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My Poems Page 121

Our Great Flag

We see her streaming fron the flagpole
Proudly waving in a springtime breeze
A symbol of the great freedom we have
Old Glory gives that right to you and me

Many have died to keep her flying high
Protecting this country from sea to sea
Never forget or ever turn away from her
But protect her if loss of life needs to be

Bravery to keep this great flag flying
Can be seen down through the ages
In Iwo Jima the brave men raised her
As the battle for the island still rages

For those who would try to destroy her
It is to you these words that I will say
If you think there is a better place to live
I think that you should be on your way

All American Family

They are the All American family
They pay their taxes every year
Contrived words about the USA
Are words they don't wont to hear

Two girls and a boy live there
Both mother and father work
In school the kids have esteem
No one ever calls them a jerk

They go to church on Sunday
For they know it is their right
They say a prayer of thanks
When they go to bed at night

But confusion exists with them
Prayer was taken out of school
Some think God doesn't exist
Which makes them a plain fool

As they look back in the past
They know that God was there
For all of our public meetings
Had started with words of prayer

That Bridge

She stands so broken hearted
Her world has has gone away
As she saw them there kissing
On the bridge that fateful day

He told her he was playing golf
With a friend that he knew well
Now that she had seen him here
She wonders what lie he will tell

Looking at the ring he bought her
A tear runs down her warm cheek
She takes that ring from her finger
Then tosses it into the small creek

Today they have a laugh about it
It was his sister who came to town
He took two hours to find the ring
Thinking for sure he would drown

Their Log Home

He cut those logs and hewed them
Built a home in the sheltered pines
Using his expertise as a carpenter
All of the logs were in straight lines

Nights he heard the pines whisper
As a breeze would lull him to sleep
Tomorrow would come mighty early
He dreams in a sleep that is deep

When day breaks he will be so busy
All the livestock he will have to feed
Then he will have to go to the town
He is going to buy his garden seed

This log home has made him happy
Living here with his kids and his wife
His home brings to him contentment
He thanks God for giving him this life

Along The Lake

So beautiful was the scenery
As they met there at the lake
He had picked her a bouquet
From his hand she did take

She smiled as she saw them
Two swans swimming along
In a tree down by the bridge
A bird is singing a love song

With his arm curling her waist
He held her with sheer delight
Their lips met in a sweet kiss
They knew the time was right

Married now and oh so happy
On picnics their kids they take
To their favorite place they go
That one place along the lake

Old Fishing Hole

A boy and his dog look at the water
Down there at the old fishing hole
He sees a big bass swimming along
He sighs and wishes he had a pole

Three ducks swim so unconcerned
Not paying any attention to the boy
His little dog is his best companion
Whose friendship brings to him joy

Hearing a car crossing the old bridge
Its old planks squeak from the weight
Most old wood bridges are gone now
They are too weak and are out of date

I still go over to that old fishing hole
It stirs up some of my sweet memories
Having my little dog sit there with me
Days I was carefree and easy to please

Our Garden

We walk a stairway to the garden
Where the beautiful flowers grow
Sun rays filter through the trees
Colors of the leaves it does show

With quaint and golden silence
It brings us back here every day
To reminisce memories gone past
When we walked this old pathway

On the stairway steps we would sit
You would pick petals from a daisy
With he loves me he loves me not
I thought you would drive me crazy

We walk through the garden today
Realizing how much it is to our life
We still see love here in the garden
Where I pick daisies to give my wife

Our Retreat

Weekends we get to spent in our old cabin
Are some of the happy moments of our life
All of the hustle and bustle that's in the city
Is forgotten in this quietness with my wife

This morning we went on the lake fishing
Dinnertime its on rainbow trout we will dine
I have to laugh knowing I caught only two
While my lovely wife managed to catch nine

Our fireplace is burning brightly this night
Smoke from the chimney reaches to the sky
Back on the hill we can hear a whippoorwill
His whistle is sad it can almost make you cry

All the beauty that we can see in our retreat
Was made by Someone with a higher being
It is so much contentment and peace we feel
As this part of our world we are now seeing

Covered Bridge

Years pass by but I still remember
That old covered bridge near Otway
Us boys would swim in Brush Creek
Skinny dipping even on a cold day

Charlie Hughes loved to fish there
Using the first fiberglass rod I seen
His house was near the fishing hole
If I remember it was painted green

Joe Cox lived down by the bridge
He was one who liked to fish too
He had this big watermelon patch
All of us boys liked to sneak into

Now when I pass by that old bridge
I realize how much beauty was there
It is on the national historical record
So it is kept in a good state of repair

My Sanctuary

So much comfort I felt in that sanctuary
When I sat in the gazebo by the stream
With the beauty God had created there
As I first saw it, I thought it was a dream

So beautiful are the trees and flowers
Blooms delicate and in many shades
Grass that is much like a green carpet
With all of it's freshly clipped blades

Reflections from the stream I can see
Mirrors images of colors that are true
Of the variety of flowers in bloom there
Highlighted by a sky so perfectly blue

If God created a place more beautiful
It must be up there in Heaven I know
Could He have put it here just for us
A preview to that great Heavenly show

copyright 2004 By Acie

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