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Acies Poems #13

The Joy Of Love

The love between the two of us
Grows more with each passing day
The heart that beats inside of me
Loves you in every conceivable way

To my heart you bring so much laughter
What a beautiful life I have with you
May our world be ever filled with love
With hearts that will always beat true

So much comfort we now have together
Always making sure of sharing a kiss
What warmness and joy it gives to us
These feelings we never want to miss

My life I dedicate to you sweet lady
To always be the man you want me to be
To tell and to show you how I love you
Lets share a lifetime of love you and me

A Perfect Pair

Your charm and wit surprise me
Your beauty is apparent to see
The loveliest lady in the world
Wont you give your heart to me

My heart is yours for the asking
To you I will gladly give it away
It will hold your love now forever
Take it and feel its love every day

The love we will share in our life
Will be exciting and so happy too
With contentment within our hearts
Our beautiful love will come through

The years ahead will be full of joy
For hearts like ours need tender care
Come lets spend our lifetime together
You know we will be the perfect pair


As I walked down the street
In the gentle falling rain
Her picture crossed my mind
How it eased all of my pain

My body is racked with pain
A terrible ache that I feel
That sad day she went away
My loving heart she did steal

This worry has took its toll
Feels as though I will die
She left me so sad and blue
All I ever do now is cry

I struggle ever to be free
From the empty void she gave
I know it wont be long now
Until my body is in the grave

The Mystery

The lady has a mystery
That only she can tell
Of this love in her heart
That burns like the fire of hell

She longs to be with him
The nights are so long
With only the memories of him
In her heart she sings a song

To be with her sweetheart
She prays some day it will be
To live in a world of happiness
No more loneliness will she see

Tonight she will meet with her lover
Such passion and joy she will see
Again in the arms of her sweetheart
A perfect world she will then see

My World

Have you ever been so happy
That all the world is singing
Deep in your heart is the joy
Your true love is bringing

She so enlightens my heart
In a sweet and sincere manner
I wear a smile of such pride
You can read it like a banner

Beautiful this lady will be
Ever to bring such ecstasy
To a heart that beats inside
Of the man she wants me to be

Evermore I give her my heart
For her to have and to hold
With the love she has for me
Is worth more to me than gold

Your Song

The wonderful feeling I have
When I see her coming near
Brings comfort to my heart
When her sweet voice I do hear

She sings her lovely song to me
My heart melts with each note
Its the worlds most beautiful music
That only an artist could have wrote

I love her pretty song she sings
For I know it is sung only for me
She lets me know she loves me
And forever that it will be

Sweetheart please keep on singing
You will forever be singing to me
With a heart full of love for you
I surrender my love, don't you see

A Sweet Lady

I close my eyes and see
A lady so sweet and kind
I dream of her every night
She is forever on my mind

So beautiful is that lady
My devotion to her I give
She will ever have my heart
For as long as I shall live

I want to be ever with her
I don't care about the rest
So wonderful she is to me
My world is now the best

You are the lady to love me
My love I will give to you
To hold in your heart forever
In my heart is your love too

When You Are With Me

The feelings I have for you
Are sweet images in my mind
That will forever be with me
Memories of a lady oh so fine

Whenever I think about you
My emotions run so strong
My heart you will always have
Our love can never go wrong

Happiness in life I now see
With a lovely lady like you
Come to our world with me
And see what our love can do

I long to see and to hold you
So sweetly in my arms you'll be
My wishes will be then answered
My darling when you are with me

That Day

Call for me I am here
Ask and I'll be there
When you need me love
You know I really care

The love I have for you
Beats within this chest
The loveliest lady of all
Darling you are the best

Some day I know I'll meet
The lady that is so kind
The one that's in my heart
She is forever on my mind

That wonderful day we meet
I will hold you in my arms
Kiss your lovely red lips
Show you all of my charms

Miss You My Love

The nights are long and I am so lonely
My arms ache to be holding you tight
I didn't know how much I would miss you
God it seems forever until Sunday night

I know I love and adore you my beauty
I guess I must have known from the start
Everytime I know I am going to meet you
I have this beautiful feeling in my heart

Together we have grown to be so happy
How a few days apart can be so much pain
You are in my mind and my heart forever
My love will not waiver til we meet again

So until we meet again and I can hold you
I will keep dreaming about us each night
With so much love that we have to offer
We know everything is going to be alright

Copyright © 1998 By Acie

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