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Thanks to Megy for the use of her beautiful painting

Down By The Creek

He saw her walking across that small creek
She wore buckskin moccasins on her feet
Her beauty radiated fresh as the rising sun
She was someone that he wanted to meet

He saw that this lovely maiden was so shy
She was in a hurry and didn't want to talk
Still he wanted so very much to meet her
Perhaps in the moonlight they could walk

She saw him out of the corner of her eye
Sure he was just traveling the same way
If she thought he might want to meet her
She would stop to see what he had to say

Today they now these two little papooses
There is so much happiness in their tent
Remembering that day down by the creek
She now knows that he was Heaven sent

A November Storm

As black clouds darken a full moon
A late November storm is on its way
Tornado warnings we can see on TV
We will go to the basement and stay

Its warm like a Spring night would be
But a cold front is now moving in fast
These warning have been on an hour
It will be another hour until it is past

A hard wind is now starting to blow
As dark clouds come from the west
I see the lightning flash so brightly
As the wind now comes to its crest

Slowly the temperature is dropping
As a light rain is now starting to fall
Now that a cold front has taken over
We will not see that storm after all

As I Walk With Him

With the trees green and the air fresh
I see the beauty in a sunny afternoon
Standing not alone in His forest today
He knew I would be seeking Him soon

For it is with my eyes I see Him clearly
With my ears His soothing voice I hear
He walks with me many hours you see
Hours I hold to be so precious and dear

A feeling of jubilation fullfills this soul
When it is my dear Savior I do greet
An expression of the purist admiration
Comes to my mind each time we meet

He will constantly stand here beside me
Compassion He had showed years ago
When He died on the cross for our sins
For this my love of Him will forever grow

Angels From Heaven

With wings of gold and hair of silver
An angel flies with her gilded wings
Her harp that she so skillfully plays
To our hearts contentment it brings

Blessed are all these sweet angels
They have desended from up above
They are a gift from God up in Heaven
Just another token of His devine love

My angel I know looks over me always
She stands by me both day and night
If she sees me doing something wrong
She guides me back to do whats right

Trust in your angel for she is so special
Let her help you through your bad day
Listen as she gives you her good advice
She will always show you the best way

Land Of Freedom

In a world that is so filled with uncertainty
It is now time our country pulled together
Forget petty things that are without merit
Be a nation that is united and free forever

Remember the things that made us great
Fight a seen enemy, but not with our own
Think of the many battles we have fought
Of how this nation under God has grown

A difference of opinion is not a bad thing
No man on Earth can be right in every way
We all need to live without an angry heart
With a positive attitude to face a new day

We live in these United States of America
Our country is just what that name implies
Being united together for a common good
This land of freedom where old glory flies


Wispy clouds reflect the morning sun
Like a fireball rising in the Eastern sky
Red sky in the morning brings a storm
Thats what is said but I don't know why

With Thanksgiving now over and past
Colder weather will be coming our way
It is the time children seem to like best
With a deep snow they go out and play

It is fun ice skating out on a frozen lake
Build a large bonfire to take off the chill
Some of the other kids have their sleds
Going to the top they slide down the hill

Most adults miss the days of childhood
So in dreams they are young once more
They get out and play with the children
Next morning all their muscles are sore

Darby's Mule

Darby had an old brown mule
That old mule was nearly blind
You always had to walk out front
Too dangerous to walk behind

He used that old mule to plow
But that old mule was so slow
He would be stubborn at times
That mule would refuse to go

Out in the barnyard that day
Old Darby had been drinking
He walked behind that mule
It was clear he wasn't thinking

They put Darby into his grave
Words on his tombstone read
He was a fool kicked by a mule
Now poor old Darby is dead

Santa's New Sled

It was the night before Christmas
I was in bed and so sound asleep
When suddenly there was a noise
Out on the ice cold floor I did leap

I ran over to my bedroom window
Just to know what was the matter
I saw a funny fat man on a sled
His reindeer were making a clatter

I laughed to see this funny sight
A set of Michelins donned that sled
He was rolling along into the night
This old fat man in his suit of red

Suddenly a thought came to mind
He can no longer fly don't you see
He didn't have time to stand in line
Now they have Homeland Security


Embers are popping from the burning log
It is so warm and cozy in my cabin tonight
Burning these seasoned split hickory logs
Makes a flame that is both hot and bright

With the fierce wind driving a heavy snow
My old cabin gives much protection to me
Although frost covers most of the window
All the snow has hidden my car I can see

Snow has now covered up my satelite dish
So there will be no television for me tonight
With all these DVDs I bought last summer
I will make it through this big storm alright

Getting a big bowl of hot buttered popcorn
To watch all of these movies is a great treat
When I settle down in this big soft recliner
I can see this is one snowstorm that I beat

The following poem I wrote to my wife on our 26th Anniversary

My Wife

There is a tender touch to her charm
One I discovered so many years ago
Love started the first night I met her
Every year it has continued to grow

Great are memories we have shared
Thinking back a smile graces my face
She has brought a feeling to my heart
This feeling that no one could replace

Being a part of her life is wonderful
I am sure she has these feelings too
Two people with hearts intermingled
Reminded every day how I love you

These years have passed by swiftly
But that is what happens having fun
Each day when I see your lovely face
I realize for me you are the only one

copyright © 2004 By Acie

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