Merry Christmas

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Thanks to Megy for letting me use her beautiful painting

Christmas At Home

She takes the puppies into the house
It will be so cold this December night
Decorations are hung in the windows
Their house is really a beautiful sight

With those four dressed up snowmen
Standing near that wrought iron gate
They will look out for old Santa Claus
They feel sleepy he better not be late

There is still some snow up on the roof
Plenty enough to land a sleigh of toys
Old Santa will bring dolls for the girls
He has some video games for the boys

For Christmas dinner they will sit down
For a meal that would be fit for anyone
They then will exchange personal gifts
A wonderful day that is so filled with fun

Their Christmas Tree

Deep in the forest was a perfect tree
Its blue-green needles shined bright
So much beauty this tree would bring
Sitting in a house on Christmas night

She longed for the lovely decorations
That hangs on other Christmas trees
But she stands unfound in the forest
Her needles glisten in a light breeze

One day a small boy walked past her
She wanted him to look over her way
He would then see how nice she was
But soon she saw him walking away

Later that day he brought his father
They soon harvested that little tree
Tonight she will have the decorations
A happier tree you could never see

His Workers

There is a village of the little people
Their work goes on the year around
They live in this place that is so cold
Every month snow is on the ground

They work for this chubby gentleman
With white whiskers covering his face
He was always seen in a big red suit
Walking around at his leisurely pace

They gripe and complain as they work
But still they know they are having fun
For on that one special day each year
They will be making that worldwide run

That December day they load the sled
Santa Claus will be driving that night
Happiness they will deliver to the world
Making the children's Christmas bright

Its That Night

With a ho ho ho away they go
Out into the cold snowy night
Rudolph will be leading the way
His nose is still burning bright

Flyin high up into the frigid air
His elves have presents sorted
They had better have them right
That was what old Santa snorted

All the elves laughed at Santa
They were having so much fun
Tonight they didn't have to work
Its the night Santa makes a run

Flying back to the North pole
They saw soot on Santa's suit
He gave Mrs Claus a new washer
So old Santa doesn't give a hoot

A Christmas Surprise

He heard the wind rattle the windows
It was an old house where he did live
Christmas day would soon be coming
He had not a gift for his mother to give

He had made money shoveling snow
But he knew their cupboard was bare
He spent all this money he had made
For groceries and new gloves to wear

A tear came to his eyes as he thought
Christmas this year there will be no joy
Not a gift for either my mother or sisters
For me this year there will not be one toy

On Christmas eve he went to bed early
Tears would soon flow down his sad face
As he went downstairs the next morning
He saw a tree with toys by the fireplace

Underneath that tree was a sight to see
There was a big turkey and things to eat
He saw all kinds of candy and nuts there
Now Christmas will be a wonderful treat

Mary's Gifts

I remember how she unwrapped her gifts
She had an unrelenting gleam in her eye
Mom got me this one she would then say
She removed the bow and laid it near by

Oh goody she would shout another gift
This one is from my sister Shirley I know
It is the one with the beautiful wrapping
It has some sequin sprinkled on its bow

This one is from Dottie with a nice card
Opening the card was a five dollar bill
As she opened the gift inside she found
It is a sweater that will take off the chill

She then saw a gift from her sister Doris
With wrapping that was silver and bright
When she got inside all the wrappings
She found gowns to wear in bed at night

Next up was a gift from her sister Janet
There was some pretty socks for her feet
A night shirt with a picture of tweety bird
She smiled as she knew they were neat

But the best thing she got from her family
Was the love to Mary in their heart felt way
What a great feeling we all did experience
When Mary opened gifts on Christmas day

Christmas Is Coming

Soon the children will be off to the school
On this clear snow covered December day
Mother has put out all of the decorations
For soon they will celebrate Christmas day

Morning has seen the hawks flying above
They spot rabbit tracks in the white snow
Soon they will see the rabbit sit in his nest
They dive and to a hole the rabbit does go

Kids have made a snowman out by a gate
They have hung a wreath on a fence post
Both of the horses are gone from the stalls
This morning mother makes the kids toast

After all the kids have gone to the school
Mother will be baking her pies and cakes
So many Christmas visitors she will have
For all of her baking many hours it takes

The Smallest Elf

Little Jimmie was the smallest elf
That helped Santa make the toys
He took great delight in perfection
Making gifts for the girls and boys

After they had worked all the year
It was time to load up Santa's sled
Jimmie couldn't carry a whole lot
But he worked til his face was red

Santa was watching all of the elves
He saw Jimmie was busy as a bee
Santa was chuckling as he thought
Work that he do if he was big as me

After they had the sled all loaded up
It was time to make their world flight
Santa let Jimmie take over the reins
He drove the sled on Christmas night

Santa's Night

A Holly wreath is mounted on the door
Ornaments hang on the Christmas tree
Santa Claus will soon be making a trip
He will bring a gift to both you and me

All the children have waited for a year
For that old bearded man to come back
Today is the day he will load up his sled
He sure has a lot of gifts he must pack

His reindeer will have to be rounded up
They have scattered all over Santaland
Rudolph has been stopping every day
He knows he is the leader of this band

Finally with everything now in its place
Santa jumps upon his loaded big sled
He will deliver all the gifts on this night
While everyone is sleeping in their bed

Not So Blue Christmas

Blue icicles hang on the eaves so neat
A blue star is up on the chimney so high
Blue lights covering the Christmas tree
We know Santa will soon be passing by

Soft glow of the blue candles burning
Lights up the darkened unlit fireplace
Placed on the hearth so Santa can see
Our tree where the gifts he will place

When we all get up the next morning
We see our blue candles are now red
Santa thought we were blue this year
So he got these candles from his sled

Next year we will have all bright colors
Trimmings on the tree must be just right
Perhaps it will being happiness to Santa
As he visits our home on Christmas night

copyright © 2004 By Acie

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