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Find Him

When the bloom drops from the rose
A fire will then ravish all of the land
Time stops and will then cease to be
Rich soil will then turn into dry sand

Gone from this Earth we will all go
Some to find their glory, others Hell
For those who do not believe in Him
Prepare for the final judgement bell

Those who have found spirit in Him
Shall find their life will be everlasting
They have served their God in Heaven
Faith for eternal life they were casting

They will walk on those golden streets
Never to feel the pain of sadness again
My friend if now you haven't found God
Don't you think today you should begin

Our Privilege

Sounds of this quiet Sunday morning
Are broken only by the birds singing
Its time to read my paper and shower
Soon the church bells will be ringing

It is a privilege that we are afforded
To attend the church that we choose
For all of us in these United States
It is a privilege we don't want to lose

As we think of all the other countries
Only a few have the privileges we do
Some are told how they can worship
To them their choices are so very few

To my fellow Americans I say to you
Give thanks to God for your birthright
Just think of what this means to you
Please tell Him in your prayers tonight

His Holy Word

With a tear upon His cheek He spoke
Saying His children are out of control
So many are fighting His divine word
Getting high on drugs and on alcohol

To fight and kill are against His word
It is beginning to seem no one cares
Wars and rumors of war are with us
Seems like we live in a world of dares

Today we could live in a world of peace
If more people would listen to His word
But with the selfish feelings some have
His teachings now seem to be unheard

If tomorrow never happens to our world
How could we give Him any of the blame
He has taught us through the Holy Bible
Believe in Him or forever face the shame

Evenings With Him

As evening shadows fade into night
Feelings of peace comes to my soul
Restful is this time we talk with Him
Love that He gives makes us whole

He speaks to us with a low soft voice
No feeling of urgency it would seem
He tells me of a place up in Heaven
That is better than any of my dreams

It is a land that can never be sweeter
Where all cares and worries fade away
There where the day shall be endless
With an unclouded blue sky every day

One day He will call us to be with Him
Be ready, listen to what He has to say
Be faithful to His teachings and then
Find an eternal life in Heaven one day

Taps Today

Sound of a lonely bugle breaks the air
On a warm sun splashed late May day
A young farm boy will be buried here
He lost his life in strange land far away

A quiet and shy lad this farm boy was
He joined the Army to protect his nation
He hoped after his three year enlistment
He could complete his college education

A tear shows on his fathers bronze face
As a mothers uncontrollable sob is heard
A minister is saying a prayer for her son
Near collapse she has heard not a word

Sadness surrounds this cemetery today
This young man had been killed in a war
What a heartbreak it is to all of his family
For in this life they will see him no more

Yesterdays Dream

He dreams again of the old home place
Where he had spent his youthful years
Of hours spent down at the fishing hole
Getting there early before the fog clears

He wonders what happened to his friend
Many years ago Bud left and went away
He heard that Bud was a master plumber
Wishes he could see him again some day

Things will never be like they were before
Most of the homes have been torn down
Of the old timers that once had lived there
Many live in a nursing home over in town

They say changes are always for the better
But to him some how it doesn’t seem to be
Life now seems to be running on a fast track
It is a much slower pace life he wants to see

Grandpa's Library

She opens the door to the old library
Where grandpa read to her years ago
She has fond memories of those days
He would read in a voice soft and low

He would read some of the books to her
It was poetry she seemed to like the best
He would read about a South Seas Island
She liked the one about the old wild West

She sees a clock she gave him as a gift
It still sits there on top of the old cabinet
Thinking of how happy it had made him
Seeing him grin as that clock he did set

Slowly she turns to leave the old library
Carefully she shuts the old wooden door
It is her place to revive those memories
As she thinks of her grandpa once more

My Arms

It is like a Heaven to be with you
Your skin soft like a rose on my face
All these minutes I spend with you
No one could ever begin to replace

Butterflies you bring into my heart
Each time my arms hold you tight
I get such a light and airy feeling
Dancing with you through the night

I know that your love is intoxicating
It is my dream world in which I live
Knowing my heart you have forever
To you my love I will so gladly give

These arms were made to hold you
Like a silk lasso that encircles you
Bring all your love with you tonight
Feel the arms of a man who is true

Dream With Me

Close your eyes, take me into your heart
Kiss the night away, hold me close again
Our love is like magic, always on my mind
Be in my arms tonight, let our dream begin

Forget all about him, you'll be mine forever
We can waltz the night away, dream with me
Tell me of your love, whisper softly in my ear
Let your love for him go, set your heart free

Look me in the eyes, find a heart full of love
Tell me what you feel, bare your soul to me
Tonight was meant for us, so don't let it go
With you in my heart, our love will ever be

We know of our love, always you and me
Dream this dream with me, I love only you
As you close your eyes tonight, see only me
Standing next to you, sharing a kiss or two

Storm Clouds

You can see those lead gray clouds
That are floating low in a rain laden sky
A storm we know will be here very soon
We can see the lightning flashing near by

Soon all the clouds will open up wide
Then the rain will begin pelting down
A creek that runs along the State road
Has water that is running muddy brown

Water splashes as headlights nears
Windshield wipers are running on fast
Rain is starting to pour down so heavy
We wonder how long it is going to last

Weather alerts are coming on the TV
Saying there is going to be a flash flood
Everyone will have to go through it again
Cleaning a house that is filled with mud

copyright © 2004 By Acie

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