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Shorty's Barber Shop

You are welcome to Shorty's barber shop
Wont you come on in have yourself a chair
We have only two customers ahead of you
Then old Shorty will trim or style your hair

Our aim here is to please our customers
Todays newpaper is here for you to read
We have a spitoon sitting here on the floor
If chewing tobacco creates you the need

We can trim your mustache and eyebrows
If you wish we can shampoo your hair too
Just tell us how you want your hair to look
We will make sure that is what we will do

We have Bay Rum to lay down that cowlick
Or a close burr hair cut will get rid of it too
We want you to become one of our regulars
Our charge will only be nine dollars to you

A Beautiful Morning

I feel the warm glow of the morning sun
As it slowly rises up in the Eastern sky
Dew drenched Roses show their beauty
Wispy white clouds are floating on high

A slight breeze is filling the morning air
A rooster is crowing to wake up the dawn
I see the newsboy missed my porch again
My newspaper is lying out on the wet lawn

A mother Robin flies down from her nest
Scratching the flower bed looking for food
A cat is watching the robin with eager eyes
She flies away with a worm for her brood

I look around and admire everything I see
It seems as if everything is pure perfection
If I was searching for a beautiful morning
I am sure this one would be my selection

The Fabric Shop

She would go to town on Saturday
Her first stop was at the fabric store
Her sewing skills were so excellent
She made all the clothes they wore

She chose all the fabrics with care
Making sure she had the right size
Then turn that plain piece of cloth
Into a shirt that would be her prize

Spools of thread she would also buy
Each color to be perfect in every way
Sometimes she would buy fancy lace
Pretty doilies she would make that day

She would sit by that big bay window
Stitching some of her things by hand
Wearing a lovely dress she had made
Her magic made the sewing so grand

Her Old Singer

Her old sewing room is dimly lit now
Where she had spent so many hours
She loved to work with her fancy lace
Making doilies with the pretty flowers

Arthritis had slowed her down a little
But still she made that old Singer hum
She had some extra bobbins lying there
Along with her pack of Spearmint gum

Making all those intricate patterns work
To her it seemed no more than childs play
Cutting each piece of cloth with perfection
She never had to throw any clothing away

But today her old Singer no longer runs
Like it had for all those many long years
Now when I sit and look at her old Singer
I find it is difficult to fight back the tears

The Old Singer

She smiles as she dusts the old Singer
Thinking back to those years long ago
Grandma adored that sewing machine
She would sit for many hours and sew

She remembers her pretty prom dress
Grandma had sewed it with upmost care
She made it with taffeta that was special
She gave her flowers to wear in her hair

Grandma made her lovely wedding gown
Using choicest white lace she could find
She sewed pearl sequins on the bodice
So sure that they were perfectly aligned

Yes the old Singer brings back memories
She smiles, wiping a speck of dust away
Tho she has never used that old Singer
She knows Grandma still uses it today

My Doctor

Educated at University of Western Ontario
He was an extremely brilliant young man
Choosing to become an Orthopedic Surgeon
With great gusto he preceded with his plan

He Graduated with the highest of honors
To gain a high degree of skill was his aim
He wanted to help those with afflictions
To do it with compassion not for the fame

He opened an office in Ashland Kentucky
Where he uses this knowlege he gained
To restore his patients back to full health
Soon to forget the way they once pained

It is with precision he uses surgical tools
His hand is guided by someone up above
It is with the upmost regard I have for him
This man they call Doctor T. Robert Love

Murphy's Dime Store

We loved to shop at Murphy's dime store
Mother would take us there once in a while
It seemed all of the clerks were so happy
They always greeted us with a big smile

Murphy's dime store was always crowded
They stocked new merchandise every day
Mother always had to look the store over
Knowing how much money she could pay

Her dimes were hard to come by back then
If she spent a dollar that would be her top
She used a little book to add up her items
When she hit her limit she would then stop

Murphy's is no longer operating a store now
Discount stores have caused Murphy's to close
I wish we could go back to a store like Murphy's
But that time will never happen again I suppose

Classic Cut And Curl

Our beauty shop is open for business
Please make your appointment ahead
Our shop has the newest equiptment
We bring to life hair that seems dead

We offer manicures to all of the ladies
Facials to regenerate your lovely face
Shampoos and sets are our specialty
For your beauty needs this is the place

Our new chairs are all so comfortable
For your pleasure we have new TVs
Treating you with respect and dignity
It is you our clients that we will please

So make that call tomorrow, wont you
We are happy to put you in our book
For the next month we have a special
We can give you that million dollar look

My Sunday Suit

I can still hear the old church bell ringing
As my mind slips back into a distant past
All of those thoughts come plainly to me
These sweetest memories will forever last

Mother would dress me up in a little suit
Gray short trousers and a coat with a tie
I remember the first time she put it on me
I looked into the mirror and began to cry

Afraid all the kids would make fun of me
I begged to let me wear any other thing
Mother told me that we were ready to go
She had heard the first church bell ring

I will never forget that day as long as I live
I was the envy of Sunday School that day
There was a pretty little redhead girl there
Who winked as our elders began to pray

Riverboat Dream

He stands and watches the boat go by
Pretending that he is one of their crew
Dreaming of places that he would see
Maybe he could take his little dog too

Paddlewheels turning out of the dock
Her twin stacks belching smoke of black
She is headed out to the wide Ohio river
In six weeks she will be heading on back

She will steam down on past Cincinnati
Down the river to Louisville she will go
Soon she will be over on the Mississippi
Leaving the river the Indians called Ohio

She steams on past the city of St Louis
On to the crescent city of New Orleans
This is a trip that he will take some day
That time when he acquires the means

copyright © 2004 By Acie

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