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Acie's Poems Page 15

You Make Me Happy

Tonight I will go to meet you
It will make my knees go weak
Your beauty has so captivated me
The love of your heart I now seek

You are so understanding with me
Your patience you never will lose
I am the luckiest man in this world
Some men would kill to be in my shoes

Happiness I will strive to give you
Nothing will be ever left to chance
My darling you have won my heart now
Please keep me in this lovely trance

With you in my arms I am so happy
My world is like a heaven you see
With all this love I have for you
Nothing but happiness can there be

Forever In Love

The Hope Diamond is only a fake
Compared to the beauty in you
All of the Queens crown jewells
Are nothing but imitations too

Your beauty sparkles so brightly
So much like a rose after a rain
The beautiful looks that you have
Your sweet love I now seek to gain

To pursue your heart and to win
Will be what I will strive to do
In my heart is your lovely image
I want to spend my life with you

With such beauty I do adore you
My heart you will always own too
Darling you make our lives so happy
Forever I will be in love with you

Awsome Love

Have you ever felt this happy
You had that warm feeling inside
You saw the lady of your dreams
And felt your two hearts collide

She was standing ever so near me
A smile she flashed on her face
I knew she had won my heart then
I knew nobody could take her place

She said honey you know I love you
A weakness in my knees I did find
With flashes of lightning around me
Her beauty was ingrained in my mind

Tonight I know I will meet her again
The sweet things we will have to say
Shows our world to be an awesome wonder
At the way our love grows every day


Last night I left my heart with you
Tonight I will return to be with it
To see the lovelist lady I know now
The light in my heart you have lit

Tonight I will again come to meet you
We will walk under the stars so bright
with your hand in my hand sweet lady
Our love will be with us again tonight

With the love we share in our hearts
We see the nights fly by much too fast
We will look foreward to our future now
Yesterdays will be only part of our past

Tomorrows will now be so much brighter
We have found what we were searching for
with an exquisite person waiting for us
Our hearts can now overflow for evermore

Win My Heart

Every day it grows a little more
This feeling of uninhibited love
For a lady of inexplicable beauty
Cupid surely has given me a shove

The deep blue of her lovely eyes
Like the skies or the ocean blue
Is only a small part of her beauty
I know I will forever love her too

Her patience overwhelms my being
She is always so gentle and kind
I know she could ever win my heart
I will always have her on my mind

Tomorrow I know that I will see her
My love I will dedicate to her again
To the greatest lady in all the world
My fragile heart I know you will win

I Will Tell You Of My love

If I had wings I would fly to you
My arms ache to hold you so tight
My dreams are to be ever with you
My darling I will see you tonight

Our hopes and plans for the future
Will be held securely in our hearts
Never telling another what we plan
Your sweet love is how my world starts

I know our future will bring happiness
For together our lives will be so fine
What a beautiful day it will be for me
When I can know you will be forever mine

Our hearts will beat as one that day
Never to lose faith or ever walk away
With reverence of my true love for you
I will show you my darling day after day

My Love For You

Last night I found my heaven
She was lying right next to me
I whispered I love you my lady
What wonderful love now we see

Her smile said I am so happy
I looked in her eyes of blue
So much love I did see there
Treasures untold for us two

Much happiness we will find
We will be forever in love
A kiss I will place on you
To give your heart a shove

This sweet impeccable lady
In my heart will ever live
All my life will be spent
Showing her love I will give

With Love

The love that boils inside me
Is for you and is overflowing
Your love has touched my soul
You have set my heart aglowing

The wonder in your lovely eyes
The beauty of your auburn hair
Make my heart beat much faster
You know how much I really care

My love for you grows every day
I know your heart is for me too
My greatest aspiration will be
Making life happy for me and you

I want only to be loved by you
Nothing else could ever count
My love can only be for you
In my heart your image I mount

My Vision

If I could only give to you
This vision that I see clear
You would know who loves you
And forever wants you near

The vision is of a perfect lady
With auburn hair and eyes of blue
Her heart will always belong to me
My darling will you keep mine too

Our days ahead will be so sparkling
With light shinning from far above
Please let me hold you my sweetheart
We will live our lives forever in love

Throughout my life I Have searched
For a wonderful lady just like you
And now that I have found an angel
Please let me love and keep her too

Waltz With Me

Tonight when we go out dancing
We will waltz across the floor
With you in my arms sweet lady
Your love I will have once more

Our dreams and hopes will happen
As I hold you to my body so tight
I will whisper to you sweet things
And tell you of my love this night

The aroma of your perfume is exciting
It causes my heart to reach new highs
Your beauty will forever be glowing
Prettiest lady to be seen by these eyes

This dance will last forever my love
With happiness for us until eternity
The wonderful love we both now possess
Will always be cherished by you and me

copyright © 1998 By Acie

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