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Another wonderful painting by Megy

Love On The Beach

She was a beautiful girl from the islands
With a life that was both happy and free
One day as she was looking for seashells
This handsome young man she did see

He was out beachcombing that nice day
When he saw a lovely lady on the beach
From that very first time he saw that lady
He knew love of her heart he must reach

With a smile on her face she did greet him
It was like sunshine had brightened the day
He grinned as she came walking toward him
He opened his mouth but no words did he say

With the moon breaking through the clouds
They walked on the sandy beach that night
Waves were breaking up to their bare feet
To them all the world was happy and bright

My Morning Walk

Crystal clear was the morning air
With a heavy frost on the ground
As I walk that old famillar pathway
It is peace and quiet I have found

Although it is cold this morning
I have a warm feeling in my heart
Knowing He has changed my life
How this good feeling got its start

He is always walking near to you
He will listen if you will only talk
Hear all the things He tells you
As you have your morning walk

For without Him life will be lonely
Something will be missing for you
Strength comes from His guidance
Will you let Him walk with you too

He Gave Us An Angel

Although her words are hard to understand
Some of the sweet words I could never miss
Those moments when I hear her say I love you
Or the times she places on my cheek a kiss

Mary is the angel that has graced our home
For the past twenty five years or maybe more
To Jan and myself she is just like a daughter
One look at her smile, you see the love soar

Although she can no longer do any walking
Her little black wheelchair will take her there
When the weather is warm and the day nice
We can take her for a ride out in the fresh air

Every day I thank Him for leaving her with us
Because you see true angels are hard to find
A place in Heaven has been reserved for her
When it is her time to leave this world behind

Listen And Know

If your heart is so heavy with no way to go
Ask Him and He will listen to you any day
He will enjoy this time He spends with you
Pay attention to these words He has to say

He will walk with you in the green valley
Climb with you to the top of the high hill
He will lead you to the greatest paradise
There to stay young as time stands still

Bath your feet in His stream of happiness
Feel the Heavenly water restore your soul
For these waters flow from His Holy hand
To cleanse you heart and to make it whole

If you believe in Him, miracles you will find
Each day will fill with goodness and mercy
Bringing to you a feeling of the upmost joy
Know Him for He will let all these things be

My Talk With Him

My precious Lord talks to me
As I am walking near to Thee
Let my heart carry all the bliss
You have bestowed upon me

Let our troubles wash away
On a great and glorious day
As my time on Earth goes by
Take my hand, show the way

Give to me Thy blessed love
Let all of my sins wash away
Tell me how that I might serve
You my Lord, better every day

When it's time for me to go
To that land that is far above
Bless my friends left behind
Fill their hearts with Thy love

Thoughts Of Spring

As a crocus shivers in the new snow
He knows now that spring is not here
We felt warm weather for over a week
But now he can feel the cold winter air

Popping out from his blanket of brown
It seemed the most natural thing to do
Knowing Mother Nature has fooled him
His stunted growth he will have to renew

All the seasons must pass and go away
Like winter will pass on to a warm spring
It is then all of our world will come alive
With all of the freshness spring will bring

Before long all the birds will be singing
As they work building themselves a nest
Ah, sweet sounds of the new springtime
It is the time of the year we like the best

Shawnee State University is located in Portsmouth. Ohio

Golden Bears

When I walked into the Athletic Center
Back, after a hiatus of quite a long while
Joy is seen on the faces of the members
Their comradeship brings to me a smile

It is a great place to come and workout
Meet friends and discuss all the news
Tell each other about all the problems
Listen and find out about their views

We all love to swim in their large pool
It is open to us three days each week
If you are trying to lose a few pounds
It is the deeper part you should seek

I know we all thank Shawnee State
For we know all of their staff cares
So glad they let us use this place
We are known as the Golden Bears

Love In A Field Of Flowers

A breeze was blowing on that warm cloudy day
They could be seen walking in a field of flowers
Happiness was showing on their glowing faces
It was so beautiful they stayed there for hours

She had completed college just the past year
He was a Marine, returning from a tour in Iraq
They had exchanged letters while he was away
Now had fallen in love when he returned back

A wedding they would plan for the next June
Thinking he could get a furlough on that date
If the Marine Corp sends him back overseas
Their wedding day then would have to be late

Gathering a bouquet of the yellow flowers
They would give them to her sweet mother
Soon he would be a part of this nice family
He would never dream it could be any other

Our Friends

Everyone of my friends are so precious
Helping when sadness comes our way
With a warm smile to ease any situation
Their assurances takes my trouble away

Some friends we will lose contact with
Maybe to never meet with them again
But the memorey will ever stay with us
For if it is my loss, someone will gain

Sometimes if we lose track of a friend
It's a thrill to see them again one day
Friends have a goodness about them
To know them will brighten our way

I am thankful for all my good friends
For on me they know they can rely
If I can't help them in their problems
It wont be because I would never try

Do You Dream

Do you dream of a place that is so beautiful
Where the streets are paved with pure gold
See the flowers with such colossal coloring
Where all of your wonderful feelings unfold

Walk with the breeze blowing on your face
Smell the fresh air with an aroma so sweet
Knowing there your life will ever be eternal
No enemies, its only friends you will meet

Where the only locks would be in your hair
Ease of mind would be yours for every day
An evil thought could never survive up there
It will be complete perfection in every way

There to walk every day with your Saviour
Listen to all the things he has to tell you
Enjoy all of the good things that await us
But first, to God you must always be true

copyright © 2005 By Acie

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