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The Old Violinist

Soft were the notes from the old violin
He expertly caressed all of the strings
Years ago he played in Carnegie Hall
Their applause made that old hall ring

Master he was of this old Stradivarius
Each note he played with such gusto
Unaware of the musicians around him
Music was in his heart and he let it go

As he grew older he tired of the crowd
But still he loved to play his old violin
Many times I would hear him playing
With a door open I would come on in

Days, still I can hear his violin playing
Although many years ago he put it away
I wonder with his home high in Heaven
Is there a way that I can hear him play

These Old Knees

These old knees seem to grit and grind
Running has become a part of my past
Today I will take a handfull of those pills
Not knowing how long this pain will last

Arthritis was what caused this problem
Wearing away these knees day by day
Bone against bone was what they said
Cartilage in your knees has worn away

We tried all different kinds of injections
My Hyaluronic Acid had grown so thin
Some of them seemed to work a while
But soon I would feel that pain again

With a visit to Kings Daughters Hospital
Doctor T Robert Love with awsome skill
Will replace these old worn out knees
Then to walk without a limp you bet I will

My Heartfelt Thanks

With upmost sincerity I thank you all
For this great service rendered to me
Today brings to me hope in the future
That I may walk now being pain free

Dr Love, I give my deep appreciation
For the skill that's in your great hands
If I had searched the whole world over
None better could I find in all the lands

To all the people that assisted Dr Love
Making my operation a complete success
I give my heart felt thanks to you all
You are the greatest without any guess

To all of the fantastic group from therapy
For your performance you should be proud
Pushing to achieve our maximum recovery
Your praises I now give very strong and loud

For all the staff at Kings Daughters Hospital
Please know this is how I do so strongly feel
Everyone has shown me quality in their work
To you all I salute now for you are the real deal

Wheelersburg Premier Therapists

It is with my most sincere thanks I give to you
All the nice therapists at Wheelersburg Premier
Working to help get my knees back up to par
You are the best I have seen either far or near

Although at times some think you are mean
To us patients you seem to be Heaven sent
Bringing back a joint to a more normal shape
That at one time was so swollen and bent

Time spent in the pool with the warm water
Helps the build up the strength that we need
Trying to do everything our therapist tells us
Knowing it is to our benefit so we take heed

So I stretched each time I was told to stretch
I tried to do everything they wanted me to do
I listened to all these things and did my best
For all of your work, again I want to thank you


A bright smile is always on her face
No matter how busy she might be
She makes the office run smoothly
Helping patients like you and me

I see in her a lady of compassion
Always trying to do the right thing
There to answer all your questions
Anytime the telephone does ring

Working more hours than we see
Her best she gives to you and me
Reliance we have in this dear lady
Our confidence in her will ever be

She is a professional in every way
Striving always to do her very best
It is so comforting for us all to know
Wilda you will exceed our every test


I smell the scent of freshly mown clover
As I walk down the old lane once again
Seeing some of the old familar scenes
Reconstructing the way it had all been

Many of the saplings are now big trees
Brush covers where the house once set
It had burned down so many years ago
Its vision in my mind I am starting to get

Carefree days of youth I can still recall
Tme that life ran at a much slower pace
So much pleasure we had at that time
Compared to speed of todays ratrace

Those days have gone and past now
There is a place we can relive them all
All the peace and tranquilty we knew
Will be the day we hear Heaven's call

His Marvelous Creation

Blue of the sky touches the trees on the hill
There to blend into a picture of perfect beauty
Details are now brought into the sharpest focus
Its a magnificent setting that our eyes can see

Walk with us today and see what He has made
Let these wonderous views bring to your mind
An excitement that lets your heart sing a song
As pure contentment in your soul you shall find

As we look at the flowers that bloom so pretty
A pleasant feeling enters into my body this day
I see birds and animals in the green of the forest
I smile as I see the many young animals play

As we all know these things just didn't happen
It took Him six days to get all of it put in place
Today enjoy this beautiful world He has given us
As we walk along with Him on this leisurely pace

Garvin Grove

As the sun filters through the tall Maple trees
Long muted sounds of the past now fill the air
Remnants of the old dance floor can be seen
Fiddles and Guitars I can now so plainly hear

Although it now has been so many years ago
Since this old grove saw picnics on its ground
With thoughts going back to that fantastic time
It was clean and wholesome fun that we found

Garvin Grove was the name they had given it
They had built a floor out of big wooden planks
Square dancing was the favorite dance there
I think the musicians played only for our thanks

Looks like all the good things seem to vanish
Dreams will only bring them back for a while
Still we love to reminsice about the time past
So many good memories that bring us a smile

Texas Hold'em

Everytime I turn on the TV I see it
A card game called Texas hold'em
It is a game that is strange to me
I am never sure to bet or fold'em

A man he said had a pocket pair
That don't seem to me to be fair
For if he has them in his pocket
He better handle them with care

Someone was there on the button
While the rest looked for the flop
I know one thing that is for sure
I wont be the one thats on the top

Then they had a card to turn over
Strange but they called it the turn
Then came the one named the river
This is a card game I'll never learn

Summertime Of Old

I see that old gate still hanging there
Tho it now sags with the hinges bent
It was there we enjoyed our childhood
Happy hours that all of us kids spent

It was summertime we liked the best
We would sneak down to the corn field
Getting the tenderest ears we could find
We sure did cut into that farmers yield

We would then build us a big hot fire
Put the ears in the fire, husks as well
Sometimes we all would have to run
If we would hear that old farmer yell

Sometimes I have often wondered
If the old farmer was having some fun
Seems like I heard him chuckle once
When he was putting us on the run

copyright © 2005 By Acie

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