Old TV

Do you remember back to those old days
When all programs were black and white
Your old TV was small with a round picture
We could only see a test pattern late night

We enjoyed all of the early evening shows
Lucy and Desi were favorites of everyone
Mom would pop up a big bowl of popcorn
Our whole evening would be filled with fun

We would watch Laurel and Hardy's antics
They made all our evenings a great delight
We had to watch them in the early evening
Because back then it was off to bed at night

Saturdays were special to all of us children
Buffalo Bob and Howdy Doody were great
Seeing the Lone Ranger and his pal Tonto
We knew they would keep things straight

I guess my favorite of all was Roy and Dale
Just to see them ride Buttermilk and Trigger
Of all those shows we could see back then
I don't think there was a one that was bigger

Springs Beauty

How beautiful is our world today
Everything is so fresh and bright
Dogwood trees are in full bloom
Showing us both pink and white

Blooms don the Azalea bushes
Shades of Orange, Red and Pink
Tulips are reaching up to the sky
They are beautiful don't you think

Lawns are losing Winters gloom
With grass that is lush and green
When mowed with a sharp blade
All of its magnificence can be seen

Leaves are quickly filling the trees
Many have reached their full size
Springtime with its dazzling colors
Will bring refreshment to your eyes

Giving Their All

We first went to war for our freedom
By fighting the British on Bunker Hill
Creating a country for all the people
We showed our fortitude and our will

So many times we have been tested
By Kaiser Wilhelm in World War One
Then along came the idiot nazi Hitler
World War Two for us had to be won

So many other wars we have fought
Korea, Viet Nam and lands like Iraq
Our brave soldiers have gone to war
It is sad that some never came back

Row after row of snow white crosses
Dot the lay of this grassy green field
Burial place for many brave soldiers
It is the horror that any war will yield

We know this will be freedoms cost
To keep our United States ever free
When we lose a brave young soldier
Remember they died for you and me

Stairway To Heaven

He dreams of a white marble stairway
One that he can climb up into the sky
Past the clouds and the Earth below
Climbing until he sees Heaven is nigh

Each step he takes fills him with joy
Soon he knows his victory will be won
A feeling of freedom envelops his soul
His search for Heaven has been done

A beautiful valley comes into sight
With colors he has never seen before
So soothing are these different hues
He thinks of the Earth’s colors no more

With a sun that has an eternal shine
No darkness shall ever meet his eyes
Cleanliness is everywhere he can see
But this is Heaven so it is no surprise

His family up there has been waiting
His friend Jesus has been waiting too
To embrace him into the land of glory
Just remember He has a place for you

The Brook

Rolling waters of the small brook
Is so gentle sounding to my ears
I look around and to my surprise
Not much change in all the years

Fishing here when I was young
Hours seemed to just melt away
I remember falling into the brook
As I hooked a big Bass that day

Closing my eyes takes me back
Into a more peaceful part of life
To a beautiful uncluttered place
So serene and free of daily strife

I know in this scrupulous setting
He must be wanting to talk to me
His gentle voice there is awaiting
It is here that my Savior I can see

Our Flag

I see Old Glory riding in the breeze
So proud she flies up there so free
An emblem that stands for freedom
For our great Nation it ever will be

Many battles have seen her wave
As we fought those tyrants in a war
When our brave men and women
Preserved our freedom once more

It is with ignorance some burn her
Do they realize what it would cost
If we no longer could fly her high
It would mean our freedom is lost

True Americans love our great flag
To defend Old Glory they will fight
But to those that would abuse her
Our freedom gives them that right

How can we allow this to happen
Let someone treat her like a rag
It is time you people in Congress
Enact a law that protects our flag

That Night

He hears Angels singing so sweetly
As he dozes in his old porch swing
Tender strains that are so beautiful
They do stir his heart with their ring

A vision then comes into his mind
With a voice that is so soft and low
Telling him all the things he must do
If it is up to Heaven he wants to go

You must stop all of your cheating
Put aside all of your telling lies too
Remember also you shall not steal
To my heart you must ever be true

Today he ministers a small church
Happy God talked to him that night
Changing the life of being a sinner
To walk a path both good and right

That Big Rock

With a slow pace he walks the path
Enjoying the scenery along the way
Wild flowers now are bright in bloom
Bringing back thoughts of yesterday

He sits down to rest on the big rock
Smiling as he looks back in his life
It was while they were sitting here
He had asked her to become his wife

After fifty six years and two children
She had gone to Heaven last week
Raising his head he looks skyward
It is a word with God he does seek

With reverence I give thanks to You
For giving me these precious years
Although he knew she was with God
His eyes were still filled with tears

On that day he will joins her there
Happiness will be their great gain
Once again to walk a flowered path
And a big rock to remember again

A Spring Morning

Red ribbons greet the morning sky
Fog is laying on the river far below
A light frost has nipped the flowers
Some will die, but others will grow

Early May is such a fantastic time
So many things are coming alive
Soon the sun will warm the Earth
Beautiful weather will then arrive

Blooms are heavy on Peach trees
Apple and Pear have blooms too
During the summer they will grow
To make fruit to eat for me and you

Time for the grass to be mowed
Turf Builder has made it so green
Springtime brings joy to our hearts
Prettiest time we have ever seen

Path To Heaven

When we are born into this world
We are all completely free of sin
Temptations that come to our life
Might cause the devil to come in

Look not to that horned monster
Don't listen to what he may say
Turn your back on that old Satan
Listen to God, it is the right way

To see all good things in our life
There are things you must learn
Heaven's path isn't given to you
It is the one thing you must earn

To feel the bitter sting of death
One day must come your way
Then leave this place on Earth
To climb up Heaven's pathway

copyright © 2004 By Acie

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