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Bridge To Beauty

As I cross over this bridge to beauty
There grows so many lovely flowers
Peace and contentment are with me
While I visit this sanctuary for hours

Across that bridge I can see a path
Where a garden of red roses grow
This awesome site I love very much
With no sadness when I have to go

Before I go back to cross the bridge
I look to see what else I might find
I hesitate and study the landscape
A vision to be ingrained in my mind

With a light heart I leave this place
Knowing soon I will return back there
For this is the place I can talk to Him
As He listens with kindness and care


If it is a mountain I shall climb it
If it is a sea a sea I will swim
If it is a valley I will walk in it
If I sail a ship a sail I will trim

If life is short I will enjoy it
If there is a need I will provide
If there is air I will breath it
If it is slick then I will slide

If you are richer than me so be it
If you are poor then we can share
If there is hate in your heart lose it
If you look there might be love there

If this day turns into tomorrow
If not then it will be the end
If then find happiness in heaven
If not I am sorry my friend

Mike And Rachelle

Two hearts meet in solemn promise
A fire is lit somewhere deep within
Love evolves in feelings of affection
At first glance is where it did begin

To meet and to fall deeply in love
Brings feelings within the Heart
Of wanting to be with each other
Feelings were there from the start

Mike and Rachelle together forever
Bound by rings made of solid gold
So proudly displayed on their finger
Will be the sweetest story ever told

Love is the start of great happiness
Always together as you remain in life
As Mike pledges his love to Rachelle
She then will become his loving wife

Jack Frost

Jack Frost has painted the landscape
With an irregular brush of snow white
With such a vast area he has covered
It must have taken nearly all the night

I wonder if he started with the windows
Or perhaps he was first on the rooftop
It must have been terribly cold for him
Working all night not once did he stop

Pumpkins he painted with special care
Heavy coat on the top less on the side
He worked so hard on that thick stem
It was the green part he wanted to hide

What a trick was played on Jack Frost
For he had worked most of the night
Coating everything with his paint brush
Only to be gone as the sun turns bright

Deford And Debbie

Deford met Debbie at the pond
She was young, but so was he
Two ducks on the waters of life
She was cute as a duck can be

Deford eyed her that morning
Swimming all alone in that lake
Her beauty left Deford trembling
It was there his heart she did take

Pretending she hadn't seen him
She started to swim the other way
He wanted so much to meet her
Knowing he must talk to her today

With a quack is the way he started
A sweet quack she gave him back
Soon they were in deep conversation
Continuing quacks without any slack

Soon they were the talk of the pond
If you saw one, the other was there
Seemed like the only way to be alone
Was to fly high up in the morning air

Today, they have a dozen ducklings
Old Delford is happy as he can be
Living on the pond where they met
Delford loves his sweet little Debbie


Seems like yesterday she played with dolls
Now today she has two children of her own
Little girl with the impish smile on her face
It is so hard to realize how she has grown

They stay as babies for such a short time
Before we know it they have moved away
They realize they have built in babysitters
Grandma will watch over the babies today

Taking care of her daughters small baby
Brings back memories of her as a mother
She still dearly loves both of her children
But she is so glad she didn't have another

Thinking as she watches the babies today
Soon they will be grownup and gone too
It is then her daughter will have to babysit
She smiles because its what grandmas do

Night Time

A firey red glow in the western sky
Casts long shadows on our World
Clouds tiered up in their lofty flight
Creating an image brightly swirled

Daylight comes to its expected end
As darkness settles across the land
Up in the sky comes a harvest moon
Shinning so beautiful and so grand

Sounds of the night are filling the air
Something we don't think much about
God put all these creatures on Earth
Of this there can never be any doubt

Too soon it is time to retire for the night
To get ourselves some refreshing sleep
Don't forget to say your prayers tonight
Make a vow to God, one you will keep

Saturday Morning Nap

Echos of thunder roar through the sky
This dank and gloomy Saturday morning
Black clouds so swiftly formed overhead
Torrents of rain come without warning

Rain quickly gathers in large puddles
As water gushes from the downspout
A lake will soon cover my entire lawn
With this rain there can be no doubt

Rain keeps pelting the sun-room roof
Bringing a heavy feeling to my eyes
I sit down in my comfortable recliner
Soon I am asleep that is no surprise

As I wake with a start I look outside
It is dry out on the lawn or so it seems
I sit and wonder with a confused mind
Did it rain or was it only in my dreams

Those Golden Years

My golden years now seem tarnished
Each day brings a new ache or pain
Seems like every time I walk up a hill
I find the way to the top is hard to gain

I take pills so I can take my other pills
Some are big enough choke a horse
I ask my doctor do I really need them
Smiling he then says yes of course

My knees look so rough and lumpy
Like a pothole that was splashed dry
They tell me I should take up walking
If only I had two new knees I would try

Hip hurts and my back is out of whack
Hearing and seeing are part of the past
But I will still live to be over a hundred
Then I can stop taking the pills at last


A brilliant moon shines so bright
A light frost we may have tonight
Not one cloud to obscure the sky
Tomorrow's weather cool and dry

This month finds goblins and such
Enjoyed by little children so much
Costumes are made to cause fright
Fun to be had on a halloween night

Bobbing for apples was fun for sure
I guess they don't do that anymore
Home made costumes were the best
To hide a face they passed the test

Leaves are turning more each day
Their beauty will soon pass away
Soon November will come to fore
Then this October will be no more

copyright © 2004 By Acie

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