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Do Angels Cry

As she lies there peacefully sleeping
I begin to wonder do Angels ever cry
Although I can't see her silvery wings
One bright and blissful day she will fly

A smile I can see on her radiant face
She might be having a sweet dream
Perhaps she has seen that boy angel
Together they will make a great team

Angels come into our life for a purpose
It is for God's reason we know not why
Peace and comfort surrounds our Angel
To have all her love we certainly will try

But Angels will only stay here so long
Then they will go to their home on high
But they will still be watching over us
Always they will keep their watchful eye


With the golden dreams of a yesteryear
My thoughts delve into a distance past
Of a childhood spent in a small village
It was in Youngs that my life was cast

Just a sleepy type of a neighborhood
Where we all knew each others name
Several of these families were related
Some of the last names were the same

I especially remember Summer days
While running on that old dusty lane
That time of the year we went barefoot
To stub my toe on rocks was my bane

Most of the older people are gone now
I still have these memories of that past
Visions of all of the people I knew then
These wonderful dreams will forever last

The Perfect Land

Have you seen a valley so peaceful
Where your days are always serene
No troubles have you on your mind
Beauty you never before have seen

Balmy is the air we feel on our face
Bright is the sun in a cloudless sky
There is a feeling of joy in our heart
As a snow white dove goes flying by

A mountain we see in the distance
Beautiful against a sky that is blue
With snow that is great to go skiing
I see trails where we can hike up too

This place we have never seen before
Care not if the time is seven or eleven
Of course everyone knows this place
Its a Kingdom that we all call Heaven

A Romantic Moon

Silvery beams come falling down
There is a full moon out this night
Lovers are walking hand in hand
In this world so perfect and bright

With no clouds to hide his beams
He shines brightly from up above
Creating for us a transparent world
Perfect for people that are in love

We search and look for that man
I have heard he is living up there
By lighting up the path for lovers
We know that he really must care

Will he be there when you need him
As you and your lady are there tonight
Will he smile down and you give a wink
As you are walking in his romantic light

Searching For That City

Let me go down in the deep valley
Sit under that old Oak tree's shade
See the magnificent flowers growing
Knowing their colors will never fade

There to lie down by the cool waters
Watch all the fish swimming my way
Rest a while in those deep shadows
Soon I must get up and be on my way

For I am searching for that sweet City
Where there will be no need for rest
There again to meet all of my friends
Where the Sun doesn't set in the West

I want to see this land that is eternal
Where an Angelic band plays all day
There to walk with my Lord and Savior
Know my burdens have washed away

He Will Ever Care

Though things may not go the way we want
Your body may be wracked with terrible pain
But look around and I am sure you will find
Others are worse and that should be plain

There is no weight that is too heavy to carry
We have burdens we must be able to bear
Times we all must depend on other people
It is those times that show friends who care

Many times we find the Doctor can help us
Other times healing must come from above
Tho we may not always get immediate relief
In our hearts we must know He has our love

Times we have a tendency to not remember
Who gave us life so we can live here on Earth
Know then of His only son's great suffering
Can your actions then be filled with dearth

When I go looking back on this Earthly life
There is no reason for me to ever complain
For He has given me more than I deserve
To me that is surely and completely plain

Huntin Hickory Nuts

Bubba and Clemmy wuz Hickory nut huntin
Hit wuz somewhere bout October they went
Old Clemmy he wuz a good old boy I reckon
But I heerd people said hissin head wuz bent

Bubba had hisself a coffee sack fer a poke
He had axed Clemmy to climb that thar tree
He sed fer Clemmy to shake the limbs hard
I kin hold this here coffee sack in front of me

Clemmy wuz kinda overweight don't you see
When he got plumb out on the limb hit broke
There wuz been this racoon a hiddin up thar
Down hit fell right thar into old Bubba's poke

You shoulda seed what went on at that time
Poor Clemmy he wuz a gasping fer his breath
That dern racoon started tearing up the poke
Hit purt near scared that old Bubba to death

When them boys got home they wuz a runnin
That there racoon had tore out Bubbas seat
Clemmy looked like a bar had got hold of him
He told Bubba next time you kin take old Pete

The Right Road

Dream a little dream of sunshine
Smile you will have a happy day
Go back into a happy childhood
When all you had to do was play

Think only of the sweet happiness
It is so bad to wear an ugly frown
Never let your heart get too heavy
Don't let troubles get you down

Just whistle that happy little tune
Let all of your worries sail away
Things will be different tomorrow
Remember that sweet yesterday

Don't let problems over burden
Let Him help share your load
Listen to whatever He tells you
He will show you the right road

Our Cabin On The Hill

There is a dusty road that is winding
To that log cabin standing up the hill
Among those tall Oak and Hickories
In my heart the memories linger still

These thoughts go back to childhood
That was so many innocent years ago
Where happiness was a swimming hole
A decent place for us children to grow

That old cabin no longer stands there
Replaced by thorny brambles and brush
It burned down so many years long past
Now home to the Quail and the Thrush

If life was like it was back in those years
How much happier would the people be
A different kind of life we lived back then
With so much beauty for everyone to see

We All Dream

A dream is but a wish for tomorrow
Visions of a desire that fills a heart
Perhaps it will come into our future
We never know when it might start

Some dreams will become a reality
Many are forgotten and fade away
We have dreams with deep feelings
That may come true for us one day

There are dreams for great riches
For diamonds, silver and for gold
While others dream to live forever
Staying young, never to grow old

We all dream of that land eternal
There to take our Saviour's hand
Show our love and graciousness
Strolling along that golden strand

copyright © 2005 By Acie

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