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Land Of The Shawnee

As fog lifts from the murky Ohio River
Beautiful hills of Ohio begin to appear
Although the river is about a mile wide
From the river these hills seem so near

Land of the Shawnee many years ago
Tecumseh at one time ruled this land
Driven from their home by the settlers
So many, the Shawnee were outmaned

No longer a part of the Scioto Valley
They roamed lands of the far West
Settling out in the Oklahoma Territory
Most still liked the Scioto Valley best

So much history is in this proud land
Artifacts are found scattered in the hills
So peaceful is it in the Shawnee Forest
Where Indians fished the clear cool rills

Southern Ohio's Beauty

As a tinge of red encircles the maple leaf
A spectacular extravaganza will soon begin
Beauty will show in the trees on our hills
As the vibrant colors will be showing again

Red will be one of the predominate colors
Shared by the red Maple and the Oak too
Other Oaks can be either brown or russet
Birch leaves will have a bright yellow hue

Hickories have a beautiful golden bronze
Dogwood's leaves are of red and purple
Poplar grow to show us a golden yellow
Orange or yellow will be the Sugar Maple

Each year we see this colorful explosion
All colors are truly of a magnificent hue
Come to these hills in our Southern Ohio
I know these colors will be exciting to you

Wonder Why

Have you ever wondered why we say
That fried chicken legs are drumsticks
When we see two people start fighting
We say they are getting in their licks

Someone says I am going to get you
They really mean to cause us harm
When they say I beat you up today
They woke up to shut off the alarm

Funny when they say I heard you
You can bet the old farm they did
We all know it is just a baby goat
But they still call their child a kid

They say you know I forgive you
With daggers coming from their eyes
Then I guess it must be kool to say
A present you ask for is a surprise

Summers End

It was in their tiny little hamlet
That summer was about to end
Dressed in their finest dresses
Days in school they would spend

They would use their recess
Talking about all things they did
How they had gone on vacation
Playing and where they had hid

How they loved to walk the lane
Across the bridge and the brook
Taking their homework with them
Copying answers from their book

Trees are starting to turn color
As summer is turning into fall
Beauty seen in the maple tree
Red leaves waving up so tall

Much beauty of the summer
Tran-scends to an Autumn day
Yes end of summer is here now
It is gone and has passed away

King Football

Bands play this early Saturday in September
Season has started and now football is king
Beads of sweat are on the players foreheads
Their coach's attention they are trying to bring

Quarterback will drop back into the pocket
A wide receiver will show his superior speed
Faking down the sideline, it is a post pattern
Touchdown, showing he is of a special breed

We see the defense with those big tackles
Stop the fullback and he has made no gain
Some of the numbers are getting hard to see
Field is muddy from all of this pouring rain

Although baseball is still being played today
My Reds look sad, they are playing so poor
Our beloved Buckeyes are always so super
Going down the field for the winning score

Rice Krispy Joints

I must have Rice Krispy joints
They snap, krackle and pop
Every time I move I hear them
How can I make them stop

Some doctors just give pills
Some large some are small
Joints keep making noise
Those pills don't help at all

I could get a knee replaced
Perhaps an new hip too
A replacement for a knuckle
Can they make a spine new

Wishful thinking you say
I wouldn't be too sure
My Doctor is pretty sharp
Rice Krispy joints no more


Out of the Caribbean she came
As the rain kept pouring down
Hurricane Frances had hit Florida
Leaving its mark on every town

Slowly it creeped from the ocean
Dumping water almost everywhere
Winds caused damage to property
Tossing lumber high into the air

Prodding across the sunshine state
An hungry animal that was set free
Sparing none at least some sorrow
As she pumped water from the sea

Today I sit and see her remnants
She has made her journey North
All the way up to Southern Ohio
Still spewing her rain water forth

Little Things

Some times little things are important
Perhaps a kiss on the cheek or a smile
It really doesn't require so much effort
It's the thought that makes it worthwhile

When you open the car door for a lady
You are showing her you have dignity
To give your friend a great compliment
Something they will always want to see

Tipping your hat to those elderly ladies
That you have seen down on the street
Or to the shaking the hand of someone
You have just been privileged to meet

These things to some may seem petty
Little things we can all do every day
Show the world what you are made of
Knowing courtesy will guide the way

The following 2 poems are dedicated
to the memory Of Norman Schoenian
who was the district manager of the
insurance office I worked in.

He Walks With Jesus

Norm now walks along with his Jesus
Slowly they travel that Heavenly shore
God has called him from an Earthly life
He will see pain and suffering no more

It is for those of us that are left behind
We mourn his passing this dreadful day
But we know he now has an eternal life
In a land where the skies are never gray

He was a father and a loving husband
It was to his family he dedicated his life
At times working those many long hours
Providing for his daughter and his wife

For all of us who had worked with him
His presence at breakfast we will miss
Our monthly meeting down at Patsy's
Seemed to make the day fill with bliss

Our Days

Although our hearts are so heavy today
Think of the good times waiting up ahead
We know the sting of death is final here
But we face a life hereafter without dread

Many friends a man will meet on Earth
They grieve his passing and they pray
One day they can walk together again
On that clear and bright Heavenly day

Our life here on Earth is so infinitesimal
Not knowing when we will be called away
It is with these days that He has given us
That we prepare for that judgement day

Knowing He will forgive us all of our sins
For it is in Heaven perfection we will gain
We look toward that time that we arrive
To see God there in His Heavenly rein

copyright © 2004 By Acie

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