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It is with sincere thanks I give to one of the bright new stars in country music for the use of his song "If I Die Before You Wake" Thank you Dustin Evans. Please ask your local DJ to play Dustin's music. His web page can be found at ....

Proud Of The USA

He sold appliances, she taught school
His local National Guard was near by
He hated to miss any weekends with her
They needed the money, so he would try

They were married for such a short time
He would do anything for his sweet wife
It would only be a few days each year
So he joined up to help improve their life

It was six weeks ago this past Saturday
His orders were cut sending him away
To a land he had only just heard about
He is fighting a war in Iraq on this day

With her on his mind he has to wonder
What they would be doing there today
But he is glad to be serving his country
He is so proud he comes from the USA

Country Singer

As he rides that concrete slab
He works on another new song
He knows this one will be a hit
He has been trying for so long

He thinks of the night's concert
And the reception they had got
He had sung some new songs
They seemed to like them a lot

He knows that break is coming
He has felt that way all the time
Money isn't a big thing with him
He doesn't care if he has a dime

He feels at home on the stage
Soon he will go Nashville way
He knows with a voice like his
He will be on the Opry one day

Red White And Blue

Made of cloth with red and white stripes
It has white stars on a background blue
Made the emblem of this great country
She has the respect of both me and you

Many soldiers have died defending her
Fighting to keep her honor flying on high
From sandy beaches there on Iwo Jima
To battle grounds of Europe she did fly

Today there are those who do hate her
They realize the freedom she stands for
They will burn and trying to disgrace her
Making our resolve stronger than before

To those who would try to disgrace her
I have this message especially for you
Don't let me see you try to destroy her
In this land of the Red, White and Blue


Frank was an average american boy
His family had alway lived next door
I would see him out mowing the lawn
Now they tell me he has gone to war

It is hard to realize he has grown up
It seems only yesterday he was a boy
He played baseball with my son Dave
A game both him and Dave did enjoy

Maybe he could make it to the majors
Natural was a way to describe his style
I can remember his soft spoken voice
It went so well with his pleasant smile

We pray each night for his safe return
As well as all the others there in Iraq
Who now represent our great country
May it be soon that they can come back


Beneath the ledge I saw it growing
A lonely flower with petals of white
So dainty was this small wild flower
It's blooms were wispy and sleight

Wondering how this flower got here
As it seemed it was far out of place
Hiding almost secluded from sight
Growing in such a confined space

Am I the only one that had seen it
Was it meant for some other eyes
Feeling adulation to have found it
Tho it had caught me by surprise

Lying beside the lovely little flower
I could see two large pieces of wood
They were formed in a wooden cross
It was then I knew and understood

An Old Man's Prayer

An old man lifted his eyes up to heaven
These are the words that I heard him say
Lord, you have been so awful good to me
Providing for me and my family every day

Lord, back when our cattle were starving
You provided a field filled with large clover
Gave us the rain we needed that summer
We all had haylofts that were spilling over

Lord, you gave me strength to keep going
When nothing seemed as if it would go right
But Lord, it just seemed to me you fixed it
It made all the difference as day and night

Lord, I know I am getting old and feeble now
Guess I am not much good here on Earth
Wont you tell me just what I must do now
To show you that I do have Heavenly worth

From The Outlook

If your eyes gaze toward yonder hill
I will tell you what you are sure to see
Beauty painted by our Masters hand
Foliage that He tinted on every tree

Dramatic colors brighten these hills
That have come from Heaven above
One look at this multi colored collage
Will fill your heart with the joy of love

As we gather up on this high outlook
Look over the valley that is just below
Study the vast variety of colors we see
On that hill where we see them grow

Stand and enjoy this simple pleasure
It is for you He made this scenic site
When all the leaves are at peak color
It makes the hills beautiful and bright

Family Life

With a heart full of love they live
This man and his wonderful wife
All their days seem like Heaven
For they have a most perfect life

Two children born of this union
A lovely girl and lively little boy
Have added much to their love
Bringing to them so much joy

A small farm is where they live
Where the air is fresh and clear
When they need to go shopping
There is a small town that is near

They attend church in that town
Going to all the services each week
Praying with all the congregation
For a place in Heaven they seek

You Have Made

From his knees he looked to the sky
Lord, you built a mountain I'll climb up
You have made a sea that I will swim
You made nectar I drink from my cup

Food You have given us for our table
Water with which we bathe and drink
Ability to communicate with each other
A mind with which we can use to think

Flowers You made I shall enjoy them
Trees You made for us to have shade
Air You have given to fill up our lungs
I marvel at all the wonders You made

Yes You have given us all these things
Faith is what we will give You in return
For it is a home up in Heaven we want
Certainly not an eternity in hell to burn

Time Goes By

A chill has fallen on this October day
Clouds are billowing across a dull sky
Autumn has brought a taste of winter
Soon frost will cause the flowers to die

Hills have donned their colorful foliage
That we admire during their brief stay
Soon all of the trees will be defoliated
Beauty seen in the trees will fade away

A cold breezy rain has been predicted
Leaving my outdoor chores still undone
I planned to play another round of golf
But it looks like the end of summers fun

Thanksgiving day soon will be coming
Holiday Seasons will bring us all delight
Our time seems to pass by so very fast
Soon we all will enjoy Christmas Night

copyright © 2004 By Acie

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