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Our Cabin In The Mountain

How sweet this high ground air is today
So pure, with the clean scent of the pine
Soon the clouds will break away to show
A world filled with spectacular Sunshine

It is a fine day to ride our quarter horses
Perhaps we can ride down to the range
Some cattle have gone to a box canyon
Why they want to go there is so strange

Down a rough mountain trail we will ride
That parallels the clear snow fed brook
We may stop to do a little trout fishing
I want to get a big rainbow on my hook

We love our cabin here in the springtime
For it is this place where beauty abounds
Freedom from the pollution of the big city
Thank God for all these wonderful grounds

These Colors

Don't you ever sit around and wonder
Why the sky is blue and grass is green
Why lilac blooms are Lavender in color
About these colors that you have seen

Ever wonder where colors came from
Were they painted by a Masters brush
So perfect in ever hue and in texture
These tints were never made in a rush

With this range of the color spectrum
Many shades of all colors can be seen
With tints galore and so many more
Could be a million shades of green

Yes, we know where they came from
For He created the Heaven and Earth
All these different colors to please us
I hope that we have earned the worth

Memories Of Otway High

In dreams we still walk those hallowed halls
We hear familar voices as we pass through
Teachers and students all come to our mind
Memories, so dear they include many of you

Lynn, Eulett, Preston, Underwood, Meisel
Are a few of the teachers we hold in esteem
They helped us shape what we have become
Bringing to us a future, helping fullfill a dream

Those bygone days though many years ago
Somehow seem to be only a few days past
Heartfelt are all these thoughts we now have
Friendships we made then would forever last

So many now have passed through this life
Long will their thoughts remain in our heart
For all of our friends we knew at Otway High
Seeing you again makes these memories start

The Right Path

With Golden dreams we meet the day
Thoughts that will set our heart aglow
For we know He is walking beside us
On any path we would choose to go

Walking alone makes you lonesome
True direction will never come to mind
A world that's plain and without reason
Can't bring you happiness of any kind

If you listen you will hear Him talking
Pay heed, the right path he will show
Realize He has tread that same path
Be unafraid for it is the right way to go

Every day He will give you a blessing
Tell Him how much happiness it brings
Show your love and respect for Him
He will call when the Golden bell rings

Teachers at Otway High

Although it has now been years fifty and five
Since we attended school on Rt seventy three
Long time past thoughts do still flood my mind
Bringing back those precious memories to me

Many wonderful days we spent at that school
Having our teachers guide us on the right path
We were taught the important things to know
Turn in homework or feel the teachers wrath

I marvel at the dedication of those teachers
Some had to work summer jobs to get along
Yet they managed to dress like professionals
They were proud with patience that was strong

Many of those fine teachers are not with us now
Their job on Earth has been finished and done
They have all been given their final examination
As a reward their place in heaven has been won

Happy Mothers Day

Into this world she has brought us
Love she gave both day and night
With patience as one of her virtues
She made sure everything was right

She would keep us on a straight path
Sometime we thought she was wrong
Through all the the hard years we had
She somehow had remained so strong

She showed us how to respect others
With a stern hand she guided our ship
She would tell us you had better listen
Or to the woodshed you can take a trip

Mine has gone to meet her dear Savior
It is a loss from which I will never recover
She was a lady who was my best friend
I am happy that she was my dear mother

To all of the mothers who are like mine
Who's children love them all of the way
With thoughts of our mother on my mind
I will wish you all a Happy Mothers Day

Our Neighborhood

Sunbeams filter through the trees new leaves
It is a beautiful site we are seeing on this day
Everything seems to be so clean and so clear
After the nights rain has washed the dirt away

Drops of dew sparkle on the rose's new bloom
Its shiny leaves are devoid of yesterday's dust
Buds have formed on the white Gardenia bush
With a warm Sun this day, they surely will bust

Red and Purple blooms on Rhododendron show
A beauty these delicate transparent flowers bring
Lilacs and Azaleas blooms are so frilly and pretty
All these flowers look beautiful when it is Spring

Our grass is so green and now growing very fast
This afternoon the sounds of mowers will fill the air
All of the neighbors will be working on their lawns
It seems as if they all work with tender loving care

His Beautiful Flowers

It was with a soft whisper that she heard him
It seemed as if he was some distance away
Her aged eyes could no longer could focus
Cataracts had made her vision be that way

She felt serene comfort as she heard Him
With a voice that was so pleasing to her ear
Please come and walk this pathway with me
Were the words so precious for her to hear

Amazed at what she saw along the pathway
He aged mind just thought this could never be
There were many flowers in their pretty colors
Beauty her clouded eyes were able to see

She now eagerly waits to see Him each day
To stroll down that pathway for many hours
She smiles at this great feeling in her heart
For each day she sees His beautiful flowers

His Only Son

As he sits and waits for his only son
Who has been killed in the Iraqi war
He pets the only friend he has now
For his son can talk to him no more

He looks at the banner thats waving
Its colors are red, white, and of blue
He thinks back to when his son said
I'll be home when the job is through

He knew when the two Marine Sgts
Came driving up that dusty old lane
He had lost his most precious son
For him life will never be the same

He will hear the sounds of the rifles
As that farewell salute will be done
Into the Earth they then will put him
His place up in Heaven he has won

He knows soon he will join them
When his victory on Earth is done
There to be together with his family
With a loving wife and his only son

Just A Country Boy

He was just a young country boy
Just a little quiet and shy in a way
He knew his country needed him
Enlisting he earned a Marine's pay

Boot camp was really hard for him
Doing things he never did before
When they took him on a long hike
His new shoes made his feet sore

When that old Sgt signed him up
He was proud of his uniform of blue
He knew there was a war going on
He vowed to do the best he could do

Just after he finished all his training
He was put on orders to go to Iraq
They first gave him ten days at home
He had a feeling he would not be back

Today six strong Marines carry him
That recruiting Sgt walks in the back
A flag drapped coffin holds his body
He died fighting for his country in Iraq

copyright © 2005 By Acie

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