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"(C) Copyright 1989 by Bob Ross Inc. Background painting titled "That Time of Year" is by Bob Ross and is reproduced with permission."

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Across the lake we can see them
Mountains that rise high in the sky
Covered with snow on the very top
Mirrored on a lake that is near by

Autumn has come to the mountains
Trees show their colors down below
Beauty we see in their wonderful tints
So lovely they almost seem to glow

It is so quiet here in these mountains
Only sounds of animals can one hear
As we look down at that ridge below
We see a herd that has eight deer

Alone, we look at this lovely scene
No boats are to be seen on the lake
An unspoiled small part of the world
That our God up in Heaven did make

Enjoy The Day

We have a sunlit Autumn sky
With its clouds of wispy white
A background for the tall hills
With their leaves tinted bright

Awake I feel on this nice day
A gentle breeze moves the air
Today I look at natures beauty
He has made with much care

With grass still growing so well
It is still staying lush and green
I guess I will mow it once more
As I like my lawn nice and clean

Enjoy this weather for it is fickle
With changes made every day
Today is a day of sheer beauty
Tomorrow may be rainy and gray


Mistakes are made by many
Forgiveness is asked by few
Some will never admit an act
That might injure me or you

Thinking fault lies elsewhere
Perhaps in a neighbor they see
Faults that are really their own
That is the way it always will be

To change their minds forget it
They become set in their ways
Your thoughts they will reject
It is only their idea that stays

Some think they are perfect
But we know that isn't true
Perfection for us is impossible
Until God has given it to you

A Voice He Hears

Sadness shows on his leathery face
Things have been so rough in his life
He lost his job about two years ago
Now he has lost his wonderful wife

Tears cascade on his aged cheeks
As he thinks back in a distant past
Knowing the first time he saw her
Their future then had been cast

At age sixteen he had quit school
Thinking it was a waste of his time
Knowing that if he had not met her
His would have been a life of crime

She had taught him so many things
Patience and love just to name two
Sometime he had wanted to give up
She would always help him through

Now she is gone to a far better place
Still he can feel her presence so near
He knows that she is still helping him
Sometimes it is her voice he can hear

Our Treasures

So many treasures He has given us
Worth much more than silver or gold
We can see painted hills in Autumn
Beauty that can't be bought or sold

Flowers that decorate the landscape
Has amazing colors for eyes to view
Look up and see white fleecy clouds
Floating in a sky that is an azure blue

Sounds we hear of a babbling brook
As it flows on its way to a distant sea
Pure clear water from the mountain
Sating the thirst of both you and me

To touch and feel softness of a baby
With the hands He made just for you
They can be strong yet can be gentle
There are so many things they can do

Gold and silver would be so worthless
Without all the senses He gave to you
They are the greatest treasure we have
You should thank Him whatever you do


He wonders if tomorrow will ever come
Or is the night that he will meet his end
With Jack Daniels and ice in this glass
He downs a stiff drink of his best friend

A blur of time passes through his mind
From that glass he takes another drink
Confused by what he saw there today
His booze numbed brain can not think

She would stop by that very next day
Fully dressed he was lying in his bed
He was so disoriented as he lay there
His heart did hurt more than his head

When asked who she had been hugging
For he had seen them both yesterday
It was my brother who has come to town
He will help celebrate our wedding day

Cabin On The Brook

Pictures of those cool Autumn days
We spent in our cabin on the brook
Bring to me memories of past time
That have been etched in life's book

Ducks and geese on their way south
Would be up in a bright and clear sky
From that frozen site up in the North
Down a Southern path they would fly

This time of the year was beautiful
With the multi-colors we would see
Leaves going from a green to color
With a different shade on each tree

That old cabin wasn't worth much
To me it was like a mansion grand
Sitting there with a wonderful view
So much beauty I saw in that land

Our old cabin is no longer standing
I guess it was burned to the ground
I still like to go back and see the site
For it is still the prettiest spot around

Angels In My Home

As she lies in peaceful slumber
A slight smile appears it seems
Is it something she saw recently
Or of past thoughts she dreams

Warmth fills my heart as I see her
I can almost see a halo on her head
So innocent she lies there sleeping
Head raised up in her adjustable bed

Mary is a sweet lady of sixty years
An angel to us she shall always be
On loan from Heaven to our home
She lights up a world for us to see

We think every day of this privlege
God has let this angel bless our life
I know another angel is living here
Her name is Jan and she is my wife

A Harvest Moon

With a harvest moon glowing for them
They can see the stars shinning bright
It is perfect for two lovers out walking
For he plans on proposing this night

His heart beats with wild expectation
With nervousness showing through
Thinking so much about this moment
Wanting to hear those words yes I do

Stumbling with the words he asks her
Would you please be my loving wife
He then hears these words so clear
Yes I want to be with you all my life

Their harvest moon has been perfect
They smile when one comes around
Soon after that special harvest moon
Bridal music on the organ did sound

The Seasons

Beauty of our hills now begins to fade
Swirling winds are defrocking the trees
Leaving the limbs in a state of undress
Leaves go fluttering down as if to tease

Gray limbs once decorated with color
Show the arms that now can not hold
Beauty they were entrusted to care for
Now the late stages of Autumn unfold

Frost has already nipped some flowers
Soon all of their blooms will wither away
Some may leave seeds in my flower bed
To start growing on a warm spring day

Corn shocks we can see out in the field
Many large pumpkins are found nearby
Some we will make into jackolanterns
Others will be used in baking us a pie

As we go from one season to the next
Each are distinguished from the other
Seeing the bareness of our trees today
We know spring will bring them cover

copyright © 2004 By Acie

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