and His ways
He will prepare this home for me forever more
There to spend all of those happy eternal days

No worries can be found where we shall dwell
There will be no bills that we would have to pay
All that we need He will provide for us up there
There is only happiness to be found every day

There I will meet all of my friends and relatives
They will be dressed in garments made of gold
A reunion of the greatest joy will come to us all
A promise that He made and soon it will unfold

Your Time

We know not what might lie ahead
As our vision is focused on the past
We can wander aimlessly in our life
Hoping these years will forever last

But its time that we can not control
Sand in the hourglass will ever sift
Precious is the time we always lose
When minds we carelessly let drift

So make good use of your senses
Know what is right, what is wrong
Always know what you strive for
Keep your heart free and strong

We must know this and remember
That Heaven is only a breath away
As your name appears on that roll
You then face the judgement day

Across The Valley

Across the vast valley we can see
Many things that will meet our eye
A field that has soybeans growing
A small river that is flowing near by

A highway like a concrete ribbon
Winds around much like a snake
We see all those autos traveling
There will be many miles to make

We can see the tree lined hillside
With leaves that wave in the breeze
They wont be lasting too much longer
Dropping when we get a hard freeze

Beauty I see in this wonderful valley
Stretching for those many miles to see
This was laid out by The Master Architect
He made it to be enjoyed by you and me

Children's Halloween

Cool breezes of an early October Morning
Shows us that Jack Frost is soon on his way
Summertime is but a fleeing memory to us
So now we must prepare for a colder day

Jack-o'-lanterns soon will show their faces
We know that Halloween is not so far away
Little children will enjoy begging for candy
All the goodies into small hands we will lay

Dressed up in all kinds of scarey costumes
They will come to your door in small packs
Excited with all the treats that we give them
They will put them in their big plastic sacks

While some have parties for the children
Bobbing for apples is one kind of a game
Passing out the goodies inside a big room
Is safer, but it just doesn't seem the same

Our Doctor

With his great skill he makes a diagnosis
His knowledge tells him right from wrong
All the many years of study and sacrifice
Made his will and determination so strong

His satisfaction is helping heal the patients
Whose life is a lot less than it should be
Great care he must take in all his thinking
With everyone that he is scheduled to see

Working with the modern diagnostic tools
He will piece together all the medical clues
He knows he cannot give a cure everytime
His heart goes out to the ones he will lose

Night sometime ends in the middle of sleep
For he is needed in the hospital right away
Thank God we have these dedicated people
Without them we could face pain every day

copyright © 2005 By Acie

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