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Painting by Megy

In The Forest

Deep in the forest it is tranquil
Air is pure as it is pollution free
I can hear animals of the forest
See birds flying from tree to tree

As I look up in a tall hickory tree
I can see a squirrel eating a nut
A pile of hulls lie on the ground
Ones that the squirrels have cut

A hawk is flying high overhead
His dinner is somewhere below
A forest mouse has spotted him
Scurrying to his den he does go

Sights and sounds of the forest
Change with each passing day
If you go there you will find Him
Just look He will come your way

Touched by a stranger

I first saw him standing there alone
Not really a skid row bum you see
His clothes were ragged and dirty
But I knew He was a friend to me

I smiled as he came close to me
A spark I saw in his brooding eyes
I reached out my hand and took his
That surely caught him by surprise

Then I heard him say, I thank you
You are the kindest man I have met
It was then his coat brushed my arm
I could feel it was soaking wet

He smiled when I ask him to dinner
I then gave him clean clothes to wear
He bathed in my bathroom that night
Leaving it clean with upmost care

I asked him if he could spend the night
He said, no I must go to another town
Next day I went to the clothes hamper
All that was in it was a white silk gown

A Farmer

In the peace of a summer morning
A farmer looks over his dusty field
Stunted corn is struggling to grow
This year the corn will fail to yield

A farmers life can be a hard time
No guarantees his crops will grow
He can work from daylight to dark
Planting the seed or fields to mow

He goes to bed with the darkness
It is still dark as he gets out of bed
After eating a big hearty breakfast
He faces a hard day's work ahead

Some years he earns a good living
Other times everything goes wrong
Life he knows has been a good one
His Faith in God keeps him strong

Big Storm

First there is that bright fiery red flash
Shortly followed by an ear splitting roar
A storm has taken me out of my sleep
I jump out of bed, my feet hit the floor

I look out the window and see the rain
Torrents of water are hitting the ground
Water is running down my front sidewalk
I can see my pickup truck is water bound

I jump as a lightning flash hits near by
Deafning thunder rumbles in my ears
This is a night that I will long remember
I haven't seen a storm like this in years

I can see the flashes start to get dimmer
It had seemed they would forever last
It seems so quiet as I return to my bed
For the big thunderstorm has now past

Bloom Of A Rose

Roses will grow to splendid beauty
Each soft petal has a distinctive hue
Pleasing are they to our gazing eyes
With brilliant colors we love to view

Growing down in that lovely garden
Among all the other exquisite flowers
Roses have a quality all of their own
We can look at them for many hours

Roses will bloom but for a short time
Blooms will wither, die and fade away
Our life is much like a beautiful bloom
We too must wither and die some day

Our life on Earth too will be a short one
All our days are numbered one by one
But that final day we shall never know
Until our last day has past and is done

Journey's End

When I come to the end of my journey
I know that I will then be free to lie down
My tired legs will then be strenghtened
On my head I will find a golden crown

Without the days then to be numbered
Freely we can walk that golden strand
Breath the unpolluted air into our lungs
Smell sweetness as we walk in the sand

Hear a choir singing in perfect harmony
Watch beautiful angels go in their flight
Never to worry how much sleep we get
Knowing there we will never see a night

But until that perfect day comes my way
I must still continue to live here on Earth
Asking His forgiveness each day we live
Praying that we are of Heaven's worth

August Rains

August rains come with swirling winds
Cooling down this hot and humid day
Lightning flashing across the horizon
Clouds have turn the skies dark gray

With thunder roaring in the distance
Rain has now become quite a storm
With what is now a steady downpour
Large puddles of water we see form

When the rain starts to slacken down
I can see wisps of fog form on the hill
Clouds are beginning to move away
Rain no longer hits on my window sill

I see the rainbow in the Eastern sky
As the sun has chased the rains away
Inside I have my air conditioner running
Outside I can see a hot and humid day

It Is Time

As tomorrow arrives and today has gone
Yesterday will become a part of our past
Time is one of the things we can't control
At times it seems to pass us by so fast

Life is but a speck in the scheme of time
One hundred years are gained by some
But most will be gone long before that
They will find their end of life has come

What we do with the time we are given
Is entirely left up to both you and to me
We can do only what is required to do
Not worrying what the future might be

But we can prepare for our lifes ending
Realize there is a light shinning ahead
Know that you can have a life in Heaven
Thank God there is life after we are dead

Seasons Of Time

Gray skies greet a late August morning
A feeling of an early Autumn fills the air
Soon Summer will be a part of memory
Vanishing as though it was never there

Dog days of Summer will be forgotten
As Autumn paints the trees on yon hill
With beauty the leaves will be colored
To eager eyes this phenomenon will fill

As the time speeds rapidly through life
Each season is unique, never the same
Some are uneventful and are forgotten
Other will gain a kind of notorious fame

There are seasons we will never forget
Forever retaining their place in our mind
We seem to cherish the pleasant ones
As we want to forget all the bitter kind

These Ohio Hills

I look up to these old hills and wonder
Could there be magic hiding up there
Seen overlooking the county of Scioto
With peaks that rise high into the air

Thinking of who has walked the hills
Of the Indian tribes they have seen
Mound builders we know were here
Leaving large mounds that are green

Shawnee were one of the tribes here
Watching travelers on the river Ohio
From a place they called Raven Rock
They could watch them come and go

But I guess the magic I can find here
Is in Autumn when the colors we see
A wonderful scenic site that we enjoy
As leaves change colors on each tree

copyright © 2004 By Acie

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