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Another beautiful painting by Megy

Garden Of Beauty

Walking in the quietness of the morning
I can feel the freshness of the coming day
See a dahlia kissed by crystal dewdrops
Smell the scent of the newly mown hay

I see rays of sun through the tree tops
Silhouette light shadows on the ground
I came to this place filled with despair
But it is warm happiness I have found

Engulfed in this feeling of pure euphoria
I know that He is walking here beside me
As we enter in this garden of rare beauty
So many exciting colors my eyes do see

I hear Him speak to me in a gentle voice
His words are softly spoken but are clear
He tells me all the beauty of this garden
Pales to the colors up in Heaven so near

Love Is Timeless

These timeless moments are so precious
You bring to my world happiness and bliss
As we walk arm in arm down the pathway
You smile as I give you a sweet tender kiss

We hear the birds as they sing so sweetly
See flowers that are magnifcently displayed
Walk by the brook and see its tiny waterfalls
See the tracks of where the deer have played

As we walk in Gods beautiful garden this day
There are only feelings of love in the fresh air
I know He must be smiling down on us both
For He knows of these feelings that we share

This garden He made for everyone to enjoy
Where the quietness will let you feel so free
We walk with complete faith and in happiness
Knowing ours is the world He wants it to be

Walk Along With Him

Do you know the feeling of walking with Him
Down a winding pathway and to a fertile field
Listening to his soft voice as He talks to you
Walk on the right path, never must you yield

He tells me of a land of glory where we will go
Of all the marvelous sights we can see there
A place we will all meet some day with Him
In that beautiful mansion high up into the air

He tells me everything there is pure perfect
No worries there can ever come to our mind
No illness can there be to ever overtake us
For it is peace and comfort that we will find

If you have never walked that path with Him
Ask Him he will walk with you at night or day
Pay attention to the words He speaks to you
For we all know He is the right and the way

With sympathy on the loss of my friend Joanne's husband

With Sorrow

I have no words to ease your sorrow
We know of grief in your heart today
Knowing that we can lose loved ones
Sadness will still come to us anyway

Remember the good times together
There are plenty for you to choose
Memories spent these years together
Are too precious for you to ever lose

With pictures to help us remember
With dreams there to pull us through
Although you can no longer see him
His spirit will forever be there with you

Rely now on your family and friends
To help you through the darken way
Remember they are all here to help you
Until you are reunited that bright day

Memories of Life

Sure as a rose blooms in awesome glory
Dreams will fade back into a distant past
Back to that day when youth had a promise
Our youthful years that went much too fast

Some things are still vivid in our memory
Others were soon forgotten without recall
Some of the memories were extra special
Others forgotten and meant nothing at all

We look back on some with great sadness
While others were happy and filled with fun
Like those summer days we played all day
Getting a dark tan from a hot summer sun

Many now go back to thoughts of friends
Who are no longer with us and so we grieve
To have known some of them for many years
Their demise is now so hard for me to believe

Do It Today

Have it in your heart today
Make your mind roam free
Expand the love for others
To friends like you and me

Listen to what others say
Heed good ignore the bad
Put a smile on your face
Cheer someone that's sad

Dream of a good future
While forgetting a bad past
Be friends to everyone
Make that friendship last

Help both young and old
Honor father and mother
Give your heart to God
His help is like no other

Boneyfiddle is the oldest part of the city of Portsmouth, Ohio

Old Boneyfiddle

Many things have changed in Boneyfiddle
It is apparent as we drive on Second street
So many of the businesses no longer exist
It was the end of an era that they did meet

Remembering David Zuefle's jewelry store
With a clock outside near the old sidewalk
Across the street was Herb Millisons grocery
On Market Street they would gather and talk

Boneyfiddle had its share of drinking places
Some were very rough with a lot of bad fights
Many of the men who frequented these bars
Carried guns and would shoot out the lights

Today they are trying to restore the buildings
On Front Street murals decorate the floodwall
They depict the history of all this general area
Many people visit here and seem to enjoy it all

We Thank Him

It's in a bronze blaze of glory
That the sun sets in the West
Nightime soon will be coming
It's time to quit work and rest

In the beauty of this sunset
We realize that He is the one
Without our Heavenly Father
There would be no setting sun

To see the things around us
Knowing He made them all
A beautiful mountain lake
That feeds a lovely waterfall

For these things, we thank Him
Both the sea and the skies, blue
Remember it was our Savior
That created both me and you

I Think Back

Winds of time will never sweep away
Our memories of those we hold dear
We know some are no longer with us
Thinking about them can bring a tear

Fifty years is not too long to remember
A sweet smile you seen on her face
Whispered words heard long time past
Bring back thoughts time can't erase

A wink, a smile, or a sweet embrace
Are some of the things we remember
As we close our eyes and dream back
On our face that sly smile will linger

Some images are so very plain to us
While some may not stand out at all
I suppose as we are at an older age
Some things become harder to recall

A Mountain

Reflections of the mountain top
Mirrored on the lake down below
Background of a blue sky above
Highlited by a freshly fallen snow

A part of natures grand beauty
We can see this cold winter day
A flock of geese honk overhead
Waving their wings as if to play

Tracks of deer at the timberline
Show where they look for food
There is a howl from a gray wolf
Sounds as if he is in a bad mood

Sights and sounds of a mountain
Bring beauty of a different genre
He made mountains for a reason
Look and the beauty you will see

copyright © 2005 By Acie

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