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Another wonderful painting by Megy

The Old Pond

Sitting there in that old wooden chair
He dreams of those days of long ago
When he as a young bare footed boy
Got a pole and to that pond would go

He doesn't remember catching a fish
But he knows for hours he would try
He was always looking for the big one
A big bass that his mother could fry

He always had his little dog nearby
Getting him when he was just a pup
His father had always joked to him
Together they both would grow up

All those days are in his dreams now
He's grateful that they will forever last
A little boy with his dog at the pond
Are in his memories out of the past

Spring In Southern Ohio

Bare are our hills in Southern Ohio
Soon we will see a mantle of green
Trees will develop their small buds
Again beauty of the hills are seen

Winding along the great Ohio River
These hills raise up into a blue sky
Indians once stood on these hills
Watching the river traffic pass by

Springtime will bring the beauty
Of Dogwood and Redbud trees
Wildflowers will dot the hillsides
Viewed in a warm spring breeze

Only one place is more beautiful
Than these hills are in the Spring
A place no mortal man has seen
It is a view only Heaven can bring

A Rotten Virus

Chewing and scratching my hard drive
That nasty little coward we call a virus
You can search all over your computer
That rotten rascal wont come nigh us

Left alone and he will find him a home
He will send to your friends junk email
When he gives to them that virus bug
Its their hard drive he will make to fail

Ornery and mean was the one I got
It had made out of me a total wreck
Wondering the best way to attack him
I got it, I will just call me a good tech

He is gone now and what a relief
My email will all be friendly again
Here's hoping you never get one
Because my friend they are a pain

This Life

As we glide along on the trails of time
Not knowing what is around the bend
Surprises often fill our hearts with joy
Like times when we find a new friend

Look and see your world with sunshine
Seek not a world that has only darkness
Bring love into your heart for all others
Build a future that will hold happiness

Lift up your eyes and share the beauty
God has put on this Earth for me and you
Look toward valleys and to the mountains
See the skies and the seas that are blue

Spend time helping those less fortunate
Know and understand this could be you
Live a life that is filled with graciousness
Give Him thanks for these things you do

Springtime Is Coming

Spangles show through an early fog
As the sun lights up our world today
Early flowers are starting to emerge
As old man winter slowly drifts away

Brown buds will open on the trees
Showing that it soon will be spring
Easter Lillies will then be blooming
Its beauty Mother Nature will bring

Smell of the air will then be sweeter
Dank air of Winter will be long past
Spring will spur on feelings of love
Causing young hearts to beat fast

Beautiful Spring brings us flowers
With blossoms of many varied hue
I am so happy Winter is almost over
It is a very good bet that you are too

His Collage Of Colors

Their beauty reflects from the lake
Colors of an early Autumn season
Its one of the worlds lovely scenes
He has put them here for a reason

With a nip in the cool evening air
Nights now will enhance their tint
Hickories will show a yellow leave
On nut leaden limbs that are bent

Maples will show their brilliant red
Mixed in a vast array of other hues
Shows from the clear lake surface
Highlighted by a sky of azure blue

All of the brilliant colors He shows
Are very pleasing to our eager eye
Wonderful are the beautiful leaves
Until their colors fade and they die

My Beautiful Wife

If tomorrow would bring to you
Happiness and so much more
Would you know who to thank
One who makes emotions soar

Do dreams bring a happy face
As you think of time now past
Visions of the one near to you
Whose love shall forever last

Do you her tell of your feelings
You have had in all these years
Knowing if she was not here
These eyes would fill with tears

We were made for each other
Together we will spend our life
It will always make me happy
To say Jan is my beautiful wife

Our Pool

All the boys would meet at the pond
Sometimes to chase a frog or to fish
Other time we would just lay around
Just doing anything that we did wish

We would take a dip in that old pond
It felt so good on a hot summer day
We would all hurry home for a lunch
Then come back to the pond and play

Jim had his dog that he called Spot
Harold had one that he named Ring
Ron owned a nice looking Shepherd
John had one you could call anything

Summers back then were full of fun
Too soon it was time to go to school
I think back to those good old days
To the pond that we called our pool

Dreams Of Time

With dreams built on hopes and prayers
We dream of the future and of time past
Beauty that we see in a yesterday dream
There are some we wish would forever last

There are dreams we would love to relive
Some will stay buried in the depth of time
Some can make tears come into our eyes
While others seem to come to us in mime

It is in tomorrow we also have our dreams
Never knowing what our future will bring
But we know dreams will flood our minds
Until for us that final bell will begin to ring

For then our dreams will bring us reality
To see things we have never seen before
A place that was made by His perfection
Where our dreams are fulfilled evermore

My Mountain Stream

Cooling waters of the mountain brook
Hold the fisherman's greatest dream
Filled with the biggest rainbows trout
With wadders they walk that stream

Silence broken by the rippling water
Peaceful is this beautiful place today
Two eagles can be seen in swift flight
Are looking for trout along their way

Air up here is so clear and so pure
It makes you feel great to be alive
Sleeping up here is so wonderful
I retire around nine get up at five

Here on this mountain I am grateful
For all the blessings He gives to me
Feelings of independence I have here
A great sense of freedon here I see

copyright © 2005 By Acie

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