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No Place Like Home

So neatly kept was their two story home
She planted flowers of all size and hue
Lovely were the red and white Azaleas
Everyone loved the small flowers of blue

A Weeping Willow gave afternoon shade
For the chair she had in her front yard
She sits in her chair and enjoys the sight
Thinking back to when times were hard

This day she sees three birds overhead
She has not an idea what they might be
She has seen them flying near her house
But she hasn't seen them roost in a tree

Evening time comes and the sun has set
They sit on the porch in the rocking chairs
After spending some time there relaxing
It is time to go to their bedroom upstairs

Sounds Of Night

Twilight brings tranqilty to our valley
Children have gone in for the night
Darkness will settle over our hamlet
No moon to make the outside bright

A lonesome wolf howls on the hill
He has been looking for his mate
Hound dogs are chasing a red fox
Dogs run fast but are just too late

Owls are making screeching sounds
They do all of their hunting at night
Never to see one during the daytime
Their keen eyes have such good sight

With all the nightime sounds we hear
We pause and listen to them awhile
As we get ready to retire for the night
We look up to heaven then we smile

Thoughts Of Mother

Sitting alone I ponder the past
Happy thoughts enter my mind
Back to my youth so long ago
I think of a lady good and kind

A strong lady with a big heart
It was her that gave life to me
With her, memories still linger
In my heart she will always be

God took her fifteen years ago
To be in her mansion in the sky
Although our hearts felt sorrow
We will see her in the by and by

Yes my dear Mother is in Heaven
I know she waits up there for me
To have our family together again
In a land that is beautiful to see

His Old Homeplace

Back in time when he helped mother
She would hang clothes out in the air
After they dried he helped fold them
She put them in the basket with care

It stayed warm in the old block home
No air conditioner to make a breeze
She would open one of the windows
It would stay cool enough to please

One summer it got so hot and humid
They went to the store and got a fan
She got one of those oscillating kind
Paying thirty dollars to that salesman

That old house is no longer standing
He seldom drives by there any more
He had sold it to a real estate dealer
On that site they put a Walmart store

Hit's Far Time

Billy Bob and Bubba wuz out to the far
Hit wuz crowded full of fellers and gals
Ole Billy Bob he wuz a winkin at a gal
Dag nabbed got kilt by one of her pals

Hit sur wuz hot and dry at that there far
Bubba axed Billy Bob fer jest one dollar
Lordy you'd thought he axed fer his dog
You shud a heered that Billy Bob holler

Ole Billy Bob seed a man with nut shells
He dun put a green pea under one shell
He betted Billy Bob he kudn't pick hit out
Ole Billy Bob ed git hit he knod dang well

Ole Billy Bob throwed out a one dollar bill
He said hit is under that un in the middle
When there man gived Billy Bob a dollar
You shud have seed Billy Bob skididdle

That man yelled at Billy Bob and Bubba
Come on back and keep playin my game
Billy Bob turned round and yelled back
Hit is yur head not mine thats bees lame

What Has He Given

Do you know what He has given us
As we spend this life down on Earth
Ability to think of ways of sustenace
Know to give danger a wide bearth

Your eyes that can see the beauty
Of a pretty flower or a singing bird
Ears to hear that beautiful singing
Able to listen and to hear a word

Given a nose with which we smell
Aroma of the scent of many flowers
Arms to hold the ones that we love
Patience to go work for many hours

He gave us a mouth to communicate
A voice that could be heard by many
Think my friend as you pass this day
Our dear Savior has given us plenty

A Farmer

In the peace of a summer morning
A farmer looks over his dusty field
Stunted corn is struggling to grow
This year the corn will fail to yield

A farmers life can be a hard time
No guarantees his crops will grow
He can work from daylight to dark
Planting the seed or fields to mow

He goes to bed with the darkness
It is still dark as he gets out of bed
After eating a big hearty breakfast
He faces a hard day's work ahead

Some years he earns a good living
Other times everything goes wrong
Life he knows has been a good one
His Faith in God keeps him strong

She Sure is Lazy

Don't lay them there birds on our dinner table
While we got us a bird dog here in the house
Dang dog will git narvos seein them old birds
Like hit did when a tabby cat chased a mouse

Donít cross them thar eyes at me now little gal
Iíve seed that look of yours lota times before
Donít know how much longer Iíll put up with hit
I might jest throw you out that thar old front door

Dag nabbit gal what chew doin sittin over thar
Fetch me one ov them brews frum the ice box
You haint done nuthin this long blessed day
Hoveralls is crusty dirty theys holes in my sox

Iffin hit weren't fer all of our fifteen youngins
I'd skeedaddle out of this dag gone place now
This here ole house is bout to cave in on us all
Theys days I recken you jest don't luv me nohow


On this first morning of their honeymoon
They have arisen to such a wonderful day
As they hold their arms around each other
A happy married life is now well on its way

Tropical flowers are growing by a pathway
Leading to the place they stand here today
With love in their hearts and smiles so wide
They stand looking out over the narrow bay

While they stand looking over the horizon
They see fleecy clouds in a deep blue sky
This is a place of such magnificent beauty
With a lighthouse on the peninsula nearby

To them this place is filled with happiness
Never to forget here is married life did start
Beauty of love shows in their glowing faces
Love that has started deep inside the heart

As We Dream

We all try to keep our dreams alive
Whether life is in Autumn or Spring
Some of our dreams will come true
Others we know not what they bring

A young man dreams of a lovely girl
Some dreams are of gold and wealth
Happiness is a dream desired by all
Ailing people dream of having health

Children often dream of Disneyland
Teenagers will dream of having a car
Young couples dream of a wedding
Older people dream of traveling afar

My dreams are of a childhood of love
I think back to a time that is long past
Today I now dream into my future years
With a wife and a love that will ever last

copyright © 2004 By Acie

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