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That Pathway

As we walk that pathway to heaven
His footprints will lead us all the way
If we ask He shall give us directions
We must follow in his word each day

So softly are the sounds around us
No traces will be made on the sand
Reach out for your Lord and Savior
He will guide you with His Holy hand

As our dreams in life have finished
When the trumpet for us then calls
We shall cross over that great river
Then we will see those golden halls

There to spend eternal life in glory
Where happiness reigns evermore
Feel the extolment Heaven gives us
As we walk through that Holy door

In The Twilight

Evening shadows sweep the forest
Casting darkness through the trees
His faithful dog stands by his side
It is her image of loveness he sees

A beautiful lady in a lavender dress
Seems to float there before his eyes
So softly she is walking on the path
Not a twig moves from where it lies

Fascinated with this lady of beauty
Stammering he uttered his first word
She turned and stood there smiling
It was the voice of an angel he heard

Having met there in the twilights glow
To them it was the beginning of a day
Married now and so happy these two
They found love on that old pathway

The Storm

Lightning flashes high across the sky
As thunder is rolling against yonder hill
Nightime sees a dazzling light display
As the rain starts pelting my window sill

Awakened from a deep peaceful sleep
I see natures in its wildest kind of fury
Across the sky bright flashes are seen
Lightning bolts seem to be in a hurry

A steady rain falls heavy on my roof
Wind is blowing on the window pane
This is going to be a very big storm
To me that is becoming so very plain

I can feel the shuddering of my house
As the storm rears up its ugly head
There will be no sleep for me tonight
I sit here and stare at my empty bed

SusieQ's Cake

Wont you bake me a cake
One that is nice and sweet
You will need some flour
Some eggs you will beat

Put them in a big bowl
Add milk and the rest
Stir it until it is smooth
Spice cake is the best

Place it in a hot oven
You must bake it right
Put icing all over it
Let it sit overnight

Cut it in the middle
Save half for you
You can enjoy it
I will enjoy it too

A Thunderstorm

I stand and watch the thunderheads
Black and mean they rear their head
Spitting fire out into the leaden skies
Filling hearts and minds with dread

Lightning flashes split heavy clouds
As rain starts its downward desent
To moisten a parched crusty Earth
We know that it was Heaven sent

Puddles of water form on the road
As the rains keep on pouring down
Thunder rolls throughout the valley
Water from the hills is dirty brown

So suddenly and without warning
Clouds part and out comes the sun
This heavy shower has now stopped
Down to the river the water will run

This View

I feel the cool breezes blow on my face
As I stand on this mountain up so high
Down below a river runs wide and deep
Fertile fields of corn are growing near by

This view I have that stretches for miles
Gives to me so many thoughts to ponder
Seeing all of the intricate parts He made
Leaving me with amazement and wonder

Each stalk of the corn looks much alike
But each one is different in many ways
One may be much taller than the rest
With ears maturing faster by a few days

So it is with this world that He has made
From a blue sky down to a grain of sand
Some things akin but so much different

Is what keeps His world looking so grand

She Dreams

She sits and looks at their wedding picture
On the mantle where it has been for years
Thinking of all the good times they shared
Looking away she brushes back the tears

Knowing that he really hasn't gone away
He would never leave alone here behind
For fifty six years they have been married
Theirs is a marriage that is one of a kind

At day she waits for him to come home
Her nights are filled with dreams of past
A torment fills her ever existing minute
Without any relief it seems to forever last

Although he passed away ten years ago
Alzheimers keeps him a few steps away
With help from God and our great Doctors
A terrible sickness will be defeated one day

The Chandelier

A crystal chandelier glows so softly
To light up a busy lobby down below
People seem to be scurring all about
Some are unaware of her steady glow

Still proudly she hangs in that lobby
She has a story that has gone untold
She once had a royal palace to light
They took her down once she got old

Made in Austria by an experts hand
With candled lights that don the top
They cast rainbow halos throughout
Her beauty will never come to a stop

If these people only knew her story
Perhaps they would look up and say
Your beauty lights up this old lobby
You still belong in that palace today

My Book Of Memories

Searching down through my book of memory
I can recall that white church on Brush Creek
Small, and it was always crowded each Sunday
In Summer the sweat would run on your cheek

Hardly a Sunday went by without us going
At Christmas time we kids got a bag of treats
We would all compare what was in the bag
We threw the peanut shells under the seats

In that book of memories I would also see
Friends that now are of a far and distant past
Friendships we all had, have mostly vanished
Although we had promised they would ever last

Yes, it is true once in a while one of them I see
They now have changed so much from back then
I see the old white Church is still standing there
In my book of memories it is like it always has been

Our Country America

White fleecy clouds are rolling on by
A beautiful creek flows clear and deep
I spend this perfect day here in peace
Meditating thoughts I will forever keep

I sniff the fresh smell of the pine tree
Hear a Bob White as he calls his mate
See an open hillside that has slipped
Exposing a layer of grayish blue slate

I can hear the whistle of a freight train
As it moves its cargo on the steel track
See a herd of cattle grazing in the field
Watch the farmer build a huge haystack

I think of my God and our great Country
Of all the good things He has given me
Of the right to live in this land of America
We pray that God will ever keep Her free

copyright © 2004 By Acie

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