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Path Of Beauty

I can remember walking that old path
It has now been so many years ago
Walking past the fields of goldenrod
Banks where lovely wildflowers grow

We crossed a rustic wooden bridge
That spaned a small and clear brook
Dogwood and Azaleas were so pretty
People came for miles to have a look

So neat and clean the path was kept
I know everyone viewed it with pride
Some days horsemen would come by
On beautiful horses they would ride

I would like to go back to that old path
To walk back into that world once again
But I now can only walk it in memories
I dream of how the old path had been

As I Dream

Gray shadows playing on my wall
Bring dreams that I so vividly see
Of a world that I never saw before
A place of plenty and it is all free

With flowers sweeter than a rose
Their scent unknown before to me
They bring my heart unbridled love
Giving me this feeling of ecstasy

I hear a thousand harps playing
All are playing in perfect harmony
I have feelings light as a feather
I am sure they are playing for me

Grass seems to be much brighter
It's a cool green as it spryly grows
Beautiful is this landscaped haven
A vision of Heaven, only He knows

Together Again

A smile can be seen on his leathery face
His eyes go back to the past of long ago
Youth they thought back then was forever
Happiness was theirs and love did grow

As the years passed by with much speed
Three children this loving couple acquired
Two sweet little girls and a handsome boy
Children that they both loved and admired

Soon the children had families of their own
Their grandchildren would then fill their life
He was too filled with love and contentment
To see the wrinkles on the face of his wife

She is gone now, waiting for him in Heaven
Soon he knows he will see her once more
Two lovely people back together and forever
Walking hand in hand on that golden shore

The Canyon

Heavy pounded their hoofbeats
On the hard compacted clay soil
Horses snort with flared nostrils
Under a sun so hot it could boil

With an enemy just behind them
Trying to beat them to that pass
Could they outrun their horses
Or fight and then die with class

With canyon walls just up ahead
They knew the race must be won
To live another day. they must try
To escape the torture of the sun

From the mouth of that canyon
A wonderful sight they did see
Five Hundred of the bravest men
From the United States Cavalry

To the hills their enemy scattered
They were saved from a terrible fate
To this day they are still wondering
What if the Cavalry had been late

A Rose And A Note

Standing there her eyes well with tears
He has gone forever, never will he return
Leaving her but a note and a faded rose
A sad feeling in her heart begins to burn

He had told her that he loved only her
Words she believed with all her heart
What a fool she was to fall for his lies
He had cheated on her from the start

Words he wrote on that piece of paper
Through her tears she can barely see
It says that he does not want to hurt her
But a hurting in her heart will always be

She picks petals from that wilted rose
Lets them fall onto that hardwood floor
When the last rose petal flutters down
She knows he is not her lover anymore

Do You Wonder

Would it hurt if a cloud fell on you
Think your head might fill with pain
Or would it so softly surround you
Bringing on a light and gentle rain

If the moon fell without any reason
Would it make for us a dark night
Or would all the stars get brighter
To give all the world plenty of light

Can a yesterday become our today
Over in Aussieland they will tell you
Mate we are a day ahead you know
It sounds funny but we know its true

Why would I write a poem like this
Don't ask me because I don't know
It seems as I am getting much older
All of my silliness just seems to show

It Is Snowing

Dreary is this cold Winter day
Clouds are bringing us snow
Tiny flakes cover the ground
Wind is now starting to blow

Great is this coat that I wear
Gloves keep my hands warm
A muffler will cover my neck
Protecting me from any storm

My Ford pickup got me here
It is not very good in the snow
It will slip and slide a little bit
But it takes me everywhere I go

Two or more inches will fall
Coating everything with white
After I get back to my home
It will be cozy warm tonight

Your Letter

As I am sitting here alone in total darkness
I think of all the sweet words you once said
But now you tell me that you love another
I can't count all the teardrops I have shed

I read the letter you mailed to me yesterday
Words that said your love for him wont bend
This heart felt so empty thinking about you
When it said you only want to be my friend

Heartaches will fill my memories with sorrow
You had become so very important to my life
Every hour of the day I thought of you only
Dreaming of that day you would be my wife

These hours without you are so lonesome
In your letter you said, find someone new
Tho you will marry my best friend tomorrow
I will still go throughout this life loving you


Homecoming queen, her senior year
He was the quarterback of the team
They were called the perfect couple
Their life together had been a dream

Teardrops fell that night they parted
Dreams they had are now stone cold
Once they were the talk of their town
It is just another sad story to be told

Sleepless days and restless nights
She spends thinking about the past
Of times they had spent so foolishly
Living their young lives much too fast

Today he spends his days in prison
She is confined to her hospital bed
They had robbed to buy their drugs
Today they pay for the life they led

Robin is one of the ladies from Home Health Care
that works with Mary

Happy Birthday Robin

That day you arrived at the hospital
You brought your parents much joy
Grandparents smiled at you sweetly
They were happy you weren't a boy

You learned to play with your dolls
Played hopscotch on the sidewalk
Played with all the neighbors kids
With your friend you had girlie talk

Then you went to your high school
Years that hold that special memory
When you think back to that time
You realize they were wild and free

Now you will celebrate your birthday
These years have been great you know
Sit down and think back in the time
Of how you arrived to the big four o

copyright © 2005 By Acie

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