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Purple Grapes

Cold is the sparkling clear water
That traverses the mountainside
Down to a clear blue lake below
On a snake like trail it does ride

Soon the lake will be all filled up
Banks will then begin to overflow
A stream then starts its journey
To fertile vineyards down below

Plump purple grapes there grow
Fermented and made into wine
Then so many people can enjoy
A glass as the sit down and dine

We see this happen every year
When spring temperatures rise
Then the snow and ice will melt
We know this is not any surprise

For He has planned it this way
Water made from ice and snow
Giving water to these fertile fields
Where the purple grapes do grow

Green Meadow

As I stand and look across the meadow
I see the white fleecy clouds in the sky
Lush grasses growing here on this land
Is being cut and left in hay stacks to dry

Scent of this new mown hay fills the air
I hear crickets making chirping sounds
Riding the tractor with the mower blade
A well tanned farmer makes the rounds

I can see a mountain top in the distance
Through a light mist I can see the snow
Melting and running down the mountain
Through this beautiful meadow it will flow

As I stand here and look all around me
I am fascinated just how this was made
It took God only six days to create it all
Showing how well His plans were laid

Mountain Beauty

Walk to the top of the mountain
Look down at the shinning sea
Survey all of your surroundings
So much beauty for you to see

Go up to the snow covered top
Down below see the timber line
There roam the bears and deer
Among those sky reaching pine

Enjoy the air so nice and clean
See the clear water of the lake
Spilling over, making waterfalls
Easiest path the water will take

We can see the mountain laurel
Rhododendron are growing too
God created us all of the beauty
To be enjoyed by me and by you

My Lawn

Raindrops falling on the spring grass
Wakes it up from its long winter sleep
Reviving back to a lush color of green
From drab brown winter tried to keep

Turf Builder plus2 we spread in April
Feeds the young grass through spring
It also kills all the broad leave weeds
It is a beautiful green lawn it will bring

In the summer Turf Builder is the best
It keeps our lawns healthy and green
Then with correct amount of moisture
Your lawn will be the nicest ever seen

A well-manicured lawn is so beautiful
It seems to make everyone feel good
By using all the Scott lawn products
Mine is the talk of our neighborhood


She is called the Bluegrass State
It is the beautiful state of Kentucky
Rich in heritage is this Commonwealth
Those that live there are very lucky

She is the home of bluegrass music
Many country stars come from there
We love to hear songs by Bill Monroe
He sings with a voice that is so rare

Kentucky Derby is at Churchill Downs
They have it the first Saturday in May
Fortunes can be won or lost with bets
On the races that will be run that day

Stephen Fosterís song described her
Listen to the words, let your mind roam
I know the people that are living there
Are happy in their Old Kentucky Home

Just Wondering

I see the stars only at night
Never seen during the day
Maybe they hiding from us
Or do they simply go away

Can water ever run up a hill
Or must it always run down
Why does grass start green
Then we see it turn brown

Why is a football made oval
While a basketball is round
They say the sun is far away
Still it warms up the ground

If you know all these answers
Then you know more than me
But I will not worry about them
I flunked Physics you can see

Angels Play

Sitting in the shade of a Maple tree
I close my eyes and dream this day
Seeing a land of magnificent beauty
With a meadow where Angels play

Some pluck a harp as others play
Dancing with their hair in the wind
So much happiness they do show
It is a grand message they do send

You can hear their sweet laughter
As they circle around making a ring
It must be a game they are playing
I hear wonderful voices as they sing

Air is so pure where I can see them
Not one cloud is in the big blue sky
I have heard how beautiful Heaven is
As I see this I know the reason why

Spring Thoughts

So much beauty in our world today
A bright sun rising high in the east
Fills the sky with so much brilliance
On which my lovely roses will feast

Leaves are setting on the dogwood
Replacing the blooms that fall down
Tulips in all their magnificent colors
Staunchly are rooted in the ground

Azaleas soon will be in full bloom
With colors so pleasing to our eye
My red and purple Rhododendron
Have grown up to over six foot high

Our hillsides are fast coming alive
Green leaves are filling most trees
When God created Southern Ohio
He made it for our eyes to please

Spring Wonders

So much beauty we can share
As Spring has come to this year
We see the flowers in full bloom
Singing of birds we all can hear

Awake from its winter slumber
I can see the world come alive
We feel as if it was a long time
But we have seen Spring arrive

Today the air is much sweeter
As the lilac is starting to bloom
We see that love has blossomed
A bride is looking for her groom

Our Sun has warmed the Earth
As it beams down powerful rays
Spring will only last a little while
Get out and see these nice days

Mother Nature

Spend a day out with Mother Nature
Look for the incredible sights to see
Hear the sounds that surround you
Watch a squirrel climb a hickory tree

It is so relaxing to hear trickling water
That flows slowly down a clear brook
To see minnows scurry for their food
Or to fish without bait on your hook

Feel the mystery found in a forest
See mistletoe growing high in a tree
If you ever wondered how it got there
It is a growing parasite donít you see

Smell the air and know it is different
Pick one of the beautiful wild flowers
All these wonders we find in a forest
Will bring us back for so many hours

copyright © 2004 By Acie

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