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Sweet are the memories of suppertime
As we would gather around the table
Beans or potatoes mother would cook
She made us biscuits if she was able

With times hard and money so scarce
My dear mother always kept us fed
Some days it sure was slim pickings
But somehow we got our daily bread

Those days are long gone and past now
But somehow I wish they were still here
That was a more gentle time of our lives
A time we lived in happiness without fear

One day we will gather around Gods table
My mother will give the blessing in prayer
What a grand suppertime we all will have
It is a family reunion we will have up there

Old Dinner Table

We think back to her younger days
Back when she was just a small girl
So pretty in her blue gingham dress
She set all the boys hearts in a swirl

She was married at her age eighteen
Husband died after child number four
She alone had to care for her children
Married life for her was to be no more

She thought of nothing but her children
Always struggling to raise them up right
Cooking good meals for them every day
Giving them a clean warm bed at night

Her old dinner table sits so empty now
Dishes washed and have been put away
It is eerily quiet now in the dinning room
So sadly they had buried her yesterday

Ronald Wilson Regan

His flame of life has flickered and died
A life on this earth has now been spent
Leaving a void in his lovely wife's heart
God called and up to heaven he went

A leader of men when we needed him
For his country he did heed the call
Everyone will remember these words
"Mr Gorbachev tear down that wall"

Some have seen him as a movie star
Many saw him on Death Valley Days
Nancy loved her handsome Irishman
He was so perfect in all of his ways

He is gone but never to be forgotten
Alzheimerís disease became his bane
Now gone to meet his Heavenly Father
He will no longer feel this terrible pain

Motherís Cane

I remember when my mother used it
In her eighties and her leg going bad
Because she wanted to keep walking
She would use the old cane she had

She passed away many years ago
Her old cane my sister gave to me
I would see it hanging in my garage
Browned with age as you could see

Recently I have used that old cane
With a left knee thatís filled with pain
It is such a struggle to walk unaided
That is why I use motherís old cane

Monday I go back to see my Doctor
I am sure of what he will have in store
X-rays show that my knee is worn out
A new one will give me pain no more

Grandfather's Knees

I think back to those days long ago
My grandfather I had tried to please
I thought if I could make him happy
He would let me sit on his knees

Grandfather was quite a large man
His gray mustache was always neat
His old wooden cane he kept nearby
I though grandfather was hard to beat

There were many times I had ask him
Just to sit on his knees for a little while
He would tell me his knees were hurting
I could see a lot of sadness in his smile

One day he told me he had rheumatism
It was something that hurt day and night
Today I have that same hurting in my knees
I realize that grandfather sure was right

Still In Love

As I look down the hill to her cabin
I get those old feelings I once had
A heart full of love we once shared
But something caused it to go bad

She says she can live without love
I no longer have her heart any more
But life without her isn't worth living
Since the day she went out my door

I hear that she stays inside her cabin
Never sees any old friends down town
Maybe it is good that they don't see her
For on her face she now wears a frown

If tonight she would want my company
My telephone number is still in the book
For her to know I still am in love with her
She can open my heart and take a look

Molly And JR

He opens his eyes and he sees her
A lady he had met many years ago
First time he saw her flashing smile
Kindled a fire that continued to grow

She thinks of how they had courted
Of a love that grew more every day
Two hearts blended together as one
Happiness came to them every way

Blessed with two wonderful children
A lovely girl and a hard working boy
Through these past forty five years
Together they have found so much joy

Molly and JR, may your years be many
Each filled by faith and undying love
All these days I wish for both of you
To be continued up in Heaven above

That Old Mirror

While looking in the mirror this morning
I saw a strange man looking back at me
He wasn't anyone that I had seen before
I saw a bald spot where my hair would be

I saw an arm reach up to touch his face
It was rough like some orange peelings
I would tell the owner of that rough arm
But I know that it would hurt his feelings

I look down and I see his knobby knees
So puffy I know they must cause him pain
His girth is so much larger than mine is
Wonder what caused his weight to gain

I smile thinking how swave I am today
But that old man just grins back at me
I think I will turn off the bathroom light
Then that old mirror I will no longer see

Love On A Beach

A misty breeze blew across the beach
It was chilly that early morning in May
With arms entwined and holding near
Heart felt feeling had come their way

Like two birds seen in flirtatious flight
They only see beauty in years ahead
Knowing two hearts will beat for one
As many lovely words are being said

While they are looking out at the sea
A light spray blows across their faces
Standing here on this peaceful beach
They are dreaming of far away places

With the thoughts they have this day
Their tomorrows will be filled with love
A match that is made down on Earth
Will continue forever in Heaven above

An Old Man

We have an old man who lives in our town
Some of the children thinks he is a clown
For a long life he has had privilege to live
He wonders what to the world he can give

He sits and tries to write a rhyme or two
It would seem he has nothing else to do
No work can his old knurled fingers find
His effort now comes from his aged mind

He shuts his eyes and then he does see
Places he has traversed by land and sea
He dreams of all these wonderful places
For it in his mind they now fill the spaces

If these things he finds deep in his heart
He would love to tell if he only could start
But it is so much better to do it this way
Who would listen to a man old and gray

copyright © 2004 By Acie

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