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Valley Of Peace

While walking along the peaceful valley
I feel a warm gentle breeze on my face
Enjoying every step along the pathway
Gives me reason to slow down my pace

This valley has given me such serenity
Feelings I had never experienced before
I have thoughts that are so restful to me
With these thoughts I search for more

A soothing voice then I hear calling me
Inviting me to talk with Him for a while
Hastily I walk over where He is standing
He nods and gives to me a bright smile

In this valley where I first talked to Him
Has become this haven of rest for me
Days when I feel a need to talk to Him
Down in His beautiful valley He will be

Angel On Earth

Gray in her hair shows her beauty
Peace in her face shows her love
An angel sent down to us on Earth
From her home in Heaven above

One look shows her contentment
Her smile would melt a hard heart
Days could be troublesome at times
Her sweetness wont let them start

Blue eyes like pools of deep water
Lights up her world for all to see
So lucky to have her with us today
She is like a baby to Jan and me

Thank you my Lord so very much
For lending this angel to us today
We will take very good care of her
Until you call and you take her away

Rain Go Away

I got rain on my brain this morning
I was in a big storm don't you see
It played pitty pat on my bald spot
Then it splattered water all over me

Oh heck it has gone down my neck
My shoes are getting so soggy wet
Can't find my keys to get in the truck
Going to get me a spare set I'll bet

Look up in the sky and let out a sigh
Because that water is pouring down
Wish I had a raincoat to cover me up
Or an umbrella to protect my crown

I don't care I need clean underwear
Wont have to take a bath this week
Rain is over and I sit on my wet seat
I had forgot the old truck had a leak

Ask Him

We should all walk arm in arm together
On that path where the river of life flows
Knowing that we will all love each other
Until the bloom falls from that last rose

We all know that love makes life lighter
That hate will turn you into a bitter man
You should always love your neighbor
This is but one part of our Master's plan

All our days we know to be numbered
That our time is measured by the day
Be prepared for your home in Heaven
Let Him show you the light and the way

Talk to Him, tell Him about your failings
Ask forgiveness for all of your past sins
Know the day when life on Earth is over
That your eternal life in Heaven begins

Their Love

As nightime comes and darkness falls
A lonesome whippoorwill can be heard
They sit on that old weathered bench
Holding hands and not saying a word

Knowing the feeling of true happiness
Aware this day soon will come to end
With hopes for days that are to come
Feeling in their hearts will ever blend

Tomorrow brings promise of pure joy
For together they know they shall be
Inseparable, they have so much love
Beauty in each other is what they see

With two hearts that will beat as one
Ideas and thoughts shared every day
Truth that shall always be with them
They both know it is the rightful way

Their Meadow

They loved to pick those wildflowers
Down near the lake where they grew
Giggling as they walked by the path
Like two young ladies will often do

Sister they were and you could tell
From the copper color in their hair
They were almost always together
If you saw one the other was there

They loved to pick the wild daisies
Then pull off the petals one by one
With he loves me he loves me not
Both knew they had already won

All too soon they became grown up
But they still enjoy picking flowers
In that meadow where they played
Meeting there and talking for hours

Share With Me

There is a prelude of Autumn in the air
I feel a cool breeze blowing in my face
Summertime heat is askew on this day
Clouds float by in their eloquent grace

Sweet scent of new mown clover wafts
Drifting into the light air of a perfect day
Sounds made by a John Deere tractor
Is heard plowing a field across the way

Beauty I see in this green valley today
Gives feelings of what tomorrow will be
A vision of perfection in this fertile land
These humble eyes are privileged to see

It is a sight in which everyone can share
Just ask and it will be here for you to see
He made this beautiful spot for all of us
Putting it here to be shared by you and me

Going Home

When you leave your Earthly abode
Behind you will leave much sorrow
Loved ones to find grief in their heart
Left with empty dreams of tomorrow

They will send pretty flowers for you
That are placed by a shinning casket
Some will be made in to a floral spray
Others will be placed inside a basket

Both cut and living flowers they send
Their sweet aroma filling up the room
No smiles will you see on their faces
But tears to show this time of gloom

Little they know your bonds are lifted
It is to a far better place you are going
No pain or sorrow will ever follow you
Your Heavenly home God is showing

Behind The Garage

She loved to play behind the old garage
Pretending she was a beautiful Queen
Her tricycle would be her royal carriage
She picked flowers with stems of green

With a pretty bouquet held in her hands
Up the cobblestone path she would ride
Looking for that perfect Prince Charming
To him she would be his beautiful bride

A pebble she drops in the wishing well
It will bring her luck throughout her life
She would not have to worry about work
As she becomes Prince Charming's wife

Each day she will have a different dream
Tomorrow she could be a big movie star
Her heart belongs here behind the garage
But her dreams lets her travel out very far

Cooler Weather

I love the air of a cool evening
So invigorating it is to the skin
Gives one a refreshing feeling
Soon Autumn season will begin

Hot air of early August departs
Giving relief to sun parched land
Time now for that leisurely stroll
Along a beach of cool white sand

Children are returning to school
To study math and history again
Boys will be practicing football
Anxious for the season to begin

Sadly to some summer is ending
All their good times will soon end
With tans that slowly fade away
It is a long winter they will spend

copyright © 2004 By Acie

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