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Old Glory

She is our flag and we salute her
Her beauty emblazons the sky
Our emblem of right and freedom
With stars and stripes flying high

Americans named her Old Glory
With colors Red, White, and Blue
So proudly she flies over our land
Our allegiance to her will be true

Our enemies want to destroy her
They realize what she stands for
Our right of freedom from tyrants
Free to worship and much more

No one can ever take her from us
With all of their might they can try
When all of the battles are finished
We will see Old Glory continue to fly

He Found It

Deep inside the forest he found it
Walking among the tall Oak trees
It was so quiet as he stood there
On his face he felt a slight breeze

Overhead he saw a cloudless sky
Light up by a bright morning Sun
He was startled by a sound nearby
He turned and was starting to run

He heard this voice call out to him
Don't be afraid I will not harm you
Come over here and rest with me
While you are here we can talk too

It was that day that he met his God
All his sins were then washed away
Happiness he has seen in the forest
A new way of life he found that day

The Old Hollow

As I walk up that old hollow again
I think of the many years that past
Remember the happiness we had
How childhood disappeared so fast

I see ferns still grow near the creek
Much like they did those years ago
We used to hunt mushrooms here
Seen the dainty Ladyslippers grow

I see those big moss covered rocks
That lay above that old creek bank
Erosion has caused one to tumble
Down into the creek where it sank

Enjoyment I find in the memories
This old hollow brings to my mind
A feeling of peace and quietness
Something today is so hard to find

God's Plan

Although I am so humble and weak
I know I will see that wonderful day
When life on Earth will be no more
My old body will then return to clay

For this is our Master's eternal plan
To be born a baby from our mother
No two to ever be exactly the same
Each to be distinctive from another

To then spend a life here on Earth
Some that will be short, some long
Ever being faithful to our dear God
Showing Him in Heaven we belong

Then rejoice on that judgement day
As our name is called to Gloryland
There to meet our Lord and Savior
Yes, we all are a part of God's plan

His Reward

He has seen hills and the valleys
Watched creek water as it flows
Saw those tall trees of the forest
Smelled the scent of a pretty rose

He has raised his lovely family
Faithfully he has loved his wife
Providing them with a nice home
Has been his goal throughout life

Days of his life have been happy
No evil thoughts entered his mind
Known for his devotion to his family
He was always so gentle and kind

He feels the goodness in his heart
Finding the warmth within his soul
His work on Earth he has completed
Now his faith in God has paid his toll

He will enter the gates of Heaven
With his life on Earth now done
His life with God shall be eternal
A reward of Heaven has been won

Our House

I know we both loved that house
We bought those many years ago
She smiled as I built a new room
As our little family began to grow

I was sure I had made her happy
But it was the nights I had to work
Leaving her there to be so lonesome
How could I have been such a jerk

Today she has found another man
I sit here alone with my broken heart
No happiness do I find in this house
Since that cold day she and I did part

It breaks my heart to sell this house
But I must leave our memories behind
I don't know who had said these words
It is true that our love really was blind

That Old Man

As the old man told his stories
All of us kids would listen well
He talked of the people he met
Of unheard places he would tell

He said he met the King of Siam
In one of his travels he had taken
It was by he not the seven dwarfs
Lovely Snow White was awaken

He spoke of old Paul Bunyon's ox
He told us that Babe was its name
That old Paul's axe was so sharp
Cutting trees to him was a game

I think of the travels he had taken
Remember the stories as if today
I know he is up there in Heaven
For he must have known the way

My Walk With Him

In the morning I feel Him around me
He walks with me the whole day long
At days end He is still talking with me
His always tells me right from wrong

He will walk with me out in the forest
Where we can watch his creation play
See this beauty He put in the flowers
Know He is with me through the day

Walk with Him down in a green valley
Be with Him as we walk a sandy shore
Tell Him how much love I have for Him
That He will be in my heart forever more

It is a precious feeling to be with Him
Just to know the peace and tranquility
His heart He will give to you my friend
And walk with you as He does with me

His Dream Lady

Was she real or just his dream
Standing there in the moonlight
Her beauty enhanced by her hair
A Copper like color and so bright

He could hear the waves break
As they hit on that sandy beach
When he tried to walk toward her
She stayed just out of his reach

Each night he comes to see her
Her beauty keeps calling him back
He knows she will always be here
Even on nights that are pitch black

If only one night he could kiss her
He would wake up this big mystery
Of the beautiful lady on the beach
His dream she would no longer be

My Iris

Walking through the garden today
You can see the beautiful flowers
So exciting are the different hues
I stand and look at them for hours

There grows a group of lovely Iris
With more colors than I can count
I will gather a bouquet into a vase
Atop my mantle I will then mount

So delicate are petals of the Iris
So soft much like a baby's cheek
We see them growing everywhere
Some are down near a small creek

This family of herbaceous plants
With blooms of unequaled splendor
Will grace this garden with their awe
A wonderful flower filled with candor

copyright © 2004 By Acie

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