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An Afternoon With Him

Sound of falling water on a Summer afternoon
Block out all other sounds that are around me
Here in this beautiful garden with lovely flowers
Yellow butterflies are seen flying so fancy free

It is in these surrounding I can hear Him call
So peaceful is His voice as He speaks to me
He says the water that flows into this garden
Have made these flowers grow for us to see

As a light mist forms from the falling water
It hits me but still I don't feel that I am wet
He smiles as he sees the look in my eyes
I had a feeling of comfort as our eyes met

An afternoon passes as if it were a minute
His beautiful garden in my mind will ever be
With a solace of time I have spent with Him
He has opened my heart and made me see

God's Springtime

We see white blooms on the Apple and Pear
A delicate pink is the blossoms of the Peach
With the early April warm weather we have seen
It is hoped that Jack Frost stays out of reach

White Dogwood and Redbud sprinkle the hill
Rhododendron and Azaleas are a pretty sight
Springtime has bursted out with great gusto
It seems as if all of this happened overnight

Green grass has emerged from its brown coat
Life is now awaking from the long cold season
It seems as if everything now has had a rebirth
A bright sun and a warm breeze is the reason

Springtime is the season that He has chosen
To show what a beautiful World ours can be
Think of all the wonderful things He did for us
He created Spring, open your eyes and see

Construction Workers

Refreshment can be seen in a cold drink of water
As they do the work on a steamy hot Summer day
When sweat streams down their sunburned back
You know that the hard work has earned their pay

Construction work becomes hard and it is so dirty
Riding a bulldozer for eight hours makes him sore
He goes to bed so tired after working all day long
But early that next morning he comes back for more

Hard hats workers help get it done for the company
Makes no difference if it is building a road or bridge
They make sure the roadway is level and it is even
Sometimes they must use dymamite to blast a ridge

Tall skyscrapers are built with exacting precision
As iron workers build from bottom up to the top
We salute these people that work in construction
Theirs is a job without ending so they never stop

Lovely Spring

Sweet scent of the Lilac drifts in the air
Azalea are showing their Spring beauty
Lawns have lush green grass growing
Time for all gardeners to do their duty

A touch of frost came this past night
I don't think it has harmed the flowers
As the sun is shining brightly today
We should know in just a few hours

Neighbors are out mowing the grass
Sounds of their engines I now hear
It is a lovely day to do work outside
Under our blue sky that is so clear

Time for me to find that old spade
I have a lot of work I must now do
With five new Azaleas I just bought
It'll be a while before I get through

Price Is Right

I sit and watch The price is right
As Bob Barker gives prizes away
I have never been in Hollywood
But I would love to go some day

Maybe I would get to play Plinko
Win all five of the chips if I am hot
Drop all five of those lovely chips
In the big ten thousand dollar slot

Win me a car or maybe a boat
Or win me a fist full of dollar bills
See the big wheel stop on a dollar
Would surely give me the chills

All of the goodies in a showcase
Miss the price only a hundred fifty
See the expression on Bobs face
Win both showcases would be nifty

Ohio Valley In Springtime

Beauty God has made in our Ohio Valley
Deserve words that have never been told
To see and enjoy all these great creations
Are worth much more than money or gold

He has given us pink and white Dogwood
Redbud can be seen all along the hillside
Lilac are lovely with a fragrance thats sweet
Is this His way of telling us Spring did arrive

Dazzling colors show in the flower gardens
Green is the grass of a closely clipped lawn
Many species of song birds are living here
Some will start singing at the break of dawn

Most fruit trees have blooms opened wide
In Summer they bear the fruit for us to eat
He not only shows us this springtime beauty
He gives to us this wonderful fruit as a treat

Always Near

Softly rain falls on the fresh mown lawn
Springtime has now come to this valley
It is here answers will never be hidden
Straightforward are all His words to me

We walk a pathway sheltered by trees
Beautiful flowers are seen by our eyes
He then brushes the rain clouds away
Revealing to me a spectacular sunrise

It is here all troubles seem so far away
His ease of voice, so soothing this day
Brings inspriration deep into my heart
Gives a feeling as two children at play

With this grandiose setting before me
It is time that He will bid me goodbye
With a big smile on His bearded face
He said if you need me, I'll be nearby

Mystery River

Deep inside a hidden forrest a river flows
It has unpolluted water so pure and clear
Its rapids roar treacherously down stream
With a devastating force that you can hear

Spray flies high as the water meets rocks
Forming a false rainbow image to my eyes
On this clear and cloudless spring morning
High up in a pale blue sky a lone eagle flies

White caps foaming in the swirling eddies
Are seen when walking the wooded shore
Mysteries hidden in these swirling waters
Are lost forever never to be found anymore

Those who walk near this unyielding river
See things they never thought could be
Each time I pass by these rolling waters
I find there is an eerie feeling inside of me

My Appointment

What a pleasant drive I had this morning
I went to Ashland to see a Doctor Love
Driving down that highway twenty three
I saw a cloudless azure blue sky above

A parking place I found without trouble
It wasn't very far from the Doctor's door
That was very convenient don't you see
Because both of my knees are so sore

My appointment time was nine o'clock
There was only a minute I had to wait
Dr Love came in carrying two syringes
For the shots I knew this was the date

In the left knee he did put that needle
He inserted the right one without pain
In those syringes he filled with Synvisc
Relief from this Osteoarthritis I will gain

Mother Nature's Lesson

Mother Nature just had to show us
Springtime is coming late this year
She dumped snow on all the trees
White are the leaves on our Pear

No lawns will be mowed this day
Snowblowers perhaps we will hear
I think I will just let mine lay there
I know the sun will make it clear

I look out and see the tool shed
Its top is covered with new snow
Seeing all of this snow I wonder
Under the snow will grass grow

In a couple of months I will laugh
When that grass starts to grow
It is so very hot this Summer day
Mother Nature, bring on the snow

copyright © 2005 By Acie

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