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Once the heartbreak begins to subside
It is then that reality begins to take over
Waves of over twenty feet high or higher
Caused so many people to run for cover

Many were stranded and had no way out
So many poor people that had no chance
Broken were their homes by the big waves
Bobbing in the water as in a wierd dance

Others trapped in the city called Big Easy
They felt safe until the levees began to break
Water then came roaring down Canal Street
To any sanctuary, they could no longer make

A large city that is almost completely gone
With death and destruction thats all around
Helter skelter seems to be the relief effort
People need to be moved to safer ground

Why did this have to happen in the USA
What has brought this all to come to past
Could He be telling us that it is time to listen
If we want this world as we know it, to last

Valley Of Sunshine

As I walk down in the valley of sunshine
A feeling of happiness I know is so near
For it is here that I can always find Him
His soft and gentle voice I love to hear

To walk and talk with Him is a pleasure
He tells me things I didn't know before
Like me being strong in all convictions
To believe in Him opens Heavens door

His strength I find though I am so weak
His love I can feel every time we meet
A smile I can feel emerging on my face
I can hear my heart begin to rapidly beat

As we walk down in this lovely valley
It is like a place I never saw before
When I listen to all that He tells me
I know I will love Heaven even more

The Four Seasons

A mid September chill has hit the hills
Soon the leaves will change their tint
Beautiful colors will explode overnight
We will wonder where summer went

Each season happens for it's reason
Spring is when all things come alive
As the Earth begins to become warm
We see the plants and flowers thrive

Summertime brings many wonders
Vegetables that we put on our plate
Corn and tomatoes are so delicious
To that table we will never be late

Autumn brings us a time of beauty
Mums grow their many colors to see
Crops we gather and prepare to store
No hunger this will this family see

Winter will become a time of dormancy
When snow will lie upon the ground
No sign of what the future will bring
From these drab times can be found

A Talk With Our Angel

Tonight I talked with my sweet angel
As I talked there was tears in my eyes
She told me that Heaven was beautiful
Without sadness up there, no one cries

I told her that we so love and miss her
She said missing me will last but a while
There will come a day when you see me
Her sweet reassurance brought a smile

Although my heart is still lonely for her
In my mind I know she is so happy today
God sent for our angel to stay with him
Never more can she suffer in any way

To walk in Heaven throughout eternity
Her home she has in that beautiful City
If tomorrow should be when He calls us
Its back together once more we will be


May your days be full of sunshine
May there never be clouds above
May a smile ever grace your face
May your heart be filled with love

May you think only of happiness
May sadness stay from your mind
May you teach all the younger ones
May you treat the older people kind

May your beliefs never be altered
May good things come your way
May every day be so great for you
May you listen to whatever they say

May you always walk the right path
May all of your thoughts be true
May your life be inspired every day
May you receive what you have due

Country Boy

I am so happy to be an old country boy
Enjoying the senic views of our country
From the majestic scene of ole Kentucky
Across the Ohio River I can plainly see

Country folk in the Southern Ohio hills
Are blessed to have this beauty to see
Wildflowers growing along the highways
Brightens the days for both you and me

When Autumn comes to the Ohio valley
Dazzling colors we see from all the trees
Mulitcolored leaves waves in the wind
So much beauty for our eyes to please

All along this stretch of the Ohio River
There are so many things we can enjoy
Living in this part of the United States
Makes me proud to be a country boy

Doris's Wash Day

She hates to see that train coming
Black dust will soon cover her clothes
Coal from those West Virginia coal mines
Needs to be washed down with a hose

Near that old track she was waiting
She had a camera held in her hand
She knew it would throw that dust
All over her and the neighbors land

She stood there and got her picture
Dust was swirling high over her head
Its like this every day she did her laundry
My whites will soon be black she said

She sent her pictures off to their office
To this day she hasn't heard one thing
There is something she dreads to hear
It's the time a train's bell begins to ring

Thinking Back In Time

A cool breeze we can feel this morning
Last vestiges of summer are fading away
Gorgeous colors will appear on the hills
It seens like spring was only yesterday

Time has a way of going by so quickly
As we become older the faster it goes
Memories we hold on to so preciously
Remembering both the highs and lows

Tomorrow will bring new experiences
Some may be important for us to see
Others will be forgotten by us shortly
It is though they never seemed to be

As this day passes into a yesterday
We look back to what was in our past
Who would have thought in childhood
These things for our life had been cast

September Color

Soft are clouds on this late September day
A breeze lazily drifts through the Maple tree
Causing all the leaves to flitter and to sway
Some will break their bond and become free

Slowly they will drift onto the ground below
There to become dried and a withered brown
No longer will they have their beautiful color
As they did before they started tumbling down

Now they lay on the cold and wet forest floor
Their lifetime has gone and so has the beauty
What once was the majestic color of the tree
Now lays in a mass of decaying leaves to see

Those of you who want to see the lovely trees
In all of their glorious color, hurry don't be late
When defrocked of their once tinted mantle
You will see the trees in an ugly barren state

Love Of Family

In the cool of a September evening
A Red sun sinks quietly in the west
Another day has passed and gone
With silence it has been laid to rest

Night brings us a time of relaxation
As we rest from a past working day
Time that we spend with our family
It is then happiness comes our way

We will enjoy freshly popped corn
As we watch our favorite TV show
Then we will tuck the kids into bed
These evenings go by fast we know

Morning will break bright and early
It's off to our job and its daily grind
As we work those long hours today
Love of our family I will keep in mind

copyright © 2005 By Acie

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