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It is with my heartfelt thanks I give to Mr Jim Nabors for permitting me to use his beautiful rendition of "Peace in the valley"

Also thanks to Megy for the use of her beautiful painting

Peaceful Valley

Serenity abounds in this fertile valley
This cool day He is watching His flock
Wearing some heavy garments today
His sits on a large moss covered rock

Beauty of the flowers surround Him
Trees have an amazing tint He sees
Leaves are waving without any effort
They are touched by a gentle breeze

He can hear the roar of the waterfall
As it spills from the mountain above
He watches as the eagles soar high
As He listens to the cooing of a dove

His lambs have laid down with a lion
No fear of the lion do the lambs find
A quietness flows through this valley
It is here that you find peace of mind

Winter In His Valley

Winter has come to His little valley
A dusting of snow covers the trees
Warmer clothing we now must wear
For very soon it will start to freeze

Taking a walk in the cold air today
Gives me a chance to think awhile
I can feel a frigid wind on my face
Still I feel warmth and I then smile

For it is His presence I am feeling
I knew He would be waiting for me
It is here in His valley that we meet
His graciousness I can always see

After we part and I go to my home
Feelings of happiness walk with me
I know that He will always be here
You can go into His valley and see

Chase To Colors

Rain did strip the trees of their mantle
Beauty that once did show is now past
Gone into a mass of Earthbound decay
So sad their lovely colors no longer last

Gray are limbs entrusted to keep them
With a grip so weak they couldn't hold
Leaves fluttering in a downward spiral
Stripped of their red, yellow, and gold

Brown is the color on the ground below
Where fallen leaves are in a large heap
No longer tints of beauty do they show
This treasure they could no longer keep

Wintertime will soon come to the trees
Hibernation for a cold Winter will begin
Until the Springtime sun brings warmth
To start a chase to the colors once again

U.S. Airforce

Light pink clouds reflecting the sunrise
Vapor trails criss-cross the morning sky
High above the Earth we can see them
Two Air Force jets maneuvering up high

So small they seem to be in their flight
These two speeding birds roaring along
Banking and going into their deep dives
We know these warriors must be strong

With many hours they need in training
To prefect these things they must know
Strong they must be their determination
To hone their skills and make them grow

We thank these ladies and gentleman
That are the master of these great birds
They are brave the way they protect us
Proper thanks cannot be put into words

October Days

I can hear the crunch of dry leaves
As I walk along the forest pathway
Air seems a little crisper and fresh
On this late October mid-week day

A light jacket feels nice and warm
Against a breeze starting to blow
Warm Autumn days are now gone
Surprising how fast time does go

Walking by a big shellbark hickory
A chipmonk flips his tail up at me
He then scurries on into the forest
He is one of the animals I will see

Gone are the color of the leaves
Still there is beauty for us to see
Look around and you shall find
What can be seen in a bare tree

Evening At The Lake

As the sun slides behind the trees
Skaters begin heading to the lake
Soon they will have a huge bonfire
A great skating rink they will make

Older boys will play some hockey
While younger ones want to learn
Some girls will roast marshmallows
Being careful that they don't burn

Hot chocolate is being served now
By a nice lady that lives up the hill
She has popped a basket of popcorn
Now all of the kids can have their fill

It is a wonderful night on the ice
With all of the children having fun
Too soon it is time leave for home
An evening at the lake is now done

Late October

I can feel a light October rain
As it is falling on the ground
Ringlets of fog spike treetops
Its a cool wet day all around

Last vestages of leaves fall
As a breeze now is blowing
Yesterday was like summer
My lawn I was out mowing

Tonight is trick or treat night
Treats the children will beg
At the houses without treats
They yell you are a rotten egg

Dressed up in their costumes
All the little ones will have fun
If they are looking for a treat
At my house I'll give them one

Two Squirrels

In a misty rain I look in my backyard
There I see two squirrels having fun
They are playing in a Sycamore tree
From the ground to the top they run

First one runs all the way to the top
While the other one is trying to hide
If those two are playing hide and seek
I want the one hiding to be on my side

With leaves gone that once hid them
I can sit and enjoy watching them today
They act like a couple of young children
That have gone out in the yard to play

It is wonderful what God has given us
Eyes to see things He wants us to see
Simple things we don't think much about
Has brought so much enjoyment to me

Winter In The Forest

Like long gray naked tentacles
Bare limbs wave in a hard wind
As the tree top moves to and fro
Some will break some only bend

Stripped of the beauty she wore
Her arms look so empty this day
With a fierce wind and cold rain
Her leaves have now gone away

No way to hide her nakedness
She stands with all of the trees
Thinking back to the Summertime
When leaves waved in a breeze

Facing a long and cold Winter
She goes into her sleeping rest
She dreams of the Spring sun
It is that time she likes the best

She Rolls On

She comes rumbling out of the dark
Her bright eye is slicing the night air
Undaunted as she speeds on ahead
On the two silver ribbons lying there

A shrill whistle is screaming loudly
As she snorts steam from her nose
Her brass bell we can hear ringing
As on through the night she goes

There is a clatter as she rolls along
But her wheels are holding on tight
There is a groan as she speeds on
But she will make it to town all right

Tomorrow she will have passengers
She makes this run only once a year
From the mountains in West Virginia
This steam engine so loudly we hear

copyright © 2004 By Acie

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