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Thank you Megy for the use of your beautiful painting

The Hayfield

I smell the sweet scent of new mown hay
As it drifts across that old hay field to me
A farmer sitting on his John Deere tractor
Mows the field as far as my eyes can see

I see young rabbits run from their nests
As this old tractor makes its next round
Black smoke belches from the exhaust
As it cuts the tall timothy to the ground

Soon the old baler will bale up the hay
Later to be stacked on wagons up high
Good feed for our aminals in wintertime
When its cold and the snow begins to fly

A day like this one is something special
Seeing how everything lives off the land
In His prefection this is how He wanted it
We know that He made everything grand

A Hot Dry Summer

As the sun emerges from the shroud of fog
Daybreak has once again come to the town
Night been a respite from the past hot days
Temperatures drop when the sun goes down

No rain today for the hot sun baked fields
That have turned to a sickly matted brown
No need to open that barn for the tractor
If it stays like this, that door will stay down

With gas getting up to three dollar mark
It costs me a fortune to mow the hay field
Not much hay will we get with this dry spell
Alfalfa needs rain to produce a good yield

Perhaps tomorrow we will get a good rain
Then some of these problems will go away
It is these thoughts I will keep in my mind
Tonight as I do kneel by my bed and pray

Our Crops

Gray skies softly drop a drizzling rain
Cool is the air like on an Autumn day
A cold front has drifted from the North
Pushing the hot and dry weather away

There will be rain to nourish the crops
To bring back lawns that looked dead
Regenerating the dry and dusty fields
Producing crops so people can be fed

There must be both rain and sunshine
For all the plants to thrive and to grow
For without either of these components
Everything on Earth would have to go

When God created this wonderful world
He thought of everything we would need
He gave fields where we can plant crops
Then He provided us with all of the seed

Our Precious Forests

A deep blue lake reflects the sunshine
On this beautiful midsummer afternoon
A young boy is on the far shore fishing
With a string full he will be leaving soon

In the quietness of this magnifcent site
Where deer and bear feed off the land
A feeling of freedom they can find here
With plenty to eat their life is so grand

I see sunbeams playing in the treetops
Casting shadows upon the forest floor
It is so good to see this beautiful setting
Its hard to find a place like this anymore

Our forests are so precious to everyone
Yet we can see them destroyed everyday
Cutting the trees long before they should
Destroying animals habitat in every way

Raging Storm

As the lightning flashed and the thunder rolled
Wind was starting to gain a much higher speed
Tree limbs were starting to bend and then break
A shelter from this darkness is our urgent need

It is then a sudden and blinding flash I do see
As a brilliant bolt of lightning hits out in the yard
Splitting that old Maple tree long planted there
From the forces of nature the tree had no guard

I feel the stinging of broken limbs on my back
As I run through the wet yard to the front door
When I opened the door and entered the house
I could feel safety of my old house once more

As the house shuddered from the raging storm
I knew the storm would last most all night long
So many storms this old house has gone through
She was built right and her timbers are strong

Life's Journey

With many hills to climb and miles to walk
We strive to meet our lofty goals each day
Should we see a stranger that needs help
We will stop and try to aid them in any way

Should trouble rear its ugly head toward us
As we continue on our journey to find its end
We hope there will always be someone there
To give hope and to make us their new friend

Each day we must be vigilant of those we see
Watch those who want to bring harm our way
Be cheerful and never judge anyone unfairly
For you might become friends to them one day

As our travels through this lifetime continues
We know there is one who walks along with you
He will never desert you if you believe in Him
Give Him all your love and He will love you too

Show Your Love

Walk alone and live in constant sorrow
Be with Him and every day feel so free
Love in your heart will always flow easy
Solace and contentment for you will be

Thank Him for all of the great blessings
That He has given to everyone this day
Tell Him just what your true feelings are
Everytime that you kneel and then pray

Tell Him of the love that's in your heart
To share this wonderful feeling is bliss
To always be by His side every moment
Is something no one should ever miss

Know and tell Him that you understand
When a sweet loved one is taken away
That parting will be but for a short time
Then in Heaven you will reunite one day

These Things

We see the beauty in the hills and trees
Azure blues of the sky and the deep sea
We hear a rooster crow in morning time
Such a wonderful world for you and me

We can walk near that peaceful brook
Hear the water bouncing over the rocks
Watch ships coming from distant lands
As they pull along the old wooden docks

We can smell the scent of a lovely rose
As we walk through the garden of flowers
Watch the young squirrels as they play
Sit on that old wooden bench for hours

Do we take all these things for granted
Or think who gave them to you and me
Friend these things just didn't happen
God gave us these things don't you see

Your Page

Gone now are our younger years
We sit and think of the time past
Back to the carefree time we knew
Thinking why it didn't longer last

For life is but a tiny blip in time
Your age cannot let you know
Be you young or if you are old
You can't tell when you will go

For there is a big book written
Each page does contain a name
These pages all will be different
With no two to ever be the same

Your name is written on a page
All of your life is written there
From the time you were a baby
Until you go to be in God's care

Our World

Beauty seen on this sunny morning
Shows us a clear and cloudless sky
Farmers are tilling their fields today
I can hear a tractor in a field nearby

Golden are our days like this one
So comfortable in this morning air
I have this light feeling in my heart
A day when I can lay my soul bare

It is with the perfect peace of mind
I stand and look at this lovely site
A day that fills me with amazement
This beauty will stay until tonight

Days like this makes us all realize
A Power higher than you and me
Made this part of our big universe
A spectacular place for all to see

copyright © 2005 By Acie

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