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My Walk With God

He walks with me down in a green valley
So much peace is found walking with Him
Birds seem to be singing so much sweeter
This valley is bright where it once was dim

I can feel the comfort as I walk by His side
Gentle breezes blow so cool on my face
All my sadness and any sorrow I did have
Has all vanished without leaving any trace

Though His hand lies here on my shoulder
There is no sensation of feeling the weight
He speaks to me in a soft and gentle voice
Always filled with love and never with hate

When it is time to leave this beautiful valley
I know He will watch over me wherever I go
Until that day I arrive at my Heavenly home
There to live forever, for He has told me so

A Boy With His Dog

How I enjoyed walking with my dog
Through the forest we loved to walk
We so well understood each other
He wagged his tail as I would talk

As I look back to those old days
How much happiness I then saw
A boy playing with his best friend
He loved it when I shook his paw

Old Pete was the name I gave him
He was with me about fifteen years
One day when I went to look for him
His death then brought me to tears

So many years have passed now
Back in my memory I still can see
A boy walking with his faithful dog
That boy looks very much like me

In Memory of my friend James Bazler who passed away March 31st 2004.

I dedicate the following poem. Rest in peace my friend

Our Friend Jim

Friends we meet down through the years
Some we lose track of, they just fade away
Other friends will stay in your heart forever
Then if we lose them it becomes a sad day

Jim was a friend to just about everyone
A stranger was someone he had never met
His personality was his greatest attribute
Helping others was satisfaction he did get

Jim was a special friend to Jan and to me
He was the best man on our wedding day
Taking time to be with us on that Saturday
We know he was our friend in every way

Friends, who knew him, morn his passing
But know it is to a far better place he goes
Hold his memories there within your heart
As his book of life we now must sadly close

Our Path

It is a rocky path here on Earth
One we cannot walk by our self
A path that is filled with sorrow
When one has lost their health

If you will take Him by His hand
He will guide you on the right way
This path of life will lead to Heaven
To your reward on that bright day

When our sands of time go dry
No longer do we have the pain
We are cleansed of worldly sin
Our Heavenly home we do gain

To rejoice with our friends there
Reunited with father and mother
Brothers and sisters will be there
Love will overflow for each other

We know that this is not the end
But its a beginning we can share
To walk together on a better path
One God has made for us up there

An Ohio Spring

White Dogwood is now dotting the hillside
Spring has come to Southern Ohio again
Grass in our lawns is starting to get green
Its thirst is quenched by an early April rain

White blooms are appearing on the Pear
Yellow blossoms on Forsythia are heavy
Soon the quails will be making their nest
We will see the mother quail with her bevy

We will smell the sweet scent of the Lilac
As its purple blossoms open to see the sky
Mushrooms will be popping up overnight now
We see they grow so fast but donít know why

Spring, with the death of winter, comes alive
Dreariness soon will be covered up with green
When springtime comes to our Southern Ohio
Only in Heaven a more beautiful place is seen

His Lark

He can be seen In the green pasture
Day after day he is tending his flock
A small brook gives his sheep water
He smiles as a lamb slips on a rock

His days are always much the same
He works from daylight until its dark
He sees so many plants and animals
His favorite is a sweet sounding lark

He believes the lark is talking to him
In words that to him are not so clear
He thinks it might be a sweet angel
That God has sent to him down here

His days seem to pass by so swiftly
He then died and was heaven bound
When he entered those pearly gates
That beautiful lark he has now found

Thanks Meggy

I give to you my heartfelt thanks
Nice lady that makes the pages
Working hours to make us happy
Yet she never makes any wages

Your paintings are so beautiful
As your hand guides the brush
Taking your time to be precise
Purposely exact never to rush

Your pages give much pleasure
As they pass around the internet
Everyone tells how good they are
No negatives have we heard yet

So Meggy, keep on making pages
Poems, Acie will continue to write
With a combination of these two
We know everything will look right

Green Meadow

As I stand and look across the meadow
I see the white fleecy clouds in the sky
Lush grasses growing here on this land
Is being cut and left in hay stacks to dry

Scent of this new mown hay fills the air
I hear crickets making chirping sounds
Riding the tractor with the mower blade
A well tanned farmer makes the rounds

I can see a mountain top in the distance
Through a light mist I can see the snow
Melting and running down the mountain
Through this beautiful meadow it will flow

As I stand here and look all around me
I am fascinated just how this was made
It took God only six days to create it all
Showing how well His plans were laid

Motorcycle 2

Track On The Hammock


Happiness begins within the heart
Swiftly it then goes into your mind
Smiles it will bring on to your face
This is a great world you then find

Your smile will then lit up your life
Bringing smiles to those near you
Dreams will come with the smiles
Dreams are things you want to do

Smiling can become habit forming
It is much easier to smile than frown
See the sunny side of any problem
Your smile will never let you down

Look at the world with happy eyes
You will find that it is all worth while
Remember to greet everyone today
With your wonderful heart felt smile

The Old Cabin

I remember the cabin by the brook
Where we spent many a happy day
High on the snow covered mountain
We would see the clouds turning gray

A snowstorm is brewing up there
Where the mountain meets the sky
Knowing we would be in the cabin
Where we could stay warm and dry

Snows would come with high drifts
Then for days they blocked our door
We didn't worry too much about it
We knew that is what winter is for

Springtime was what we liked best
When mountain snows would thaw
Trout would be in the nearby brook
Sometimes I tried to catch them all

I guess the cabin still stands there
I haven't seen it for so many years
Thinking about the fun us kids had
Sadly it almost brings me to tears

copyright © 2004 By Acie

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