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Master Of The Sky

High over the gorge the eagle soars
So majestically maneuvering the sky
It is without effort he flaps his wings
As onward and upward he does fly

An eagle is our symbol of freedom
Strong and so fiercely he does fight
Protecting his mate and the eaglets
Against his enemies he has no fright

With his talons as sharp as a rapier
He can seize food to take to his nest
To his baby eaglest that wait there
A fresh trout always tastes the best

Fly on great bird and forever be free
Take care and always fly up on high
Protect all of those within your family
Knowing you are the master of the sky

Loretta's Plantation

Loretta was born on that old plantation
Seeing many changes from year to year
She loved to pick the beautiful flowers
In the old garden, birds she would hear

Loretta loved to sit out in in the gazebo
She could see the rolling hills far away
Dreaming about what lay past the hills
Her prince charming to meet some day

Saturday they would have a grand ball
She heard there was a new man in town
She must search through all her clothing
Her's must be the most beautiful gown

Loretta thinks back to those young days
Her prince charming she met at that ball
Living with her two girls and her husband
Her old plantation's beauty beats them all

Mother's Apple Pie

I always loved to see a Saturday afternoon
When mother would bake those apple pies
She would hide them away in the cupboard
Putting them away from all the prying eyes

Our cat would be sitting on the window sill
While Buffy the dog sat looking all around
Mother would roll out the dough just right
She made it from a receipt she had found

With all the special ingredients in her bowl
She added apples cut up in her exacting way
Her spices she had so carefully measured
Her pies were so perfect we all used to say

Each time there would be one for us to find
With a fresh gallon of ice cream in the freezer
Us kids would act like we were really surprised
Then we gave her a big hug just to please her

Everytime I see an apple pie these days now
My dear mother's apple pies come to my mind
For her baking was the best I have ever seen
When we ate one not a crumb was left behind

My Rose Garden

In a cool and foggy morning
I can feel the mist on my face
As I walk in my rose garden
My heart is filled with grace

A bird is singing near me
Sun will soon lift off the fog
That rabbit I saw yesterday
Is chased by a beagle dog

Feelings of comfort I have
As sunbeams clear the fog
As I step too close to a toad
He hops under a rotted log

Beauty seen in these roses
With petals so silky to feel
Have an aroma so pleasing
Hard to believe they are real

I hope you also grow roses
To marvel at the sight of them
Enjoy the beauty of the bloom
Careful of thorns on the stem

Over The Lookout

As I look out across this sprawing land
High atop this place called the lookout
I see a valley that is so fertile and wide
Beauty that I see from this lofty mount

Rows of corn and soybeans I can see
Growing there in the rich bottom land
Broken into many different farm tracts
Running along the Scioto River's strand

Tall trees I can see waving in the wind
Their leaves are fully grown and green
Across the valley over far distant hills
An eagle soaring in flight can be seen

Locust trees with their white blossums
Are seen growing among the other trees
A picturesque setting that is so beautiful
To most all eyes it certainly does please

Kings Daughters Hospital in Ashland Ky. was where I had both knees replaced. It is to the hard working ladies and gentlemen of Kings Daughters I dedicate this poem.

To Care To Serve To Heal

Their aim is high, and they meet it
With care and compassion a daily goal
Broken bodies are seen in their hallways
With tender mercies they are made whole

With professional integrity excellance they seek
Always with their precious patient in mind
Softly they walk the corridors of this institution
Finer people no where on Earth can you find

Daily they are seen with pictures on their badge
A warm smile will ever caress their face
Not one harsh word will you ever hear from them
Angels of mercy tread within this place

Although a stay in a hospital is no vacation
Kings Daughters is the finest you will ever see
With a therapy department that is the greatest
Anytime I need medical attention, Kings Daughters is for me

Our Meeting

As I walk this rocky pathway
Knowing not which way to turn
Suddenly He appeared before me
His many lessons I will now learn

He said I am your Father and Keeper
Hear my voice and then you shall abide
Time you shall spend upon this Earth
When you leave only I shall decide

I could hear His soft voice saying
Don't be afraid, but listen and learn
For My place is full of wondrous joy
Obey My word and a place you will earn

All the days I follow His footsteps
As He and I do have our daily meeting
With a warm smile I see on his face
There is so much joy to hear His greeting

Talking To Him

He walked with me through the dark hours
With strength He has restored me to health
His love for me brings happiness to my heart
I will put my love for Him above Earthly wealth

He has taught me the great need of sharing
To help all of those who are in desperate need
See and get a better sense of understanding
No day shall pass without doing a good deed

As He talks to me in His soft and gentle voice
I have this feeling of comfort I had never known
Yet it seems as if He has ever been by my side
Early these seeds of pure love had been sown

He makes me no promise of tomorrow on Earth
But tells of this place He has prepared for me
Where the time of happiness shall be eternal
In that land of beauty one day we all will see

An Old Man's Dream

A cool breeze crosses the old man's brow
Sitting in the shade of that old Maple tree
Closing his eyes he begins a long journey
He dreams of a world that he once did see

There he sees a young barefoot boy walking
Down a lane he knows he has seen before
He can see some of the half burried stones
That once had kept his feet bruised and sore

At the end of the lane he see a small creek flowing
There the boys would swim in their birthday suit
Careful to keep an eye out for any of the mean girls
Who tied knots in their pants and hid them to boot

Awaking from his venture of seeing the time past
A pang of loneliness deep in his heart he does feel
Things today have changed so from the time past
He wonders could his carefree life of youth be real

The Old Woodshed

I remember the trips behind the woodshed
It certainly wasn't for any man to man talk
I still would try to act like a grown up man
Though my legs ached when I would walk

That was some of my early days of learning
It didn't take long to know right from wrong
Any mistake would mean the old woodshed
Making a young man be honest and strong

There were times I just couldn't figure why
I was the one to go behind that old woodshed
I was blamed for something I really didn't do
Tho I would never deny what they had said

That old woodshed is a memory for me now
You know I still think about it now and then
Lessons of life were taught to a young boy
So much value to this man they have been

copyright © 2005 By Acie

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