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That Old Oak Tree

I can feel that soft gentle breeze blowing
Flirting with the leaves of an old Oak tree
So many stories that tree could tell to you
Of the many picnics that old Oak did see

Used as a shelter from a hot summer day
Her branches filtered the Sun's bright rays
Young couples would spread a tablecloth
Eat their lunch as a young squirrel plays

Weekends would see many people there
Some wanting to relax on a hot afternoon
While some young men and their ladies
Would plan for a big wedding next June

Many names are carved on that old Oak
Some of them I can remember quite well
Others may have come from very far away
Who they are, that old tree will never tell

Our Walk In The Rain

On this dimly lit morning I see Him
His face is wet from the falling rain
There is peace instilled in my heart
I am happy to see Him once again

Though the rain falls this morning
I can feel that sunshine is so near
With His hand upon my shoulder
His soft and gentle voice I do hear

He tells me of a land so beautiful
Where peace and serenity abound
Where the angels play their harps
With a wonderful soothing sound

It is a land without pain or sorrow
Suffering there can never be found
All of His words have true meaning
One day we will be Heaven bound

Back To Childhood

Little snowflakes on a frigid morning
Sparkle from the sun shinning bright
Last nights storm left a foot of snow
Now everything we can see is white

Children love to play out in the snow
Seems as if they never get too cold
But to most of all the senior citizens
We freeze, must be that we are old

We can remember back to years past
We enjoyed playing out in the snow
Those days have long since passed
We wonder where all the time did go

If only we could to go back into time
Relive all the years of our childhood
Times were so hard back at that time
Still I would go back if only I could

Our Four Seasons

As I walk down that old lane again
Sweet scent of honeysuckle I smell
Spring is the grand time of the year
Buds on roses are starting to swell

It seems as if the world comes alive
With all of the wonders that He gives
What had vanished during the winter
Turns green and once again it lives

Is this not what does happens to us
In spring of our life we start to grow
Enter into summer hearty and hale
Our Autumn years we begin to slow

Winter brings out time of reckoning
Death will come to close our eyes
Returning back to the dust of Earth
To Heaven we then will begin to rise

My Dear Mother

There sits a picture of mother
One that was taken long ago
She had no lines in her face
But later on they would grow

Beauty I see in that picture
Love only a son would know
Fifteen years ago we lost her
I cried the day she had to go

I was the baby in the family
It was sure she loved us all
She was always there for us
Never waiting for us to call

She waits for me in Heaven
To join our family some day
For us to be together again
I can almost hear her pray

My Old Ford Truck

A heavy snow covers the pine trees
Their boughs bend toward the ground
The lane has eighteen inches of snow
There is silence, I can hear no sound

A frosty crust is on top of the snow
Temperature is at zero or even below
Going to crank up my old Ford truck
Got good tires so I know she will go

Bumper striking the crusty snow top
Throws ice and snow on the windshield
I keep pushing the old gas pedal down
Zigzagging along the North cornfield

I break a trail out to the big highway
Snowplows have already been around
I will get some groceries for the family
With my old Ford I am not homebound

Dream Home

They had discovered this lovely place
When they were starting married life
Those many years had passed swiftly
Since they had become man and wife

Setting aside money they could save
It would be their dream home one day
How long would it take them to own it
They knew that they really couldn't say

But as the years passed by so swiftly
Three children would grace their life
Times it was hard to make ends meet
But they made it through all the strife

With all the children married and gone
Their dream house has all come true
As they spend their life in leasure now
In a house that was made just for two

My Computer

First we install the windows program
We gave our dollars to rich man Bill
Who has more money than anyone
Long as windows open he always will

Next we install an anti virus program
To keep all the worms off our drives
Make sure it kills all those nasty virus
That way you computer still survives

Then comes the spy killer program
We have to keep the ad people out
I hate to see all those ads popping
They are enough to make you shout

I know I then must install a firewall
So they don't use my computer free
I hope I haven't forgotten anything
I just wish they would all let us be

Our Freedom

Have you walked in a cool evening
Felt the sheer delight of being free
Knowing there are so many people
Haven't the freedom of you and me

For the grace of God we live here
Privileged people we all might be
Although some people dislike us
An idea of freedom they can't see

We want always to live in peace
But situations can lead us to war
It is like waking a sleeping giant
Injustice we don't tolerate anymore

So remember all those fighting
In a land that's many miles away
To protect and return them safely
Ask God tonight when you pray

My Mountain Cabin

Snowed in my old mountain cabin
I have time to think of things past
How the world is on a faster pace
Sometimes I think it goes too fast

Here I go back to that older time
To avoid all of the troubles today
Alone in natures natural beauty
Unspoiled, perfect in every way

With plenty of food to nourish me
A pile of wood to keep me warm
This cabin might be a little crude
But it protects me from any storm

So peaceful this world is to me
Serene in the white of the snow
Beauty I see on this mountain
Was made by our God, I know

copyright © 2005 By Acie

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